. Hey, guys! Welcome to ‘Body Count Fighting’. This is the ‘Hitbox’. I’m your host Kyle Shire. Alongside… -Shayan Tamayo. And we got Brian F. in the studio today. He’s going to show us some pro Balrog. He’s going to give us some tips. -Yes. Yes, tips on how to punch people in the face very hard. -Yeah. It’s like… -That’s what he excels at. Yeah, I love it. Yeah, Just like the character he’s picked up, Bison.

Yeah. Yes, yes. Bison. I like that bull he has on, it’s like The Rock. Just walking around with a big ass bull buckle. -Yeah. He was originally supposed to be M. Bison, that’s the ancient lord behind that. -Yeah. So he was supposed to… the buffalo theme made sense at one point, but he kind of stuck with it with the name Balrog. It kind of kept it through all of this.

I wish that he had a special move where he tore someone’s ear off. Yeah. That would mean though… that would go from T to M, maybe that’s the more comeback. -…come back. Yeah, it made it away from the crossover, the like… given that move. It’s hard for me to finish. All right! Let’s go. Come on! . Ugh! I’m brutally [inaudible]… -So… -All the lifelines. I think he’s going to go all the way, man. [CHUCKLES] Yeah, I think we… Oh my God! I don’t even know… I’ve seen a few episodes of the show before, so… Wowzers! Oh my God! So I think a tip that’s been talking about before is something called blocking. So it’s a very interesting mechanic in this game where when you hold the opposite direction away from the opponent.

-Look! -Oh! They are unable to hit you. Listen to this, Shane. This is some… Let’s go through this forage of attacks. …damn good, Shane. Oh my God! When you’re blocking, now I have to do level two. Now, I have a strategy to actually beat blocking. [CHUCKLES] Let’s see if I can refer to it. If I don’t have to do it, I’m not going to do it. That’s the… the biggest thing about Street Fighter is like do only what you’re forced to do. Oh! Yeah. That was a good idea for a moment. See, you blocked… Oh, but… oh, wait a minute! Oh-oh! Oh-oh! Wait a minute. It’s showing signs of life. It’s not perfect. Oh! Oh, okay. The time was good. -That… -I’m better than you. He didn’t look very good, I’m going to be honest.

-Peanut gallery! He didn’t look very good, but there is one thing I like, is that I force an adaption. There was a change in game play that occurred, which is something that your players will fight to the death to avoid, is avoiding changing what they’re doing. So, I quickly showed in the first round that if you were to continue to, you know, throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks, you’re not going to look what the result is. It’s just a mess. -Yeah. -I just did one thing… -It sounds delicious to me. You can go, you know, you clean up later, you don’t put it back in your plate and enjoy but it doesn’t sound too good to me to be honest. But if you finally decide to block, I had to go to the next level. So Street Fighter is kind of like a very fast mix of chess and rock, paper, scissors. So there’s a few options I’d beat each other and once you finally sort of blocking, I had to go to level two.

I had to, you know, include that throwing there, which is actually the counter to blocking. So I actually had to modify my offense for once and think about what you’re doing. Before that, I don’t have to think at all. I was, I was a machine. Again, with the shade, it’s so subtle. It’s just… See, at this point, I’m just a machine. I… I… it’s like a ghost. It’s amazing. . So, the thing about this, this punch that you’re blocking is I am actually not at advantage after you block this, that close. If you press the button after this punch… But I’m trying, ugh! You hit me first. Oh! See now, I can’t do a spin. It’s actually something we call Unsafe, which means if you block that move close enough, if you do a fast move, you’ll punish me, you’ll hit me.

I cannot block it. . There we go! . That is also unsafe. . How does one learn what’s unsafe? That is something that you want to either look at resource for frame data. So, Street Fighter like I said is chess and rock, paper, scissors and mind games and it’s also about hard numbers. -Yeah. So a move is either advantage or disadvantage on hit or zero. So, they break it down to like frames of a movie, you know, frames of a movie, frames of animation. -Yeah. So, if I do this… like one of my moves to you. If I do this move and you block it… Yeah. …I can move two frames or… oh, yeah, two frames before you’re able to move, which means if we press a button after this at the same speed, I will hit you first every time. So I’m plus after that move. You have plus frame advantage. So if you match after this… -Yeah. Plus I want to counter hit you. Now, I obviously can’t do like a really slow move after if you press a fast move, because then, there’s a gap in there. You recover in time, you get your little fast move out and my slow move is still starting up.

So, that’s… that’s like the basis of frame data. So, once you know that, if you’re like starting the game and someone’s doing this to you over and over, you’re like, “Wait a minute.” He’s actually… it looks bad, it looks like I’m just getting punched in the face but you’re actually at advantage there once you block this. So if you press a button after blocking it, maybe not that one. -Yeah. That’s like… that’s like the only one. That’s not the one you wanted to do. It’s just like a fast like jab after there.

That’s a punish, I can’t block that. I… I’m trying… I’m trying to block, but that’s actually a punish. So you’ve learned now how to counter that, so that’s the thing I think when playing with new players, this is what I do because like I’m forcing you to… to learn something here. Yeah. I… I obviously have to EX you. Yeah, that’s, that’s the difference, once I teach you one thing, I immediately counter the other option. -Yeah. So once you start feeling good about learning, I immediately shut it back down.

Yeah. Want to feel good about myself. Right, right. Once you… the EX one is actually plus one. So I’m able to hit your first. The none… the one where he doesn’t flash yellow, he’s negative. -Yeah. So like, what’s your favorite Balrog combo? Can you show it to us? -Favorite… so, without meter, he does big damage. So I don’t… let’s start around having no any meters. I’m just going to show you his basic like big jumping, you got a huge opening. This is not going to be your go-to. This is like the moon and the stars aligned. Right? -Oh, okay! So, you, you do jump in. It’s going to be your heavy kick when you jump in the air. You’re crushing heavy punch and then he has this move, his upper, which is a DP motion.

It may take a little while to get used to. I suggest looking up DP motions. -Yeah. Like there’s a whole… it’s a whole another topic, but once you get that down, it gets access to this move and then he could finish it with his dash punch. Oh! If you land the jump in. . There you go. -Oh! So he lunges you into the air and, and gets [inaudible] out of the earth with a dash punch. So, kind of like other charge characters, like this is a DP move, and then this is a charge move.

But while you’re performing that combo, I input the DP, which means I am not allowed to hold back. So if you’re charged… if you’re trying to play a charged character, it’s another thing to think about is, how do I mass that I’m charging. New charge character players say they pretend to just do this. And it’s like you’re obviously about, you know, and so it’s obvious. But you can be charging at any point, which means if I commit to a jump, as soon as I hit up forward, I can start holding back and build charge. . I didn’t have to move backwards at all. -Yeah. He even has this… this is his V skill, medium punch and medium kick. I can start move, dance over the screen and I’m holding back while I’m doing this but I’m able to keep movement. So same idea during its combo, I input the DP. And the moment I input it, I immediately start holding back and I’m able to build a charge and finish the combo.

Wow! And then you shut up and then there’s fireworks. Yeah. And then, you know, somehow you’re alive, you know, a few seconds later. -Yeah, yeah. Like it’s… it’s not Mortal Kombat. It’s not Mortal Kombat. -Yeah. There’s no fatalities. -It’s a little… -For the moves. Right! And this is… now they have some… let me show you what he’s really about. . -So… -How do you do the… As you can see, we went from one side of the screen to the other. So that cost his EX bar and the bottom right-hand, left-hand corner. The blue bars he use… the bar to get your powered up EX moves. So he is able to cancel. He’s pretty complex. Like this is… it’s a bit more advance.

But any of these dash punches you’re doing, you can use his V skill to… to cancel them as they’re coming at you. So when he has EX, he’s actually… it’s a two hit rush punch, one, two. You can hit the first one, cancel it and then hit them with his hook. And then if they’re in the air and you still have more bar, you can do another EX. So that’s why he does huge damage and corner carry. So like, we can start here and if I had enough meter, I could take you all the way over there. So you could be beating him up all day, he gets one round of crush counter and blah, blah, blah. You know, all the way to the corner and all your life gone.

So for those that don’t know, what is a crush counter attack? Crush counter is a special mechanic in this game. So, it’s basically based on the idea of a counter hit. If somebody is doing a move and you hit them before their move is able to come out, you get a counter hit. It’s kind of like saying, “No, I don’t do that.” Usually it’s good when you’re at frame advantage. Like I said, they block a move and you’re plus and you quickly attack them again. So, yeah, press the button here. Counter it. You can see on the side of the screen, on my character side of the screen, counter hit. So crush counter is just like that. You’re interrupting their move, except you do it with your heavy button. So certain moves are probably called crush counter. And when you get a crush counter, it’s like a counter hit on steroids. It’s basically, they are… they are not fair and they are left wide open for a combo.

So, it’s pretty dangerous sometimes when you’re playing footsies or you know, you’re trying to play slow paced game. A bar can just come in, you press the button at the wrong time, his heavy kick comes out, it crush counters you and he does that combo I’ve showed with the two bars. Suddenly, you had him cornered, he takes you to the other side of the screen, you lose half your life. [CHUCKLES] Street Fighter V is a very volatile and dangerous game, especially, you know, you start playing with the crush counters, it’s like playing with fire. -Yeah. Yeah. Well that sounds like an awesome tip. Thank you for coming by, man! -Yeah, no problem! Now, we’re going to wrap this up. And yeah, this has been the ‘Hitbox’. Bye, guys! -Later! All right! Let me lose real quick. [CHUCKLES] . Oh, see, crush counter. Another one. -Yeah..

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