Hello and welcome back to Wizards. Today I have something extra special for you. And that is the so called Rattler. Some gamers might say that the Rattler is the weakest weapon in the whole game However, I will show you now why this is complete nonsense. At first we will of course have a look at the first two versions of this weapon. There are the Standard Rattler and the Carja Rattler. You can find these weapons quiet early on in the game and get them in exchange for some shards. And what makes the Rattler special is the fact that you can not exchange him for machine parts but only for wild animal part. For example meat, skins and bones etc. But now let’s move forward to the final version of the Rattler. Which is the so called Pro Rattler or the Shadow Rattler if you don’t play it on New Game Plus. As usual you can get this weapon only later on in the game.

For this type of Rattler you will need some animal materials which you can find while hunting and some shards The Rattler also has three different types of munitions. There are the so called Shock Bolts. As the name already gives away they distribute shock damage. Then we have the Metall Bolts for pure damage. And last but not least the Ice Bolts for ice damage and freezing opponents. When you have a look at the figures you can see that the Rattler is something special.

What sticks out the most is the high handling figure and in comparison the low damage figures. In order to know how to modify the Rattler you have to understand how he functions. The handling figure has not only the purpose to reload munition but also accelerates the fire rate of the weapon. So when it comes to the modification we try to prior the handling figure and to work it our extrem. So when choosing our modification we mainly focus on handling, followed by damage and the on ice or shock.

Depending on your preference. However, the Rattler can definitely also be used for freezing or stunning another machine. Nevertheless, I will not really focus on this in the video since there are far more effective weapons for this in the game. Therefore a modification solely based on ice and shock is not really worthwhile. So how to use the Rattler in the most effective way. The Rattler is mainly designed for fights within a short or middle distance. The Rattler functions similar to a shotgun or a machine gun. And should be used when aiming is no longer a real possible or necessary option. This is mainly the case when it comes to herd machines. In this case aiming is most of the time simply not necessary and could even help the rest of the herd to escape. Just like with any other weapon the freezing of our prey causes a fast killing of machines like Sawtooth and Fire Bello Bag due to the high damage.

What is also very convenient is that dependent on the modification we can choose the ice bolts in order to freeze the machines with the Rattler by ourself if necessary. However, the fight against humanoids is difficult. The distance between Aloy and the opponent is crucial in this case. If you have the right distance you soon will feel like Rambo fighting VietCong. The same Rambo vibes you will also experience when fighting big machines. As you can see by the experience of this poor Thunderjaw. I mean just look what happens. One could nearly feel sorry for him. The big weakness of the Rattler is mainly seen when fighting small and agile machines.

Just like looters or guardians. Even more when they are attack you as a herd. Then it can get problematic very fast. The other weakness is that you have to be very close to the prey in order to work with the Rattler. Therefore, exploding blaze containers and pressure vessels can make the ears buzz. If you want to silently creep up to a machine the Rattler is completely unsuitable. The Rattler is nearly as loud as the rusty sewing machine from my deceased grandmother from the 19th century. And of course I will show you through an example how to use the Rattler most effective. If you want to can count with me how many Lancehorns I can shoot in this short time. So that’s the end of the video again.

If you enjoyed the video please leave me a message in the comment section. And don’t forget to subscribe if you like my channel. My name is Jimmy Woods and I hope to see you next time. I think I’ve just destroyed the game. Kind of reminds me of a lava lamp. Don’t you think so? .

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