Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re another silly builds. I filmed one of these little while ago and I know most of the channel is here for World of Warcraft, but you Heroes of the Storm guys really seemed to enjoy it, and I had a lot of fun filming these. So we’re gonna do Tank Zeratul. In case you didn’t know, Zeratul is actually an assassin. *Bow WoW!* Callie, you need to stop. We’re going to play him as a tank, we’re gonna use this awesome skin, and we’re gonna get into the game, so let’s go. Alright, hopefully the dog stopped barking. We are in Dragon Shire and the good news is our team doesn’t have a tank, so maybe I can get away with…”This is gonna hurt.” Yah, both teams look pretty scary.

If you didn’t know, Zeratul actually has a defensive talent on every single tier, so he can, you can build him super duper tanky. Most people…I’ll just go middle…Most people just build him one of two ways. Either as an autoattack build, which is still pretty new in the general life “Hey there, monk friend.” Give him a little poke and get out. You gotta play zeratul just like a total jerk. “Oh hey, you’re almost dead, ok bye!” You either play Zeratul as this autoattack kill you in two seconds or as mageatul, which is… I’m not really scared of this guy, but I’m not going to push into the towers. I think I’ll go bot and help out since that Zagara was being SUPER aggressive. I don’t know if you guys were watching but up against a Li Ming and a hammer, she was going up against their towers.

Like, don’t do that! That’s a bad idea in general. Just play safe if you’re solo laning. So with mageatul…ungghhh hammer…I like this abathur though, good job. As mageatul, your general build is to build into your W so you can throw out a bomb twice and then you rewind and throw out two more bombs. So, you throw out 4 total bombs and each bomb with gathering power is doing 1000 or 500 damage or whatever, and then you wormhole back to wherever you blinked from and you never take any damage and you do a ton. You’re really really squishy with that build. This build though, we’re gonna take block, we’re gonna take stoneskin, we’re gonna take…I forget what the other one is, spellshield.

And I don’t know which ultimate I take. Here at level 4 we’re gonna get Vampiric Strikes, or Vampiric Assault, whatever it’s called. Unggghh mobility! I don’t like you. Alright, hammer’s dead. Hammer’s dead. Uh, he saw me. Ohhh, I gotta go in. I gotta go in! I’m so dead. Ohhh, abby I love you. Oh my god. Alright, so Vampiric Strike is what it’s called. Basic Attacks heal you for blabitty blah. So, we’re not going to take any damage from basic attacks, we’re not going to take any damage from ability damage and we’re going to heal from our autoattacks so…that’s what a tank is, we’re just missing an initiation. So, you know. Let’s tank for dudes. Let’s go kill this Li Ming? Nope. Just kidding. I’m not tanky enough to deal with a hammer, a Li Ming, and a Morales yet, so I’ll go kill this Sylvanas? No. I don’t know what to do right now, lol. I don’t know, there’s too much going on for me. Alright, I’ll just slow these guys with my bombs.

I’ll just watch Zagara die. She’s going so ham. Like, I mean, that Sgt Hammer body blocked her, but I’m pretty sure, she had creep everywhere, if she just ran, she maybe could have gotten out of there. Alright, malf heal me. Heal me malf. Malf! Really?! Really malf? Alright, screw you I’m out. I’m out. Oh, Kaiser you troll. Ok, this guy’s either new or the bigger troll in the world. Oh my god. I love quick match guys. In case you didn’t know. Ok, ok, so. I don’t think we can kill anyone here. But we can stop them from taking all of our things.

Ooo, good teleport. Anyways, as you can see, I’m not dead. I’m kinda going in 1 v 4 here and I’m not dead. Ok, I’m pretty dead now, I’m pretty YOINK! Alright, I’m totally OOM, I’m out. So, my favorite build, I don’t actually play Zeratul very much because other than the Butcher, who is kindof tank like, I’m not good at melee assassins. I don’t get when to go in and when not to go in and I like to joke around that I’m the worst “Erargh you’re dead!You’re dead noob!” Oh, I’m loving this gank bush right here. Look at that! Oh my god, whoever…alright I gotta clear this up. I really want to guard that bush for whoever goes in and has a bad day. And I missed it. But I gotta clear this otherwise it’s going to clear everything. God! Li Ming, come here. Come here. Nope, you’re dead! Bombs. Zeratul’s fun guys! I don’t know if you know this, but he’s a fun hero.

I should play him more often. I think this is the best build. Honestly? Honestly, this is probably a bad build. I don’t know how I’m doing on damage. I’m a little busy right now. But…ok ok…I may have to stop talking because Hammer and Kharazim may hurt. But, uh, this is a good starter build. Because I feel like I’m doing decent damage just because I’m Zeratul, Oh, you’re dead Hammer. Get out of here, how are you alive!? Why are you alive!? Ohhh I panicked! Panic ult pick! Oh god. Oh, I would have gotten out of there if I picked Void Prison. Ok, but Void Prison is…alright, so, they’ve got a Morales who I need to go in on, and go in hard. They’ve got a Sylvanas who’s got the mobility. They’ve got Kharazim, who’s got the mobility, and they’ve got Li Ming who’s got the mobility. So, I think I picked the right choice with the Shadow Assault. So I can just stay on them. And you know, I’m not going to die because I’m super tanky. I’ll die to hammer because, I don’t know why I just died to hammer.

But, we’re fine. We’re fine. Ooo! Free Hammer! Bye! Ok, I don’t know what I clicked. Well…tab…but…Free Kharazim? What are, what are you doing Kharazim? Stop it. Alright, and so this is a new malf, and a bad Zeratul vs a Li Ming and, ooo good ult! Good ult, monk. And she’s gone. Dammit. Solid monk ult. And I’m starting to get low on mana, that’s one problem Zeratuls have always had. Watch sylvanas in the top left. Whenever she starts coming back up, I’m just gonna leave. Yah, I gotta leave. What, that’s not sylvanas. There’s a Sylvanas. Dead Sylvanas. Ohhh I blinked to soon! I blinked too soon! Oh no! Dammit. Alright, so that. That should have been a kill, that’s just me not knowing, WHAT? Dammit, invisihammer. I’m trying to. I’m trying to talk. Don’t you kill my Abby! You’re freakin dead! You killed my Abathur. I’m gonna kill…ok, maybe I’m just gonna leave and let you kill my abathur. That wasn’t nice though. Alright, I should go get that Dragon Knight, but Sgt Hammer’s going to be there.

Sgt. Hammer is clearly waiting in a bush. Wow, look at that though! I’m only half health. I just took an ult and autoattacks from an Ambush Hammer and the mine damage and it only got me down to half health on Zeratul. Sorry Zag. Oh, that’s super tanky. I like this. Alright yah, I gotta go get mana. So, what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by invisihammer was that mageatul build, which for the longest time was like, the only Zeratul build you could play, it was just super…like, you popped all your buttons, and then you went in and you threw your bombs out and you hit, but you OOMed yourself every single rotation.

It was “Press all your buttons, kill someone, and then hearth” because…alright, time to tank! We got it. Let’s kill em. Let’s kill…oh I gotta go in. I gotta go in! No, I gotta leave. I gotta go in. Heal. Heal from autoattacks! Ohhh crap. Alright I’m dead. Yah, like, you would go in…Do, that, yah. So, I think the build’s complete with that.

So, you would unload your entire rotation and every single rotation would drain your mana bar. It was pretty nuts. Because, I mean, 4 W’s, you know, a cleave or two, 2 Teleports, and maybe an ult on the team and that’s your entire mana bar. And maybe, I don’t remember where Berserk was, if you did that. You probably didn’t because…What was she doing!? Did y’all…please tell me I wasn’t the only person who saw that. That like, she just stood there not autoattacking the DK. Whatever. Whatever, this is Quick Match, it’s fine. I’m playing tank Zeratul. I can’t be too mad, lol. Oh, ok. So, I still can’t go too ham. That’s funny. I’m getting mad at someone for not playing like a super pro and I’m picking Stoneskin and Block and no aggressive talents on Zeratul. It’s funny. This hammer’s doing a pretty good job though. Wait, it that the master Li Ming? Do we have a Master Li Ming over here we’re dealing with? Yah! Abathur’s getting some work in.

We’re actually not doing that bad. I feel like, I feel like because this is a joke build, that you know, we’re automatically losing. “Awww, gag build GG” We’re kinda doin ok. Like, I’ve been killin some scrubs. Abathur’s pushing. Working ok as a team. We just gotta stop dying to invisihammer and master Li Ming. Alright, let’s kill these guys. Ignore that blink. No one saw that. Alright, free sylvanas kill? Oh no! Li Ming!Alright, let’s put this to the test. Wowwww! Yes! Oh my god I’m so tanky! GET. WRECKED. Oh my god. Ok, ok, let’s wait for stim to wear off. Who are we going in on? Medic? Yah, let’s pull medic away. Ooo, we can tank. Alright, byeeee. Look at that! I think I had a malf heal in there. I think he ran by and threw me a heal, but that was 1 v 2 ing a hammer and sylvanas on a tank build Zeratul, guys. I just want to point that out. Viable? I’m calling viable. Alright, so I don’t want to…top is supposed to be… oh god, this was a mistake, I don’t want to…Dammit.

Mid wasn’t pushed out at all so I didn’t want to…top is the best place to go if you can, if it’s uncontested and there was just a hammer here. Who picks that? Who picks that talent on hammer? God, I’m taking so much damage. Crap. Ok, But Zagara pushed out mid for me, that’s good. So, we can do this. Li Ming’s here. I like this Li Ming. Solid. Ok, so now, we’re going to get increased lifesteal on our level 20. Nice maw! Now run away Zagara. Run away. We need to not 3 v 5 here. Why are we fighting? I’m not going to tank for you anymore. Just run. Alright, screw it. I’m leaving. I’m leaving! Please just…I did my job! I did not run away like I would if I was an assassin. I tanked! That’s a solid abby push though, look at that. Alright. Ok, so we got a little bit of vision. Not really anywhere important, just in the middle. There’s a little bit of creep down. The most important place for creep, if you’re playing Zagara, who’s amazing and can, RUN AWAY, little slug!, is in like, it’s good to have creep in the lanes, but the lane minions walk through and kindof show you if anyone’s walking by.

But it’s better to have it in the middle areas. Like, yah you get the movement speed as you’re running up and down the lanes if you’re retreating but having the vision to know that “Oh, they’re taking our siege minions there. That would have been great. Alright, let’s go in. Oh, this is a bad idea, this is a bad idea. I gotta leave. I gotta leave, Zagara. I’ll slow em, I’ll slow em for you. Alright, I’m out. So tanky! I’m so tanky as Zeratul! I love this! It’s like, I feel like illidan. Alright, you’re dead. Who picks that stupid.. You’re friggin dead! Get over here. Oh my god. Alright, so, we lost that fort. I think I should go get…I want to go get a camp or the dragon night, but if I do. they can just push and win. I gotta distract em. I gotta pull two of em or three of them off.

Alright…cool cool. Yah, focus on me. Focus on me. Good. Alright, we’re back up, we’re back up. Let’s go. Nice heal malf. Let’s go. Let’s wreck. Nice heals. Nope, you’re dead. Oh I should have gone in on medic. I should have gone in on medic. This is a mistake. Alright medic, come here. Are you going to get away? Alright, they got away. Cool. Or not…sorry, that was me tryharding. I think I said words. Hopefully I said words during all that.

Ok, ok, malf did things. Don’t…we gotta…Dragon Knight. Ok, so, a situation like this. We proabably shouldn’t be getting a camp. It’s good to get a camp, like, camps push lanes back and make people respond to the camp but she wasn’t going to stop getting the camp so it’s better to have her participate in fights earlier…DIE! Oh my god, you need to, nope. Body blocks. Body blocks. Ooo, good job Abby. I didn’t even realize I had an abby hat on myself. I was tunnel visioning just a little bit there. I was trying to get in front of him. He didn’t see hammer there. lol, well yah, that’s because hammer was invisible. Alright, someone down here? Oh! Oh, let’s go, let’s go guys.

Whatcha got? Oh no, oh no I can’t…Ok, so. Lesson learned. With this build you can 1v2 really solid heroes. If you’re silenced, it makes it harder. But generally, if you’re going to engage strong in a hard fight, you want to make sure you have stoneskin and first aid up. But that’s what I was saying earlier, I think I started talking about it. What is he? Ok. Is he just going to win? I thought he was going to go middle. Oh god. What’s happening? Kill her.

Or him. Oh my god his ults have been on point! In general, they’ve been doing a really really good job of, go back and watch through this game, if you’re wanting to be a good medic or if you like playing with medic. Because they’ve been doing a really good job of rotating around who leading. Oh k, comingcomingcomingcoming. Oh god, am I dead? I’m so dead, I gotta leave. Oh, come on, tanky. No, don’t kill me! Ow ow. I’m ok. I’m ok. Let’s blink. Yahhhh, tanky! NO! INVISIHAMMERRRRRR! lol Oh, shit. Oh shit, that’s game isn’t it? Aw, 28%. Oh, that was a good game. But yah, like I was saying, watch the game. Whoever was in front would take a little bit of damage, and then rotate to the back so the medic who was standing in the back, the whole time, could be healing.

Heal em up, and then a new person would stand in front. And they did a really good job of that. So, friendly match, match experience, 5 stars I would say. And we actually didn’t do too bad. 60k damage. I’ll take it, you know, that’s not terrible. I was expecting to be miserable. So we took, Block, Vampiric Strike. We took First Aid, so we had a lot of healing. It felt a lot like Illidan, that’s what I kept trying to say. Where you know, you pop your stoneskin and your first aid, and that’s kind of like Illidan’s shield on Evasion and his first aid.

And it really really help…helped you heal. The only thing I would maybe change is, I don’t know if I would do Seasoned Marksman. I don’t think I would do. I really, maybe Seasoned Marksman? Rather than Block? Up against a hammer, it was great. But there seemed to be a little bit of I didn’t quite have the kill potential I needed, and the main thing that saved me was the stoneskin and first aid.

So, get in there, pop my defensives and then just rip through em and heal through that, and the only other thing…like, with Illidan, you go in until you’re like “oh no, I bit off more than I can chew, I need to get out.” Illidan doesn’t really have a way to get out, but with Zeratul, you can just use a void prison so rather than your Shadow Charge, you can do that.

Anyways, byeeee!.

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