What’s going on, guys? This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re going to be talking about MURKY! He just got reworked. He got a nice redesign. I love it. I also hate it. Generally, I don’t like change, but if you don’t know anything about me in Heroes of the Storm, I am a lvl 20 murky player. I’ve got about 1000 games on him. And a year or two ago I put out a video that I still consider to be, I mean I’m a little biased, but I consider it to be one of the best heroes of the storm guides out there. Fan maybe has some good guides out there and he’s probably a little bit more credible than I am.

BUT, it’s pretty good. If you haven’t seen that yet, it’ll tell you the general overview and a few of the specifics of how to play Murky. But, if you haven’t played murky, there are 3 main builds that you can go with. First, you can play him as a lane bully, you buff up your pufferfish damage and your slime damage early game so you go in and you’re solo bot lane, and people always underestimate you so you pretty much win every 1v1. You put down a pufferfish, you slime and that kills an entire minion wave. So then, you go to mid, you pufferfish, slime, mount up, go to bot lane. Pufferfish, slime, mount up, go back to mid. And you just bounce back and forth between those two lanes, and that allows your other team mates to roam around as a 4 man group pushing in, and 2 of the enemy heroes have to come in and stop you because you’re just pushing in those two lanes so hard.

It’s like, with Murky, there are two lanes on the enemy team that never have minion waves. Permanent Ragnaros lava waves. And that’s hard to deal with. If you played dota, essentially what you’re doing with murky is denying them. You’re denying XP because if anyone is ever not around the minion waves that you’re pushing into their towers, then those enemy minions die without anyone around to soak it, so you get an XP advantage. He’s not so much about soaking, as much XP as possible, like the Lost Vikings are, he’s more about denying the enemy team from getting any XP.

If they come in and try to soak up then you do a little incidental damage until they’re so low they don’t trust it and they have to leave. But you can also play him as a slime build. And this is interesting because you have to build survivability but you also wan tto build into your slime, and there you just get into the middle of teamfights, the problem with Murky is that he is a hero that….all heroes in Heroes of the Storm are designed with, they kinda take the mold of a basic MOBA character, and they say, “what if we change one thing to the maximum?” Let’s say you’re Sylvanas.

“What if no enemy minions could do anything? If they were all stunned when you’re around?” With Leoric, it’s “What if you never left the Battlefield and even if you died, you could be a ward? How would we make that work?” With Murky, it’s, “What if you never had a respawn timer?” How would you make that viable? And Blizzard chose to give murky no health, and his sustain suffers. So, what you need to do, in general, with murky, is build into your sustain and going back to the slime build, you have to so heavily build into your sustain that you don’t do a lot of damage and you’re pretty much just there to slow the enemy team. You can also build him as kind of a one-shot guy where you just build into so much pufferfish damage that the enemies explode. That’s fun but it doesn’t really work in high level gameplay because people know to kill your pufferfish.

So, that’s kind of the background on pre-nerf, or…not nerf, pre rework murky. Things that have definitively been nerfed with this. He doesn’t have block anymore at lvl 1. That was an imperitive talent. That’s a huge nerf to murky because that means he can’t survive 1v1s anymore. He has 10% per second health regen at level 1, so you go in, you poke someone, you back out, and you play him kind of like muradin where you do a little bit of damage, you back out, you heal back up with your second wind, and then you go back in, except murky always has second wind rolling. Now, you don’t have block, so if anyone autoattacks you at all, you just die, and it feels bad. So you have to play a lot more cautiously than you used to.

You can’t stand on a pufferfish to save it, because you just die instantly if anyone knows what they’re doing. The second massive change was to the pufferfish. And the pufferfish used to be, it was like the old old healing wards, where you could stand on top of it and no one could kill it, because you could only kill it with auto attacks, and your hitbox was bigger than the hitbox of the pufferfish. Well, they changed it so the pufferfish has a bigger hitbox than murky, so if the enemy knows what they’re doing, they can position properly so they can kill your pufferfish even if you’re standing on it. And now, they made it so the pufferfish dies to ability damage. Kael’thas can now counter murky. And that’s annoying. He just puts a flamestrike underneath your pufferfish and it dies, or he puts a chain bomb on you and even though you can go immune to the damage of the chain bomb, the explosion of the chain bomb kills your pufferfish. And that sucks! But, that’s the big changes, in general, the new murky…

By the way, this isn’t a guide, I’m just going over my thoughts on the rework, but let’s get into it, let’s go tier by tier, and just kind of walk through how I think you should play him. So, at level 1, you’ve got A Fishy Deal, Egg Hunt, and Fish Eye. So, this is very similar to the old talents he had. He used to have bribe, and it was, I think every 10 stacks you get to bribe a mercenary. Well now it’s every 7 stacks you get to bribe a mercenary, and this is an interesting number because a minion wave has 7 enemies in it. So if you play him like the old ragnaros early game, where…or no, not old ragnaros, old Azmodan, where you’re trying to stack your Q. Well now, if your pufferfish kills the entire minion wave, and you do that wiht 2 minons, you know, in the first 10 seconds of the game, you’ve earned a free siege camp. So, you just go do that as soon as the siege camp pops up, or the first objective pops up and that’s fantastic.

And you can also get a full bruiser camp pushing by the first objective. Egg hunt, people have been playing with egg hunt a lot. But it’s not…it’s vision. Murky used to have clairvoyance at level 4 or level 7 and they moved it to level 1. So there ya go, whatever. Fish eye, egg see’s further, detects stealth. That can be valuable but you gotta play safe. Generally there are better ways to avoid dying to stealthies.

So just fight in your minion wave if you think a stealthy is around. Also, you don’t want to put your egg out in the open because it’s going to die. But, level 4. I still like living the dream. Luckily they didn’t take living the dream away. This is a passive ability power increase. So, it increases your slime damage, increases your pufferfish damage. The other two boost one or the other. And they boost one or the other better. Slime Time kinda ramps up. It’s a quest reward talent, You have to wait until at least 5 minutes after this to get any benefit from it and that sucks. Because tufferfish can die now to ability damage, this is definitely worth taking. I’m gonna play with it more. I don’t, I don’t like it right now, but for higher level gameplay it’s probably going to be the way to go over living the dream. Also, tufferfish, you combine that with the level 16 talent Fish Oil that casts slime at pufferfish locations, and suddenly you’ve got a little bitty mini wombo combo.

At level 7, you’ve got black lagoon. Increase slime radius Slippery When Wet, move faster during safety bubble, and Time to Krill, basic attacks slow enemies. If you’re new and you’re just learning Murky and you want to just get out there and have fun without “Oh my god, they’re always one-shotting me! I hate this character!” Get the move speed in safety bubble. Don’t worry about pushing out as much damage as you can. Don’t suicide into people. Just use that as an escape, so you’ve got a significant move-speed buff getting away. I’ve been watching Purge, he’s a Dota 2 player. He has been tutoring Day9 and one of the things that he’s been saying is that there’s the Holy Trifecta of a good character, and it’s move speed, survivability, and damage. So, increasing your slime radius and moving faster in safety bubble both give you a move speed advantage, but with black lagoon, it’s also increasing the damage you do, so, you’re doing a bigger AoE, and that is also giving you a move-speed over anyone. So, you can disengage because they’re slimed. You can do a whole bunch of cool stuff.

Alright, level 10! They changed how march of the murlocs works a little bit and it’s really cool with the level 20 upgrade to it, Never-Ending Murlocs. Where you can just stand in the backline of teamfight if you’re fighting over an objective at curse, and you can just cast march of the murlocs forever, and essentially, what this is forcing the enemy team to do is, if they want to fight and contest that point, they have to run through your murlocs in order to kill you, It’s an interesting talent.

But, having a 3 second stun is just massive. Sure march does a little bit of damage, it can do a significant amount of damage once you upgrade it, but just having a stun kills people. And killing people wins teamfights because now it’s a 5v4. So, long story short, take Octo Grab! You’re hitting people with a fish! And a shark! And they’re wrapped up in an octopus! It’s hilarious! Pick it! At level 13, we’re gonna take rejuvenating bubble. It heals you for 50% of your health. It’s solid. You don’t get the cooldown reduction anymore on your bubble, which is massive. Not having block and then not having a super low cooldown on your bubble sucks, but it’s ok, because you still have the sustain. You have enough normal health regen that you can back out of a fight, kite someone away, as long as you’re playing safe, you’re good to go. So, Fish Tank though. Fish tank is interesting. I think this, this talent alone, creates an entirely new build for murky. Whereas, with the lane bully build, you’re gonna be in a lot of 1v1s, and rejuvenating bubble helps you survive 1v1s, but blocking basic attacks whenever you autoattack someone, means you can kind of be in the middle of teamfights.

Get slime time at level 4, so you buff your slime damage, because you’re going to be in the fights. Get black lagoon so you get a bigger slime radius, so you can buff your slime even more. Get fish tank, so when you’re in the middle of fights, you aren’t taking as much damage from autoattacks, you have time for a healer to react and heal you up, and then take successive basic attacks cast slime, so not only are you not taking any damage, but every time you attack them, you deal another, you know, every 2 seconds or whatever, you’re dealing another 500 damage to them, and slowing them, you can spread out those autoattacks to people if you want. It opens up a lot of possibilities for coordinated gameplay. Then there’s eggshell, which is also just hilarious. Now, if you’re a new player or if you’re not very good.

You know, if you just play heroes of the storm for fun, here’s something I want you to do. I want you to take eggshell at 13, spawning from an egg grants a shield for 100% of your maximum health. Now normally, this sucks, and rejuvenating bubble kinda, well it doesn’t suck as much, but the problem with this is whenever your shield goes down, you don’t have any sustain anymore. So that’s why I generally don’t like this. But, if you’re gonna be in teamfights pretty often, then you can get Big Tuna Kahuna at level 20, get double your health, and now, you’ve got 5000 hp, and you’ve got a 5000 hp shield at level 20. And that’s ridiculous! It’s so silly to be a 10,000 hp murloc.

And it’s frustrating for the enemies to deal with too. Alternatively, you can get rejuvenating bubble, and that, once you learn how to survive on Murky, you can get Rejuvenating Bubble on Murky and then every 10 seconds, you’re healing for 2500 health, so you’re essentially stitches at that point. You heal up and no one can hurt you, no one can kill you. They can get you low, but they can’t deal 5000 damage in 10 seconds. Or, you know, they can, but play safe. And I’ll go over 16 and 20 real quick. Successive basic attacks cast slime, that’s toxic buildup. It’s good but you generally, this early in the…you’re still mid game here, you don’t have the survivability to be able to just keep autoattacking someone and you probably…it’s dangerous to be able to stay in a teamfight generally as murky.

Fish oil, cast slime at the pufferfish location. Get this. It’s good, all the time. So, normally, your pufferfish deals 500 damage and then your slime deals 300 damage. With this, you slime them when you pufferfish them. That’s guaranteed damage. The pufferfish explodes for 500 damage, and then you pufferfish them again like you would have last time, you know “Pufferfish -> Slime.” But because this is your second slime, your slime is dealing 500 damage, so this is almost a 100% boost to damage in 1 talent. It’s really strong. Wrath of CoD: 10% of their maximum HP. Remember that you’re getting a free 500 hp from fish oil. So, this is only going to be good if every single time you explode a pufferfish, it’s getting at least 500 damage in on em, which means they’d have to have 10 times…and it’s just a DoT, like, it’s good against Cho’Gall.

Get wrath of Cod against a chogall or like, a diablo, but other than that I don’t really like it. And then at level 20, never-ending murlocs, it’s so good for zoning, it forces people to walk into you. Take the DoTs from the little murlocs. You become a priority target and the only way to get to you if you channel it properly is running though it and taking damage, and then your team…they’re super slowed and then your team can capitilize on that. And then you can just run away cause you got your move speed, and you got your healing bubble, and they can’t touch you. With and a shark too, you’re actually doing damage. If you catch someone out. They’re dead. With Big Tuna Kahuna, lol, I love that name! It’s so good, I love anything that rhymns. With Big Tuna Kahuna, you can do some fun stuff with getting increased shield, or healing 50% of your life, but in general, I don’t, you don’t need it. Like, the whole goal of murky is that you don’t have a respawn timer so if you die, it’s ok.

It’s not a big deal, but if you want to tank or you need to tank for your team, you can do that. And then, Making Inky, reduce slime cooldown, but for specifically the slime build, and you need to have a coordinated team and you need to have a healer who is willing to heal you. Not all healers are willing to heal a murky. So be…take this with a friend, who’s a healer, and go have some fun with it. And just run into the middle of teamfights with massive sustain, and just go nuts. You know, autoattack people, every third autoattack puts a slime down, your pufferfish puts a slime down, your slimes are bigger, the slime from the pufferfish, if you get the slime size increase – slime radius increase – the pufferfish slime will be that size. There’s lots of really cool stuff. So, if you stack into your slime, this could be massive and could just annihilate a team. But, for soloqueue, I don’t think this is a very good talent, because just getting a little more sustain, or just getting a guaranteed one-shot with octograb is generally going to be more valuable.

So, my overall thoughs, my general thoughs on this, is that he’s better for new players. He’s more fun to play solo, because you don’t have one build. There use to be, if you were going to be a lane bully, there used to be only one set. You had to take block, you had to take living the dream, you had to take pufferfish size increase. You could take increased autoattack damage, to slimed targets but that didn’t work against tower or minions, So, it was better to just get pufferfish size increase. Octograb and then go into your bubble talents and “And a Shark, too!” But now, you’ve got that you can respond with.

You can say, “if the enemy team is really fast, if they just have an innate mobility advantage, you can spec into more mobility with ‘Slippery When Wet’.” You can do things that you aren’t sacrificing for anymore. He was a pretty good hero before, but even though he doens’t have block anymore at level 1, which super sucks, he’s still really strong, and I think they made an already good character even better. It’s nice to polish off some of the dirt from the old hero designs. He has some quests now, quests are always fun. So, I hope you guys enjoy! This is Reckles coming to you from the head of the Brotherhood of the Fish. And I will see you guys later. Enjoy. If you have any fun experiences from high-level gameplay, or any fun VoDs, that you streamed, go ahead and put em in the comments. I'[ll make sure they don’t get recorded as spam. So, lemme know, I want to hear some fun stories of times where you just annihilated someone on Murky. Remember to subscribe, like the video, comment, share it on reddit. Blah blah blah. This is a YouTube video, you’ve done this before.

You know what to do. I’ll see you guys later. Bye..

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