Hey, guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting and this is the Hitbox where we’re showing you tips and tricks for your favorite fighting game characters. And today in the studio we got Godspeed, he’s going to show us some pro Firestorm tips for Injustice 2. -“Pro.” -“Pro,” oh, we’re doing quotes now? Funny it’s called the “Hitbox” because I have a Hitbox. I desperately want to learn how to use that. I may be able to help you with that.

-I would love that. Yeah, let’s do it later. -Okay. -But for now, we’re going to deal with Firestorm. -Sure. The first time that we met at Wednesday Night Fights, you totally destroyed me with Firestorm. -You just vaguely remember. -I vaguely remember, yes. Yes, but you were so nice about it. You were… you took me outside and you were like, -“This is what you did wrong.” -Sure. You were a true… a gentleman about it. But now, let’s get in to it like… let’s get into the basics. How does he fit in to this game in general? With Firestorm, for me, I just… I kind of want to get in and start his pressure. He has lot of really good strings that can sort of lead you into that pressure. One of those strings is forward-1-3-3-2. It’s a neutral and block, which means that it sets you in an even pace but it… it still gets you in to the opponent. And if they’re not paying attention, you can poke after it because he has 7-frame-down-1 and then sort of cancelling that into something like blast which is safe on block.

-Mm-hmm. But mainly as a Firestorm player, you want to try to kind of sneak your opponent with overheads and lows to catch him with this. So, this is a molten trap. -This is that thing that I kept hitting you with. -Yes. Like you got to block that a little, man. So, molten trap, what it does is if you meter burn it, it will lead them open to a combo. -Mm-hmm. And the normal version actually leaves him open to a stagger which let’s you check them with a fireball or something like that. So, this is pretty much his main, like I’m going to start doing damage to your tool. -Mm-hmm. And when you burn… when you burn meter on it, you can do anything like just a 3-back-3 into a simple jump-in, into like… that’s just like a really simple combo. -Yeah. -It’s really easy. So, yeah, you can… you can hit him with a molten trap and then you can do…

Like a more advanced combo. And then you can end it again with molten trap which leaves him standing. He’s really good when he combined his molten trap and there’s different ways he can set that up as well. -Back-1-2 is an overhead attack. -Mm-hmm. So, it will knock them down. And if they don’t block it, they’ll get knocked out. So, once they start respecting that, you cancel-back-1 and 2 A into a low, which is what I was hitting you with. -Yeah. When we played is… you kept getting hit by the overhead and you’re like, “Okay, I’m not going to get hit by the over head anymore,” and then I hit you with a low. Guess, he had such… you had such great mastery of the mix-ups, you know? Like, I got no idea where you were coming from, you know? Right. And that’s because he also has this overhead which is just a back-2.

It’s pretty quick. It’s relatively safe on walk. It’s -7 which means that characters with faster normals can punish it. Like Black Adam can check it with down-1 and cancel with the lightning hands. -Sure. Or something of that matter. But it’s relatively safe. -This however, isn’t safe. -Mm-hmm. And the main thing that I think drives the people away from Firestorm if… is if you want to play his mix up game… -Mm-hmm. …you’re unsafe, almost every time you go for… because molten trap is… it’s pretty minus. In fact, let’s see… it’s -10 or 12 without burning meter.

-And with meter, it’s actually worse. -Mm-hmm. So, yeah, it’s actually -12. And then if you meter burn it, on block, which you can do and delay, it’s -15. -Yeah, so it’s not economical. -And on both his… yeah, and both his overheads are technically unsafe as well. So if you are playing that mixed up game, it becomes somewhat dangerous because if it’s blocked, they can… they can punish you for huge damage. -Mm-hmm. But, speaking of huge damage, I mean, Firestorm can also do huge damage himself, especially if you have like at the back ground, intractable… -Mm-hmm. -…you can just hit him with a combo like this which gets pretty nutty. Ah! And that’s, this is mid screen two bars but I mean, you’re still going to do upwards of almost 500 damage. -So, he… -It’s wonderful. He still really… he still hits really hard. Even if you catch someone or punish someone mid screen, you can do a cool combo like this where switch sides and get him towards the corner, which is also really neat. And then, you can end it in a resend situation again. Now, how… explain how his trait fits in to this whole thing.

So, his trait is really interesting because it takes quite a bit of time to charge. If he hits like 24 seconds or like a little over 24 seconds, but as you can see, similar to Batman’s, it has three different bars. And when you use it at level 3, we’ll start with level 3 and we’ll go down because level 3 is really the most interesting part of the trait, he becomes blue. Now what that does is it… it gives him health over time and it also gives him the ability… or his normal Z ability to actually cause ground bounces, and he’s doing more damage. So, it makes… it makes Firestorm even scarier. When you activate trait, you generally want to do it after you’re safe. -Mm-hmm. The best way that I found to do it is after you do 1-3-3-2, which is a knockdown, that gives him enough time to activate.

-Okay. -Now, his fireballs also change. -Okay. So his fireballs will actually knock the opponent back as… as well do a little more damage. -Mm-hmm. But also, his molten trap which you… you so… -so very vocally… -So sorely remember. -Yes. [CHUCKLES] It actually leaves them grounded much longer instead of creating a stagger which means that you pretty much get a free mix up. -Yeah. And if you meter burn any of these fire moves, what happens is, they take more residual damage. -Wow! Yeah. -So, if you meter run this, he’s still taking damage. -Oh, wow. And the same applies when you use his fusion blast… takes a little more damage. -Ugh! So it makes everything he does much more dangerous for you as the opponent. And there’s some really cool combos you can do as well. For instance, you can do like the regular overhead back-1-2, and then you can burn some meter, let the damage tick, and then, boom, you’re doing 4-11 with just one bar and meter. -And that’s mid screen, that’s without the corner. -Mm-hmm.

-And level 2 trait, he doesn’t glow blue. -Mm-hmm. Or the Super Saiya-jin blue as we say. -Yup. -Wait. No, one says that. I say that, but she doesn’t glow blue. Let’s make it a thing. Well, we… I wish we could. But at level 2 and level 1 subsequently, he doesn’t get the same ability to get like ground bounces or… or extensions off of his normals the way he does at level 3, but he does do a little extra damage and he also does gain life back per second, and it’s not as much. So, level one, it’s like light damage buff, very little life back. Level 2 is a little more, and then level 3 is that craziness where he can just start really hitting you really hard. And also, do more damage to you whether you’re blocking or you’re getting hit by his ZX special, so… -All right! So, let’s… let’s go back to when you completely bodied me [inaudible]. -Sure. Let’s… so like I’m going in and I’m facing a really great Firestorm player.

-Okay. What do I need to know? What are my ends? -What can I expect? -Okay. So, Firestorm, his biggest weaknesses are the fact that he has stubby normals. -Mm-hmm. So although I said he’s got really great 8 frame normals that are fast and that can be quick and interrupting or even start some pressure for yourself, they don’t reach very far. -Mm-hmm. For Firestorm, he wants to be up close. He wants to use his tools like EX blast is really good. It’s a +4 on block which means that he can jail you into his stand 3 which is 8 frames. This is 2… stand 2 which another 8 frames, down 1 which is 7 frames. You just don’t want him to get close to you especially if he has meter because that’s when he’s really going to start putting the pressure on and then hitting you with a mix up of… molten trap or doing back-1-2 which is an overhead, and that’s when you can get into a lot of trouble.

So, try to stay out of the corner. And if you are going to approach him and he’s starting to use his zoning tools, like his fireball or his molten trap, just know that every time he throws a fireball, it’s a high, and if he meter burns, it’s also a high. -Okay. So, you can just slowly advance by ducking because if he checks you with molten trap, it’s a low, and if you’re just slowly advancing forward and ducking, it’s pretty much going to stop all the pressure he could really put on you. -Mm-hmm. I mean, he’s just a really cool character and he’s got… he’s got a lot to… he’s got a lot to showcase, but again, he does have his pitfalls, not having the best normals to advance very far, not having the best zoning tools, being punishable in a lot of his mix-ups and having no anti-airs, things like that are really… would kind of hold Firestorm back a bit. -Okay. Well, thank you so much for coming by and showing us some Firestorm, man. -Yes. Of course. And that’s been it for this edition of the Hitbox.

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