Hey, guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting and this is the Hitbox where we’re giving you tips and tricks for all of your favorite fighting game characters. I’m your host Kyle Shire and today in the studio we have WonderChef, who’s going to show us some pro Gorilla Grodd tips. How are you doing today? Doing great, doing great. I love Grodd, he’s one of the swaggiest characters in the game. Oh, I complete agree. He’s the only character in the games that has a full I’m-going-to-bite-your-face-off move. [CHUCKLES] That’s my favorite. It’s absolutely wonderful. -Oh, yeah. He’s hungry. -Yeah! He’s hungry and all he wants to eat is your face. Hungry for faces. Let’s get into it! [CHUCKLES] All right! So, Grodd, of course he does have, the face bites.

So, we just got to soften that. I mean… -Yes! We got to feed him a little bit. Bite that face! Then he screams in your face too. Yeah, yeah, I know. Can you imagine how bad his breathe must be after eating faces all day, raw faces? Yeah and then he’s scratching his butt like just, you know, you’re a king Grodd, like have some dignity. Like I know… he’s doing it again. He’s doing it again. -He’s just proud of it too! -Yeah! He’s… he’s not afraid to scratch his bums. Psychic gorilla is the worst. [CHUCKLES] They are but, Grodd as a character, he is a you would expect from a gorilla, a rushed down beast, so he has some of the biggest normals and most rewarded. Of course, he can kick him in the gut, re-stand them, he’s got a very good pressure. He’s got lots of moves that he, he picks you up, he throws you around because of course, he is a giant, super strength gorilla. I think he’s actually stronger than a normal gorilla, which is already relatively strong.

-Yeah! But on top of that, the character has very good mobility. He has a good walk speed and he’s got command leaps. So he can leap across you, the stage is as if it was a jungle on top of your head, mix you up, get large combos. He really rushes you down kind of just as fast as possible, that’s his whole goal. -Mm-hmm. Now, I like his trait because his trait also unlocks his psionic abilities. -Right! Now, his trait is a whole, like another beast, I guess, to use the word twice in one sentence. But he allows him to immediately use either his push or his mind control. Which is the stop, hitting yourself. Yup. Stop hitting yourself, stopping hitting… “Oh now, I’m going to hit you.” Yeah, now I’m going to hit you. Yeah, that’s wonderful. [CHUCKLES] And then of course, it’s float, which is very silly looking. Actually, here you can see his head right now.

Yeah, that is pretty silly looking. I do love that. [CHUCKLES] And the pose, when he does this, look at that, that is just incredible. It’s something else. So moving on, what are some really good, easy, strings for him? Okay. So the main strings for him are definitely going to be 1-1-2. Now, that’s a nice one, you can actually end it a few different ways. You can throw them down as a Gorilla Grodd loves to do.

You can end in the charge which is going to give you a really nice mix up. You can actually cross them up or not cross them up afterwards. Or, there’s the extremely fancy way where you can actually do his stampede charge, making it plus or being able to get a full combo off of it, which is, rather difficult but, very rewarding. Okay. Another good string is, it’s honestly not even a full string, but it’s very important to remember the boot, because the boot, it actually re-stands them out of the air. It allows you to get a full combo off of it by leaping and then continuing the combo so you can use a bunch of boots in a single combo.

So that boot is very important? The boot is important. -The boot is very important. -Gorilla boot. Gorilla boot. Ironically, he’s not even wearing shoes, so… No, no, no. It’s more like “gorilla creepy hand.” -Yeah! -Yeah! They don’t really have feet as much as they have like “creepy hands.” Yeah, fourth hand, fourth hand. Fourth hand. [CHUCKLES] Ugh, I don’t really like the way that sounds. [CHUCKLES] All right! So, what would you say is your favorite swag combo? If your swaging with Gorilla Grodd, what do you got? All right! Swag combo. This is probably the most difficult combo or at least I’m doing the most difficult combo. I’m doing one of the most difficult combos. Yikes! Something like that. Something along those lines. Something along those lines where you just take 50% health off of the person. [CHUCKLES] By slamming them down and going… just like… All over their body. That’s how gorilla sound, right? That’s essentially yes, I think, are you actually the voice actor for Grodd? Is that the secret right now that we’re hearing? You know, I didn’t do the voice, but they did do…

I did do all the motion capture work. -Ah! And believe it or not, I didn’t have to do that much. [CHUCKLES] They just motion captured me like making breakfast and like, you know, being my normal self and that’s the result. [CHUCKLES] I’m naturally that big and ape like. [CHUCKLES] So, all right. Now, what is like the one really good overall tip for the Grodd player? What do they need to know? Practice, practice, practice. He is is definitely, he can be discouraging at times because you really need to have his whole game planned together. So, at the very beginning, it can seem difficult.

But at the very end, he’s the most rewarding character that you can play. So, really just practicing, not getting discouraged and just remembering all the cool stuff that he can do all the time, it helps a lot. Excellent man! Well, thank you so much for coming by WonderChef. This has been a pleasure. Thank you for your Grodd tips. And you guys, thank you so much for watching. Be sure to hit subscribe down at the bottom, follow us on Twitter, hit the little alarm bell, so that you get notifications for whenever we get new videos up. Be sure to follow WonderChef on Twitter. I’ve been Kyle Shire and you guys have a great day! Eat some faces, they’re high in protein.


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