Heroes of the Storm is the Super Smash Brothers of PC Gaming… if Blizzard was Nintendo and figthing games where MOBAs… That is the worst analogy I have ever written, that does not even make any sense. Here is an extra video on how to play this game on your low end computer. So forget about shadows and modern directx features because we are making this game run. This is the settings screen for Heroes of the Storm,we are going to start with the lowest settings possible, but we are going to try and go lower.

Let’s talk about configuration files for a moment. The configuration file for Heroes of the Storm is located on your documents folder, Heroes of the Storm, variables.txt To begin, let’s talk about resolution. You can change the resolution of the fullscreen game with the width and height parameters and the windowed resolution on windowheight, windowwidth. In my experience testing in multiple computers the game really dislikes going under 720 for fullscreen and 1024×729 in windowed. Now, there are 2 interesting things to explore in this configuration file. The first is GraphicsOptionShadowQuality which you can leave entire blank to disable shadows in the game entirely. You can also experiment a bit with TerrainTextureSize. By setting it to as low as 8 you will severely reduce the size of the textures in the map in some areas. Now, one of the biggest performance increases I have noticed is forcing the game to run on directx 9. You can do this by going into the settings of battle.net, then game settings and then on the heroes of the storm section additional command line arguments. There you can add dx9 to force that version of directx.

Also, remember that you can set up battle.net to close after you start your game if you have a slow CPU as shown in my latest overwatch video. Now I am going to show you the performance I got. The footage you’re about to watch is taken live from a surprise stream I did while testing the game. You should consider subscribing and enabling notifications if you want to know if I am streaming the testing for a future video.

Are we losing or are we winning? I think we are stuck. Wow the middle lanes, I mean- woah. Ok, nope, yeah, this lane is gonna need way more of my help When I started the game- oh god that’s a lot of enemies, I don’t think we can power through this. Oh wow, actually I’m not even using my…skills, my- whatever, there’re so many things in this screen, there are so many, so freaking many things happening in the screen at the same time. There are so many buttons, so many prompts, there’s so much information, this is why I find moba’s so hard to play, I have no idea how to read out this quick. Now we’re going down here, I guess we’re gonna take him down, yeah. Oh, we’re trying to get the tribute, ok, yeah. Ok, you are powered up, getting there. It’s funny, someone just asked in the chat: “can you make a video about how to tweak Heroes of the Storm?” and it’s like “What do you think I’m doing right now?” like in this instant… I’m supposed to help people, c’mon, use my powers… No, no, no… This is awful, I’m so bad at this game.

Right, we may actually win this match. This extremely difficult hard match against that AI. We’re so bad, we’re so bad. I mean, why are we not attacking the base? Now we’re getting screwed, now we’re getting hardcore screwed. Help me! Can someone please freaking- ugh.. Ummm, if you’re asking about this game, if it’s like worth it or tips about this game, you’re asking the wrong person. You’re really asking the wrong person, I have no idea what I’m doing here.

Wow. Yeah, we’re actually making progress, I mean it’s a matter of time because the enemy AI it’s going to catch up and we’re going to be in trouble again but we’re actually making a lot of damage and they are close by but they’re clearly overwhelmed by us. “Lili is a dumb hero” Excellent, excellent because I have no idea what I’m doing here. Oh- freaking oh god, oh god, oh god! Oh god. No one’s going to die on my watch. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok. Yeah, yes! We’re so close, we can definitely do this. I know my role isn’t to attack but I feel like we should be focusing on the statue, shouldn’t we? Ok, ok now that player summon this to cast like this, stun this, I’m not gonna- We did it! Yeah! And unexpected Christmas! I didn’t know there were Christmas elements involved, whatever, we won.

GG That is all for this extra video. Christmas is right around the corner and the channel is going into holiday mode, so expect a couple of special videos very soon. Thanks to the people contributing in Patreon. Remember to subscribe if you want to find out about future test streams They are not archived so you only get once chance. See you on Christmas..

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