Hello and welcome back to Wizards. Today I present you the next episode of the weapon guide. This episode is about the so called Ropecaster. And in a few moments I will show you why this Ropecaster can be extremely useful. But first, let’s have a look at the precursors of the Ropecaster. Here we have the so calles Basic Ropecaster. Followed by the Carja Ropecaster. You can get both weapons quiet early on in the game in exchange for some shards and machine parts.

The next weapon is the Pro Ropecaster or if you are not playing New Game Plus it is called the Shadow Ropecaster. This weapon can be received later in the game also in exchange for some shards and machine parts. And last but not least we will have a look at the Pro Lodge Ropecaster. This is the most powerful of all Ropecasters. As the name already indicates you can get this weapon at the hunters lodge in Meridian. When you have collected enough blazing suns in the hunting grounds. When it comes to the modification of the Ropecaster it is important to keep in mind that he only has two figures that are relevant for us. These two are the demolition and the handling figure. Both are quiet high from the beginning and therefore can be optimized quiet precisely. So when choosing our modification we only choose modifications that promise a maximum of demolition and handling. The Ropecaster himself is a nice little toy that grants us the opportunity to immobilize machines for a short time. However, humanoid opponents are completely resistant against the Ropecaster. Therefore, it makes no sense to use a Ropecaster against them.

Also important to remember is that the different stages and munition types of the Ropecaster offer different control possibilities for machines. Not every machine can be caught with every rope. However, this problem is only relevant when it comes to the lower level Ropecasters. If you already own the Shadow or Lodge Ropecaster it should be no problem to tame all machines with this kind of ropes. The Ropecaster is especially helpful when fighting bigger machines. As they are usually more difficult to defeat it can be very helpful to pin them to the floor and then aim at their weakest points. But of course you can be as creative as you want with the Ropecaster and just give it a try. You will have various possibilities like to overwrite bigger machines or shooting specific machine parts. Personally I prefer to tie up machines like Grazers or Lancehorns in order to use them as moving explosive device.

Since Grazers and Lancehorns would usually run away, I would have no chance to use the explosive device on their back. Thanks to the Ropecaster I can tie the machine up and use it as a specifically aimed explosive device in order to affect other machines. Usually I show you with the help of an example how to use a weapon in the most efficient way. Since the Ropecaster is just a supportive weapon and mainly exists in order to make tactics with other weapons possible I want to show you a short hunting scene. This scene should demonstrate how helpful the Ropecaster can really be. That’s the end of the video. If you enjoyed the video please subscribe in order to keep updated with my channel.

I always enjoy reading your comments and opinions. Goodbye for now. My name is Jimmy Woods. Until next time. Do you want to know how a snap mouth party looks like? Take a look. Just like I told you A snap mouth party. .

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