“Wait until you see what I can do.” A magical prodigy from an early age, Li-Ming was once a standout pupil of Caldeum’s prestigious Yshari Sanctum. Fully convinced that she was a hero prophesied to defeat the legions of hell, she left behind her teachers, and traveled the world as a renegade Wizard, a master of limitless arcane power. Now that path has led her to the Nexus. Li-Ming is a high-octane ranged assassin who gains momentum with each enemy takedown. Li-Ming’s trait is CRITICAL MASS. Every time she takes down an enemy, all of her abilities instantly refresh and can be cast again. The first of Li-Ming’s abilities is MAGIC MISSILES. With a flick of her wrist, she sends three missiles toward a focal point. The trajectory of these missiles adjusts with a change in the target location. Her next ability, ARCANE ORB, hurls out a sphere of energy that explodes on contact, dealing damage to the enemy it hits and any others nearby. As the Orb travels, it grows both in size and strength. Li-Ming wouldn’t be much of a wizard without the ability to TELEPORT, instantly transporting her a short distance.

This ability is on a short cool down and can be utilized often. Li-Ming’s first heroic is a D3 fan favorite, DISINTEGRATE. This ability unleashes a torrent of arcane energy that damages all enemies caught within the beam. While active, it can be rapidly redirected at any time. Need some space? Li-Ming’s second heroic WAVE OF FORCE provides it. This ability damages enemies in the target area and knocks them out of the way. “I am so good, I astound myself.” Playing Li-Ming is all about taking advantage of her CRITICAL MASS trait. Choose the right moment to strike by keeping an eye out for targets who are low on health or have important defensive abilities on cooldown.

Securing takedowns allows Li-Ming and her team to become more aggressive as her cooldowns refresh, bolstering a newly gained numbers advantage. MAGIC MISSILES is an ideal spell to poke your enemy. Try wearing down your opponents from range, or fire off a volley to keep them at bay. The missiles themselves have unique pathing and can be utilized to hit targets in odd locations. ARCANE ORB deals a lot of damage, but it takes a while to reach maximum size and can be dodged by high mobility heroes. Try casting your orb from the cover of bushes to get the jump on your enemy. Skill and finesse will go a long way here as you look to maximize damage with each cast. Li-Ming’s TELEPORT is chock-full of utility. Use it to escape from a team fight, to chase down an enemy, or as a last-second dodge. DISINTEGRATE is a fantastic heroic for those looking to play aggressively. Any foe caught within the beam takes constant damage, so take advantage of the moments when enemy heroes group up. DISINTEGRATE also benefits from CRITICAL MASS, so a well-timed strike and a refreshed cooldown can allow you to quickly dispatch multiple foes.

If you’re playing against a team of divers, like Kerrigan and ETC, consider picking up Wave of Force. This ability can be used to disrupt their combos, or to keep them away from your team. Alternatively, aggressive players might want to consider using Wave of Force to push enemies into the line of fire. Li-Ming is a powerful and deadly wizard, able to dominate the field of battle with her magical onslaught. “Let’s see how you fare with this!” Make sure to leave us a comment or subscribe to Heroes of the Storm on Youtube, and we’ll see you in the Nexus!

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