Born half-orc, half-ogre, Rexxar is a legendary hunter, famous for his role in helping the Horde find a permanent home in Durotar. His faithful animal companions, including Misha the bear, accompany him wherever he roams… even here, in the Nexus. Rexxar is a ranged warrior who works in tandem with Misha to tank and damage enemies. Rexxar’s trait gives commands to Misha. When toggled to Attack, the bear will follow Rexxar into battle. When toggled to Follow, Misha will remain close to Rexxar and try to stay out of harm’s way. Rexxar’s first ability is SPIRIT SWOOP. Rexxar’s hawk flies out in a straight line, damaging enemies and slowing them down for several seconds. His next ability is MISHA CHARGE. Misha surges forward in a short, straight line, dealing damage and stunning all enemies she contacts. If Misha is set to Follow, this will switch her back to Attack. Rexxar’s final basic ability is MEND PET. Misha is healed for a significant portion of her total health over several seconds. With a relatively short cooldown, this can be used often in battle. Rexxar’s first Heroic ability is BESTIAL WRATH. Misha is granted a massive attack buff for a significant period of time, making her a huge threat to any nearby enemy.

Rexxar’s second Heroic is UNLEASH THE BOARS. For each enemy Hero in range, Rexxar releases a boar that tracks down its target. On impact, the victims take moderate damage, but are also slowed and revealed to Rexxar’s team. Here’s a few tips that might help you tame the Nexus: To master Rexxar in battle, you must learn to use Misha effectively. Knowing when to switch between her two stances will keep them both alive. Rexxar and Misha can mercilessly bully lone opponents. Use Misha’s Charge to lock down an engaging enemy and attack with impunity. Keep an eye on Misha’s health bar. Mend Pet can keep her alive for quite a while, but if that isn’t enough, remember to command Misha to follow you out of battle. Rexxar and Misha also excel at taking down mercenary camps.

Let Misha tank the damage, and Rexxar will have all the time he needs to gently convince them to become allies. In team fights, keep Rexxar and Misha separated enough to dodge area of affect abilities, but close enough to utilize Spirit Swoop and Misha Charge. These are your best tools for crowd control in big engagements. For Heroics, Unleash the Boars can be a fantastic pick up that stops the enemy team from diving in or retreating quickly. The boars will chase targets and slow them down, leaving them vulnerable to pursuers.

If you’ve become a master at commanding Misha, maybe Bestial Wrath is up your alley. The heroic will give her a substantial buff in damage, which is perfect for taking out important targets. When facing Rexxar and Misha, remember that the hunter has little mobility. If you can dodge Misha’s stun, you can dive past her in search of more important targets. Let us know in the comments how you command Rexxar and Misha. Be sure to subscribe to Heroes of the Storm on YouTube, and we’ll see you in the Nexus!.

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