War in the Koprulu Sector is brutal and unforgiving… Life expectancy on the front lines once measured in mere seconds. A healing touch was desperately needed. Meet Lieutenant Morales. A combat veteran who has kept her squad alive through countless battles. Now, she’s stepping into the Nexus. Morales is a ranged Support who excels in targeted healing and damage mitigation. Lieutenant Morales’ trait is CADUCEUS REACTOR. As a passive self-heal, anytime she steps out of combat for several seconds, her health will steadily regenerate. Morales’ Q is HEALING BEAM. When placed on a nearby ally, Healing Beam rapidly restores their health. With no cooldown or cast time, it can be swapped to different teammates without delay, even on the move. Her next ability is SAFEGUARD. Safeguard mitigates twenty five percent of incoming damage for a few seconds. When combined with the healing beam, this can make an ally extremely difficult to take down. The Lieutenant’s final ability is DISPLACEMENT GRENADE. This skillshot moves in a straight line and explodes when it contacts an enemy, knocking back all other foes in the area.

Morales’ first heroic is her STIM DRONE. When activated, Stim Drone will increase your teammate’s attack and movement speed for a perios of time, allowing them to wreak havoc among enemy players. Need a lift? The lieutenant’s second heroic calls in a MEDIVAC DROPSHIP. Once your teammates hop in, Morales can transport them together across large distances, opening up countless strategic opportunities. Here are some things to keep in mind when playing Lieutenant Morales. Since she heals one teammate at a time, proper positioning on the battlefield is key. If an enemy is chipping away at an ally, your HEALING BEAM should keep them healthy. If a flurry of hostile attacks is about to overwhelm you, deploy your SAFEGUARD to mitigate the damage. Morales’ DISPLACEMENT GRENADE is a skillshot that can dictate the flow of a fight. Use it to bump an enemy directly into the waiting arms of your teammates, or to push back an enemy trying to hunt you down. Morales has limited mobility options, so the grenade can hold off trouble if she’s caught out of position. STIM DRONE is a fantastic supplement for auto-attack Assassins. Use the ability just before a fight to crank up their damage, while keeping their health sustained with your healing.

On some battlegrounds, the MEDIVAC DROPSHIP might be the go-to Heroic ability. Use it to catch opponents off guard. Snipe their infrastructure, or rush your team to a distant map objective. If you’re lucky, you’ll be seeing her in your squad very soon. Let us know in the comments how she saved YOUR backside in a team-fight, and make sure to subscribe to Heroes of the Storm on Youtube. We’ll see you back in the Nexus!

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