Hey guys it is RidlyGT coming at you with another Heroes of the Storm Video. Today we’re taking a look at Zeratul the melee assassin Zeratul is one of the coolest and funnest characters to play as long as you do it properly Zeratul has three main abilities. His first ability is a cleave that does damage in an area we around him. His second ability is called singularity spike. It was a little green disc thrown at an enemy slowing , and doing damage after a small amount of time Zeratul’s third ability is a blink allowing the teleport in any direction. Now the three abilities combined make Zeratul one of the most lethal damage dealers in Heroes of the Storm.

However Zeratul is very very squishy although we as an escape he can get into trouble and die very very quickly Much like every other hero and Heroes of the Storm; Zeratul has two heroic abilities His first one is a Void Prison. It summons a giant green sphere that disables enemies. You cannot attack them they can attack you. This is fantastic for teamfights, positioning or getting yourself out of trouble. His second heroic ability is called shadow assault where you charge like a bat out of hell towards enemies.

You empower your basic attacks to move you next to the enemies and hit them with all of your might. Now because Zeratul is so squishy positioning is incredibly important. You need to channel your inner ninja when playing Zeratul You need to not pretend to be a warrior you to not be the one that goes in first you to not be the one that goes and tries to be the magnificent hero that you pretend to be. So try not to directly engage in a teamfight try to be very very opportunistic with how you pick your fights and sometimes just when you think that you’re dead NO! You are not dead because you are Zeratul.

You are the melee assassin that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies The last important aspect of Zeratul is the fact that he is a cloaked hero. This means that you cannot be targeted by enemy attacks directly However you can be hit with a AOE attacks. You can still be seen slightly while you’re in cloak but you do have much more flexibility because you do not show up on the mini-map Now we’re going to look at Zeratul’s talents we’re going to breakdown each tier for you guys and give a short explanation and thought towards all of them. For tier one talents greater cleave is going to be the best pickup for any new players this just allows you to land your Q more consistently although rapid displacement blocker much better for survivability landing that Q is of the utmost importance when you’re a newer player Taking a look at the Tier four talents now the biggest thing with this set of talents for Zeratul is that it determines how you’re going to play him.

I’m recommending focused attack it is the best all-around skill. Gathering power is going to be better as soon as you have the ability to stay alive consistently and not lose your stacks of it but for newer players focus attacks is going to be the way to go. Now at tier 7 you really only have two choices you have the offensive choice and you’re gonna have the defensive choice My personal recommendation is go for offense a choice in searing attacks activities to increase your basic attack damage and let you hit harder with just your basic attacks if you feel that you’re being focused if you feel like you’re under a lot of pressure consistently then going with the defensive option of first-aid is a substantially better idea now taking a look at heroic abilities that have looked at from earlier in this video and as much as Shadow Assault is fun and is an incredibly powerful offensive skill especially combined with Searing Attacks I would recommend taking void prison The utility, the escape, and being able to turn a team fight by disabling heroes for five seconds is just too important.

At tier 13 you do have more options if you’re up against a lot of very tanky heroes if you have a Diablo in ETC on the other team that I recommend picking up giant killer but for the large majority of games assassin’s blade is going to be your best bet the ability to add burst damage on to Zeratul’s already bursty nature is very very important especially for newer players that are exclusively playing in pub games.

Looking at tier sixteen now we have two options the Cleve bonus doesn’t really do anything in the berserk not nearly as good as either double bomb or stone skin. Stone Skin can be activated whenever you want to give yourself a shield. Double bombs however allows you to cast singularity spike twice now this is great for the bonus damage and the extra slow that you get from the second spike in its hands down my recommendation for tier 16 Now to take a look at your 20 these are your storm talents that these are some of the most powerful talented the game and deciding between them can be very complicated but for newer players I recommend picking up a protective prison here. Now this allows your allies not to be affected by void prison which is a huge thing for when you misplace it and for new players hands down this is the best ability to pick up for you that’s it for this instruction guide Zeratul. My name is RidlyGT from Drunken Rhino Gaming. If you need questions feel free to leave a comment and checkout all the other hero guides that we have on our channel.

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