. Hey guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting! This is the Hitbox, giving you some pro tips for Injustice. I’m your host Kyle Shire, alongside. Shayan Tamayo. And today in the studio we’ve got… Cheeko or Andre Cheeko. Anyway, we are playing Injustice 2. So we’re going to… I’m going to get bodied right now, so let’s just jump right into it. All right, here we go! . Damn! -Punished. -That was a lot. He said, next time, you’ll put the toilet seat down. Wait, what? Did I say it wrong? I think I did. Kyle is super focused right now, giving his punch. -Oh! -I get it. -Oh, excuse me? Oh, nothing. . Oh, what a good licorice weird. . There is room for… . -Got the head-butt. -Ah! . Take my… take my kick. How are you able to move so much with those leathery pants? Lube, I suspect it’s lubricant. Oh, okay. She must use a lot. -She must. . Batman says this ass whipping… Ah! At least I got one… I got one bar. I got one bar. This ass-whooping is no lube now. This ass-whooping needs a little bit of lube, let me tell you. -All right! I got one bar off.

I got one bar, okay. Spamming the whip. I did not spam the whip. Check the receipts, I did not spam the whip. Okay, all right. But seriously though, what was I doing wrong, starting with everything? Starting with everything? . I was actually caught off guard for a little bit, but you did use strings pretty well. But this character Catwoman, particularly she can hit from a really, really far range. Yeah. And even though Batman really doesn’t have too much trouble getting in on that… He’s got that cheesy little, come on! Get over here. Yeah, and his little bats that he has also. She has her… she has her really good whips to utilize. She has like a really good jump in whip and then a really good sweep that hits from really far.

And then that dash move that she used once, where she like… where she dashes at you and goes back. You need a burner for a full combo, it’s really good. Really good combos ordered, great damage off of it. I’d say really just utilizing more of your… more ranged attacks. So I’m… I’m… I’m happy that you like how Catwoman moves. That made me happy. So let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about your mains. Let’s talk about what you like to do with Batman. For starters, what did you like about Batman so far? I mean, Batman is really, really good in this game. He doesn’t really have too many issues.

He doesn’t lose too many characters; I’d say one or two literally just those, maybe like Aquaman. He doesn’t do too well against Harley Quinn, but that’s not as bad as it is against someone like Aquaman. But other than that, he really doesn’t have too many issues. He’s really, really solid, great damage in this game. A lot of characters, he’s not very meter dependent either, which is good. He really is spending most of his bar on a like an EX grapple to re-stand them or to extend his combos, or an EX Batarang… -Okay. …for… if you do the up one, it does pop up for a full combo and it is also very advantage on block. Meaning, if they were to block the… the EX Batarang, I can pretty much just dash up and then continue my pressure. Okay. He’s a really offensive character, but he can also zone from a distance. -He can. -Yeah, he can. So this projectile here has a really good recovery on it. It also pushes him back a little bit.

And they he also has this Batarang to cover the jump option. -Nice! And then those two along with his trait, which are these little bats that he has, everyone loves to hate him because they’re so good, . mixed in with that, he’s… he’s… he’s really, really good zoner. Not the best. He can’t out zone some characters in this game, but he can more counter-zone some of the better zoners or keep a character like Catwoman at bay at a certain range, because she is a character without a projectile. So his zoning isn’t bad. But he also is more of a pressure character. A lot of his strings are at advantage on block, if you cancel into the EX Batarang, like I was saying. Or instead of being what we call unsafe or punishable he really doesn’t ever have to be that.

He can go into this turn right here, which is zero unblock, meaning it’s neutral completely, so it’s fair game for both players, which is good for him, because, you know, he’s not really… he’s giving up his turn, but not at a disadvantage. Uh-huh. And then also, if they block it, he’s put out a pretty good range also away… Yeah. …where he’s safe. -Okay. Now, what’s… what’s probably like a really good bread-and-butter combo that any Batman main should know off the top of their heads? Okay. So a really good bread-and-butter combo, just very simple would be… so I’ll need to put her off of block.

So he has this string which is… it’s a Square + Triangle + X or one, two, three, and it’s a meterless launcher so, you know, he grabs your feet, throws you up in the air. So you would do that into a jump attack to another one and to his ender, which would be that, which is Back + Triangle + X. And that does a really good, 36%. It’s meterless. It’s a very simple combo, not too hard, gets good damage. Not only that, this string right here, if you do stagger it, you are at advantage on block, meaning it’s still your turn. So if they were to try to press a button, they would get… or find themselves in a very sticky situation, something that you don’t really want to contest. If you see him stagger this string, you just want to kind of wear that. So is Batman… so a lot of the things I’ve heard, because honestly I didn’t play Injustice 1, is he very similar to part 1 or is he like…

He is. He’s very, very similar. He’s one of the characters… one of the legacy character, sorry; Legacy, meaning one of the characters that was returning from Injustice 1, he’s one of the characters that didn’t get changed too much, but he did get some minor changes. He… he got a better jumping attack, better jumping kick, I should say, sorry. Super, super good at crossing up, and it’s a good combo starter, which links into the… the launcher and lo. His meterless launching strings, some of them did get nerfed, but it’s not really affecting him too much. Like this string right here did launch for a full combo in Injustice 1 meterless; in this game you have to kind of over dedicate to spending a bar or just giving up a little bit of damage into going something like just like that. Or you can do it into… sorry, into a straight grapple and then EX it, something like that. -Yeah. This string was also able to combo in Injustice 1, like a dash up, and now in this game, you’re only able to get a grapple off of it. So I mean, they did get nerfed a little bit, but other than that they’re still very manageable.

Yeah. -He’s still relatively the same. -Cool! If not better. Now, does he have like… do you have like a really good like Batman like swag combo that you’re like, all right, I fucking got this, now I’m just kind to like… I’m going to showcase on you. I could try to land… I have… I have a pretty good one. I could try to land it now. -Okay. -The pressure is on and I don’t want to mess up. -Okay. -This combo is not too bad. -If you fuck this up, the world will end. Okay, I hope not. This is… this combo actually is starting off with one of his universal changes. He did get a certain change off of… because he has his double jump, which is a flow. And he has a couple of options off of that and he can go into this kick, an overhead, and then he can throw, I like to call it the money.

. Here’s your cab fare. So, in the first game that was all he get, but in this game, you can EX the money, and go into a kick, and it’s also a combo starter, and it actually hits for pretty hard damage in this game. So you could do something like, all right, here’s the moment of truth, let’s hope I don’t mess up. . Up. . And that… there it is. And you can keep going. Oh man! Oh, that’s savage. It was really nice having you here, man. Thank you so much for coming by! -Thanks for having me! I appreciate that. -Yeah, this was fantastic! Yeah. Appreciate it, brother, yeah, definitely! Like what you told me already about Batman is, I want to learn Batman so bad, because he’s like one of my favorite characters.

He’s awesome. He’s one of my favorites also in this game. I really, really enjoy him. I mean, not only is he really, really good in this game, I enjoy the character himself. He’s one of my favorites in the entire game. That’s why I play his son too. -Yeah, he’s all right. -I’m not a big fan of Robin. His son is a little bitch. But… Wow! Yeah. That’s… I said it, hot topic, Robin. I’m not too big of a fan of Damian. -Red Hood, come out! -Yeah. Go write… go write a sad poem, Damian. No one wants to hear it. That’s why I love Catwoman because she’s the only one in the game that sasses him. She’s like, you don’t have a girlfriend because of this. Yeah, it’s the best. Anyway, you guys, thank you so much for stopping by! Be sure to subscribe to Body Count Fighting, be sure to check out Cheeko on social media, and yeah, bye! Thank you so much for coming by!

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