Courage and individuality are not qualities that the Templars usually program in their robots. But when the protoss returned to retrieve Aiur from the zerg, a heroic probe transposed a Pylon that allowed the reinforcements to join the battle. Now in the Nexus, Sondius has obtained a vital spark which is equated with his insatiable sense of curiosity and adventure. Sondius is a long-range strategic specialist that uses powerful combos of skills and area obstacles to keep enemies away. Although it does not have a mount, has a basic movement speed superior to that of the other heroes. You can also use your VELOZ WORKER skill to temporarily increase its speed. Sondius transposes PILONES to regenerate your mana and enhance your abilities. When you are in a Pylon’s energy field, his mana is restored quickly. Without talents, Sondius can have a maximum of two active Pylons at the same time. Your first skill, PULSE DISPLAY, shoots a plasma burst in a straight line It hurts all the enemies in their way. With TRANSFER FISSURE, you can control the battlefield.

When cast, it creates an anomaly in the target location It slows down all the enemies in its area of ​​effect. If Sondius hits a Transposition Fissure with a Pulse disruptor, it explodes and inflicts great area damage. Together, Transposition Fissure and Pulse Disruptor they are a powerful combination and Sondius’ preferred attack method. Sondius can also transpose a CANNON OF PHOTONS that attacks any nearby enemy. The photon cannon lasts a brief period and can only be placed near a Pylon. If they destroy the Pylon, the Canon of photons is deactivated. The first heroic skill of Sondius, PILON OVERLOAD, temporarily converts their Pylons in powerful long-range weapons. This heroic ability also bestows passively a shield for all the pylons.

ANALYZER PORTAL, the second heroic skill, it is better for the manipulation of the battlefield that for the offensive power. Sondius creates a wall of temporary energy in the target location that damages and significantly slows enemies who remain in contact with him. Sondius stands out when he first arrives in an area and prepare your defenses. Place the Pylons strategically so they can energize their Photon Cannons and regenerate your mana at a safe distance of enemy attacks.

Hides Pylons in bushes, behind walls and in other places that are difficult to discover. If they destroy the Pylon of a Photon Cannon, transposes another to reactivate it. If you face Sondius, destroy your Pylons to limit their effectiveness. Transposition fissure has several charges and there may be several active at the same time. Place them near each other to slow down enemies in a large area or force them to flee. Search for bottlenecks and other small spaces where a Transposition Fissure can have a big impact. Detonate Transposition Fissures with a Disruptor Pulse inflicts a lot of damage instantly. The Pulse Disruptor projectile does not stop when it hits a Transposition Fissure, and can activate multiple explosions with a single release. Accumulate Transposition Fissures near the enemy and detonate them all at once to wreak havoc. Transposition Fissures have a delay before activating, which gives the enemy an opportunity to escape. Pylon overload stands out when Sondius has the maximum number of active pylons. Try saving this option until all your Pylons are in operation and get ready to replace one if they destroy it.

The Transposed Pylons after using Pylon Overload They also attack enemies until the effect ends. Remember that Portal cancellation can be placed at any angle and direction within your launch area. A creative and unexpected position of the Voiding Portal It can have more effect than a simple wall. Portal cancellation is excellent to keep enemies away, and it can also prevent them from escaping. Use Portal cancellation to control the movements of the enemy team and take him to a dangerous position. Sondius is a small brave probe that shows that the great heroes they can arise in the most unexpected places. Leave us a comment and subscribe to Heroes of the Storm on YouTube and in the network. See you in the Nexus!.

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