[Music] Hey guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting and this is the Hitbox. I’m your host Kyle Shire alongside… Shayan Tamayo. And today in the studio we have Zack Rob here to give us some Pro Injustice 2 tips. -All right! -How are you doing today? -I’m doing pretty good. -How are you guys doing? -Scared, but just a little. This is super meter… this is super meter, but he’s actually using a Hitbox. -He’s using a Hitbox. -Yeah, Hitbox. -Yeah. He’s using a Hitbox. -Yeah. All right, here we go. I’m going to be… oh God! -Your choice. -I don’t want… oh my God! So be Doctor Fate. Then I’ll be Doctor Fate. I’ll be cheesy as hell with Doctor Fate. Yeah, and I’ll just run with Bane. All right, sounds good! You know, Bane… Bane is probably one of my favorite characters in the game. I always paid Deadshot, just because I think Deadshot is better, but Bane is easily my favorite.

I love the whole wrestling style, you know, grappling, have all the armor. How do you feel about Deadshot being labeled as the OP guy right now? I think it’s fine, you know, I don’t think I’d play it if I couldn’t withstand all the hate I got, so I knew. What I love Bane is that even there is like an achievement or trophy, depending on which console you play on, and it’s like out of nowhere when you’re with the RKO. -Yeah, the RKO. -It’s great. Oh, no! I hear that every time you get a power bank.

It was like, no! No! Fuck God, Doctor Fate has a family. Oh my god! He has a dead wife actually. He’s broken in half. My little principle does nothing. You get a Meter Burn. Does it Meter Burn? No, it does Meter Burn, but… No. So… so the thing there is when Bane has his little traits, so he has Venom and he has three levels of Venom, so when he has Venom on, all his special moves have a one hit of armor. So depending on who he fights against, it can be really… like right there, he can just eat the wake up. -Yeah. You know, he has all these like wrestling moves and then he has the brain [inaudible] right there. I got half of the bar down. Yeah, I took [inaudible]. That’s so sad. So… so what did Kyle do wrong there? Everything, the answer is everything. I’d say… I’d say he didn’t try… I mean he did try to keep me out, but he should I’d say try maybe a little harder to keep me out, and he kept, you know, waking up and I kept just absorbing his wakeups with the grab.

So it’s… it’s pretty tough for Doctor Fate, but I’d say when he gets me full screen, starts in all projectiles, things like that, Bane can, you know, kind of have a rough time with that. So I’d say he should just, you know, get full screen and keep distance, because you don’t want to let Bane get close to you because when you do, he’s going to take out your life in a blink of an eye. Exactly! So you’re basically… you’re… you’re pro-Bane I would say, like Bane and Deadshot, I should say. So why don’t we go through this again. Do you want to do training and then you can show us some of your favorite bread and butter Bane, Bane bread and butter combos? -Sure! -Okay, let’s do it.

-All right! So favorite combo strings I’d say, his best combo strings are definitely, 1, 1, 3, which is light, light, heavy, because, you know, it gives him a ground balance, it’s a plus on block, and he can cancel it into either a charge to switch sides. It does decent damage. Or he can, you know, go into Bane bomb. This is his easiest I’d say like… one of his most important strings. -Uh-huh. You now, he can give big damage off it with a ground balance. -Oh my God! -How crazy was that? -You know…

You know, that was 2 meters. -Are you kidding me? That was so sick. Well, do that again. That was good. Yeah, do that one more time. Do that to me one more time. And he slams it down, the ring slam. Oh, that’s great. Yeah, that’s definitely one of his most important strings right there. That’s excellent! So interesting thing of his light, light, you can actually do a very different series of strings. So he has the 1, 1, down 2, you know, does a ground balance. So one interesting thing about Bane is he has what is called tick throws. So these command grabs, you know, they’re unblockable. If you’re… if you’re standing and you’re blocking, you’re going to get hit by them. -Uh-huh. But what he can do is, there is… a tick throw is that you do a move that has so little blocks then that you can cancel it into command grab and you’ll still get grabbed. -Okay. -Whoa! So there’s things like, go ahead and block one more time? There’s things like this, you know, that has too much blocks that you see I always unblock. Yeah. So that’s 70 points. So Bane has things like you can go into this string and that will be like a tick throw.

-Okay. -Oh! -Yeah. Another big important thing with Bane is this string right here, it’s… it’s a low starter and it’s… it’s punishable on block, but you can cancel it in two moves. -Okay. So important thing right here, you know, it’s low starter and if you follow up with like… I’d say this is the optimal combo, you still get really big damage off of it. Okay. That was not weird. -Yeah, not weird. Go ahead and block two, and the thing is something in this game, you can do in the first one is, special cancel this string. So that right there, he can… that is actually a tick grab as well. -Oh wow! So if he sees you block it, he can, you know, confirm into this. He is like no! Yeah! And just, you know, gives you the Bane Bomb. -Yeah. And so let’s go into, let’s say, more about like things that…

I just want to love you. I just want to love you. Why? That’s what I’m thinking right now. The interesting thing about this character is he has his trait, which is Venom, you know. He has Level 1 Venom, you know, it gives him more damage on his throws. Uh-huh. You know, that did, you know, around like 17%. He has Level 2. They all just give him more damage based off of which level of Venom you are in. And the interesting thing is when he’s in Venom, every single special move has one hit of armor. -Okay. So let’s show… -That’s not even with our meter burn. Usually you have to meter burn in that armor. Yeah, you usually have to meter burn.

Or, the interesting thing is I think the meter burns come after, so some of the meter burns don’t have armor. So let’s put, you know, Doctor Fate on wake up. It was the Glyph of Anubis. Glyph of Anubis, yeah, that’s the one that I think mats you back. Yeah, okay. So there you go. So you know, Bane revolves around getting your face and he has a big knockdown game. So if he, you know, knocks you down with the Command Grab, he can pump Venom. If he thinks you’re going to wake up, and he can just eat it. -Yeah. You can pump Venom anytime? So that’s why you were eating it that easily because you were just Venom…

-Yeah. -Oh wow! Okay. -So you can buff Venom anytime. If you press it, you see there, it has… it has a meter and it drains. -Yeah. So when it reaches 0, he’s actually on a debuff, so he’s a lot slower and he actually takes more damage and he does less damage. So, you know, you see this Bane bomb right here, it does around like 161 damage, right? So with debuff… or with buff it does, you know, 169, more damage. But if you let it run out, you’ll notice, you’re looking on the console, it does a little bit less. So he does less damage based off of, you know, if he takes more Venom in and then it runs out, he’s going to have more of a withdrawal. So, if you have like Level 3 Venom, you’re going to do I’d say like 20 some percent Command Grab, but if you let Level 3 Venom out, it’s only going to do like 6%. So he’s withdrawing from it. See, that’s another interesting thing. So you can buff Venom anytime, you know, if you… you can do Level 1, you know, if you manage it, see it there… see it’s about to almost run out, you know, buff into Level 2.

-Uh-huh. So a very important thing about this character is you just kind of want to manage that. Then buff into Level 3. And you just kind of want to stay in their face, you know, do the most damaging combos you can do. Like with Bane, let’s see, he has stuff like… you know, like that’s like more than half your health bar at least. And if you want to get… let’s say… let’s say if you want to get really fancy, let’s go ahead and put Doctor Fate in the corner.

And these are I’d say really optimal combos, you know, you see them done in tournament a lot by, you know, really high players like Biohazard is a big, you know, Bane player. -Yeah. So, you know, if he gets you in the corner, he can do stuff like and just go ahead and notch your health bar just like that. Now, that took all my Venom, but your… your health bar is almost gone already. Yeah. Also, you still have meter. Yeah, and I still have… you know, I still have some meter. I think that took actually three bars of meter, but in Injustice, you build meter so quick, I don’t think you should be, you know, afraid to use it that much. For sure! Now, what would you say is like… like… to like wrap things up, what’s like your favorite, like I’m going to swag on this guy Bane move, like… -Bane move? Sometimes I like to make the hard… you know, hard reads. I like to do the air grab. You know, he just grabs you by the leg and swings you around.

It’s all that I hate. Yeah, something… something about it is if you know they’re going to jump and you make the read that they’re going to jump and they get hit by that, it’s just kind of like the ultimate disrespect, you know. Like if you hit someone with that on a read they’re already afraid. You’re like… they’re like, he’s in my head. He knows what I’m doing, so that’s an amazing move right there. And another thing to keep in mind guys is that the… the button displays on the sides, you can see when he’s pressing the buttons to keep the combos going. So you guys can learn timing and not just spam the buttons and hope it happens. Like… like you said, timing is everything. Yeah, timing is everything, you know. I see a lot of players try to like, you know, mask their specials on meter burns and like it just doesn’t really work well, you know. And so it’s all about timing, you know, you want to take your time.

Like I’d say… like I’d say don’t be afraid to go and practice and, you know, do one combo for like 20, 30 minutes, just to perfect it. And one more thing I forgot to mention about Bane is, he… this Super right here, I’d just like appreciate how like awesome it is. So, you know, just, you know, headbutts here, defies all this gravity and gives you the big old like DVT. Yeah, yeah, he sometimes can move faster than…

Than Newton’s Law. -Right! Yeah. I think that’s how physics works, right? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. I’m smart. I read a book. So the thing about that is, if you’re a Bane player and, you know, you have full meter and they have like 40% health left or something, they should be afraid of you… anyone on the screen if you have Super, because this is… it’s a full screen, low, and he can react to anything you do. So Fate… yeah, let me see, put you on. So I can try to block it. Yeah, go ahead and shoot a projectile, or even there, you know, I can pump Venom and then if you’re with anything, do anything, you just get all this damage and that can be really serious as well. Oh man! Just so disrespectful. He’s an old man for God’s sake. He’s an old man in a fancy ass helmet. All right you guys! Thank you so much for coming by and giving us all the Bane business! -No problem.

Be sure to follow him on social media, be sure to subscribe to Body Count Fighting somewhere, wherever the button is, it’s changing all the time. I’m Kyle Shire, alongside… -Shayan Tamayo. And have a good time guys! Thanks for stopping by! Later! Thank you for beating the crap out of Doctor Fate! No, shush! The worst..

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