Hey, guys. Welcome to Body Count Fighting and this is the Hitbox where we’re giving you tips and tricks for all of your favorite fighting game characters. I’m your host Kyle Shire and today in the studio, we got WonderChef. He is going to show some pro Black Manta combos. How are you doing today? I’m doing great, I’m going try and show it off, he’s one of the fanciest characters in the game and his very, very difficult. -He’s very fancy. But it’s great when you can pull it off. Yeah. I’m really excited to see. So far, I’ve had a lot of fun playing him.

I really love his rising tide move. That’s probably my favorite move in the game right now. Also I dig his throw where he like you know kicks you on the knee and then stabs you a few times. Just a lot of fun stabby, stabby moves. Fun stabbing. Yeah, I’m a big fan of stabbing. Let’s get to stabbing. Well, if you’re a big fan of stabbing, this is the character for you. Of course one of his signature kind of weapons you know or his knives but really the theme of this character aside from having knives and everything, it’s just the fact that he can move across the screen so fast.

So you were just talking about the rising tide move, that’s a teleport. It blends anywhere on the screen, it gets you a full combo if you decide to spend meter and really punishes your opponent for trying to throw just projectiles all day. He is so great, he moves… and even his [inaudible] strings move really far across the screen. He gets to do a whole bunch of just really crazy like flight mix-ups and he’s… he’s just mobile and so quick and plenty of steps. So what are some good bread and butter combos for him? Okay. So like I was saying there… well, really if you’re learning Black Manta, I’d have to say try to sit with a little bit easier combos but there are some very difficult combos for him. Generally the main things that your going to see are… he’s got his… his main… kind of a main stabby string actually is a back 1-1 up 3 and there are a lot of different ways to combo off of it. Generally, you want to try to land this of off it, the air grapple. That alone just does a lot of damage.

But ideally, what you want to do is use his flight trait to get more damage, so you can do for instance… like that or you can even cancel him to a special move at the end to give a little bit more damage and that’s… that’s generally like something you’re going to learn a little bit later because it is rather difficult. Now, there are some… also some flight combos were they stay on the ground and you can end up like launching him with missiles again. It’s a… there’s a whole lot to his flight but that’s really something to explore a little bit later.

A lot of his main combos do uses missiles stab. Do love those missiles. Yeah, the missiles are one of his main combo styles. He usually uses meter for combos. I just also love when he just takes out his harpooning and just hits you just like “Ugh! I’m using everything.” That’s another great thing about him. So he moves really quick and he actually knocks down quite well. -Yeah. So the overhead hit knocks down, this overhead hit, the dong knocks down really well. All of these are really good knockdowns which make him a more effective kind a mix-up character as they’re getting up.

And he’s got the harpoon which is great because that’s one of the most annoying moves in the world from Batman. So I love being able to throw that up. They’re like… -“Oh, no. You get over here.” [LAUGHTER] That’s what’s going to happen. Over and over and it switches sides and of course you can use it from the air too and a…

It’s actually a really good move just to check people also trying to zone you out especially the air one because the air one, you see it pulls him down in front of you and then boom your right in there. -Yeah. There’s just a lot of great answers for mobility with him. Which I really, really like. Now, one of our favorite moments on the Hitbox is where we ask you what’s the swag combo? All right! So this will be my attempt for the swag combo, let’s see if I can do it. You’re going to perfectly. So I’m not kidding when say that he’s like one of the hardest characters in the whole game to play. Whoa! There we go. That’s one of the swag combos. Oh, that’s one of the swag combos, okay.

One of the many, there are so many that he’s got. Now, and what would you say is a really good like overall tip for the person that wants to main Black Manta? Try to keep the match at your pace because Manta’s biggest… his biggest strength is that he moves so fast, all of his moves are very fast, he controls the entire screen by just continuously moving. So you don’t want to sit there and wait for your opponent to do something. You want to get in there and you want to make it happen and tell them no, you’re not going to throw projectile at me. -Yeah. I’m going to be right next to you no matter what, you know I’m going to hit with up the air. I’m going to you know teleport on you and just control the entire pace, never let them breathe. Okay, that’s really good. So it’s basically like you know he can get in and do a ton of damage really, really fast so it’s like just be patient you know.

-Yeah. Yeah, awesome, awesome man. Well, thank you so much for coming by and giving us some Black Manta tips man. You were wonderful. No problem, thank you. All right you guys, that’s been this edition of the Hitbox. Be sure hit subscribe down below, hit the bell so that when you know whenever one of our awesome videos get posted, be sure to follow us on Twitter, all of that fun stuff. Be sure to follow WonderChef on Twitter and I’ve been Kyle Shire.

You guys have a great night or day or whatever time of day it is. The sun is out. [Music].

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