Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host Shayan Tamayo joined by Awesomo again. Awesomo, how are you doing brother? -I’m all right, how about yourself? -Good. So Awesomo, help my game up with Robin. Now, he’s going to show us some Aquaman tips, who Aquaman… even… he’s still a threat even though he got nerfed pretty bad in the patch. Pretty bad but it’s not like… he’s not… -Yeah, -he’s still… -He’s not bad.

Yeah, he’s still a really great character. Now, can you tell us a little bit about Aquaman, like, how you like to play him? Before the patch, I played him very similar to Johnny Cage. Right, he’s not really so much a zoning character against half the cast because they can punish him but he just… his strings and his normals are so oppressive. They… he puts you in the corner and when you are there, you were kind of just like eating everything he’s doing regardless. -Yeah. And I feel like in this iteration of the game, it’s very similar, it’s just not as oppressive as it was before. Hmm, so like, how do you play him now then, since the patch? Same way? Neutral like, you…

You stay out here, you’re doing back twos, you’re out here you’re doing forward twos, it’s like a ten-frame low. You feel like, “Hey what’s up bro?” [CHUCKLES] -You know, you’re like… -Flam! Yeah, you see him walking and you’re doing back threes and you get like, some juicy damage off of that still. Yeah, I mean look at that. That was a very simple combo too. That was pretty simply, yeah. Yeah, you know like, using trait when you need to, down twos are insanely good, they’re one of the staff’s normals.

They, you know, reach all the way to the moon… to the moon. My hero there, high-fiving Zeus and he’s like “Yo, I got you this combo.” [CHUCKLES] And you know, you can confirm really easily. You reset the situation by throwing them full screen. He doesn’t do as much damage as he used to but he doesn’t need that damage because he already… he’s already such a fundamentally strong character. Yeah. That, you know, he’s fine the way he is. Hmm, so can you maybe show us like some of your bread and butter combos for Aquaman? Yeah, sure. Like I showed you… this is like a good one when you see them coming at you.

You’re like, “Hey, what’s up?” I mean, going real simple. -400 damage. -Yeah. -409… not even five, 409. -Yeah… I didn’t even know you did a back flip. Yeah, one… this is a string you like, never see used, that’s why. Because before, you would just do this. -Yeah. And that was it. That’s all you needed. You’re like, “Hey, what’s up?” Let me get this quick damage. You know, 261, full screen, I think now, I was messing with this the other day. -Oh! -Yeah he gets like… 306. Hmm, oh yeah. No, so that’s like 330, 330? -Mm-hmm. Yeah. There you go.

374. 374 and it’s a side switch. It’s a side-switch obviously. But the beauty of his forward two is a follow-up grab. You could either leave him the front or you know, you can leave him behind you if you want. So… -Yeah. It’s not too big of a difference. He still gets like, some nice damage. I think one of the best ways you can actually play him is the way Tom Brady suggested in the beginning of the game, was, you know, like I said like Johnny. Like you’re at so much plus frames for using the meter building trident rush you’re like plus ten, and then you just like, get in there and then you get to throw them or you have such fast normals that you get like this forward one, and it’s like seven frame mid. And then from there, you know, and then you get a full combo from that or if they block it, you could just…

And you just go in. Jesus! I try to rush. Or… it adds up quick. I mean, it doesn’t a whole lot of damage like… -Yeah. But, you get one or two of those and you’ve already got half their life. Yeah, and then you’re going to get so much meter from that too. Yeah, and you know, his zoning isn’t… I feel like it’s more like counter zoning because it’s not conventional zoners. -Yeah. This isn’t Injustice 1 where he’s like the king. In Injustice 2, there are much stronger zoners but he’s definitely has ways of checking other zoners, like 200 damage just for one meter just to like, shut you down and then have his game start.

-Sure. So he just walks at you, you know, he down twos you. He doesn’t do a lot of damage up front, he just like, gets at you little by little and it adds up very quickly. For sure. Yeah, Aquaman is definitely a strong character that… especially with that trident rush. It’s such a quick start-up frame. It’s hard to… you just got to watch for… being caught and then the meter brings it, oh man. -Yeah, good luck. -Yeah. Good luck. Can you show us like, maybe one of your like your bigger combos of Aquaman like, do you have ones that do more damage or like that runs heavy? That… that back three is like one of the bigger ones that I found but one of the harder ones that you can get off of back one. There you go. You know, you just have like a back one like… -Yeah. You know. That’s definitely the harder… it doesn’t do as much as it used to but it did do a little too much before. Just a little too much. Just a little bit. It’s like, you know. This one it feels…

You know, it feels fair. He’s doing a fair amount of damage. The execution is a little harder for how strong and oppressive his normals can be. -Yeah. Yeah, that’s like, definitely one of the bigger ones, the one that I showed you. What was it? I like that back. Yeah, that’s… that’s a really good one. Do you see that back two hit and then you just follow-up? Yeah, it’s… it… I want to see Aquaman do more flips. So hopefully, this video helps people do that. Yeah, he’s definitely… definitely has a body of a gymnast. So I… and he’s got a pole, I’d like to see some… some… you know, dirty dancing going down more.

On my matches with Aquaman. Just pole vaulting. Yeah, right, why not? Just ride into it. -Why not? And especially with the Black Manta coming out, it’s going to be… -Yes. There’s going to be some fun matchups because Black Manta’s pretty easy. He seems a little zoney. He looks kind of like a ninja. -He does. Yeah, he’s got a like a size and he’s like running around dancing. But, that’s going to do it for us in this episode of Hitbox. Make sure you guys hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, tap the little bell so you get notification of new ones, new episodes come out and leave a comment. Let us know what characters you want to see. Let us know what did you thought of Awesomo’s play style. Do you think you could take him? No, no. [CHUCKLES] But that’s going to do it for us. Thank you so much again brother.

I appreciate it. -Anytime. And we’ll see you guys next time. [MUSIC].

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