For the beginners… part 1 Hi, everybody.. For the beginners of their advantures in Horizon I’d like to bring to your attention to few small cribs at first when you’ll choose your 1st skill – choose “Lure call” it will make your haunting much more easy in the game. Select “!” from the tools menu to lure a single enemy to your position. the target will be closest to Aloy view. Aloy will whistle and enemy will approach. repeat whistle if not enough until victim will approach and when you’ll see “R1-silence strike” press it, and small enemy will be down. (Ofcause if you have that skill). Always observe of detection lights. If you will see red question mark over the enemy head it means they can see you now.

After kill – collect trophies. getting of yummy Climbing is available only on highlighted steps or ropes looking forward, if you will choose a “balance aim skill” you’ll be able to kill enemy balancing on the rope.. It’s very convenient if enemy haven’t range attack Sometimes during climbing its very hard to see next highlighted step, for that reason don’t rush and take a look for Aloy’s view She always see available step There is posibility to save on the bonfires. If the bonfire of green color its mean that your’ve opened save place. For the fast travel you need manufacture a fast travel pack through the menu. But for that you’ll require to collect proper ingredients. after that for fast travel just choose the place you want to reach (place should be green color) and press R2 for travel. Futhermore in the game you’ll find a “Golden travel pack” for unlimited travels. Golden travel pack with violet background (as epic staff). Also it will be usefull if you will open map via tallnecks. Just climb by their necks up to the tophead and override it..

you’ll see on the map that fog disappeared. To go down from head just press “▲” and Aloy will jump down. Thanks for watching.. and good luck! .

As found on Youtube