Hey everyone! Welcome to another edition of Hitbox here a Body Count Fighting. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo and our other host… Kyle’s not here but we have BushinStyle. BushinStyle is here to show us some Green Lantern moves. Let’s get into it. I would choose Robin. And so far, not going very well. . Over head. . Why did I commit? . Oh, C, C. . I think what I hate the most is when he is like, “Ugh.” -Oh yeah. -“Ugh.” -And he’s like, “Ugh.” -“Ugh.” Right? It’s annoying. It’s like, “Get away from me, ugh.” .

Bird wings were supposed to come out. . No. Stop. Clash. Yeah, I was wondering, I’m like, “Where is it going to clash?” Right? We’re not playing FIFA. John is telling me about that. Warrior to clash. Bam! -Who’s John? -It’s a guy that I talked. . [LAUGHTER] . What? Yeah, I need to grind harder. . Yeah, that DPs. . I need some… when this is over. . Oh my… I got a life. -You get around. -I got around. I did that. -And you’re dead. -And I’m dead. I got shot in the face. All right. What could I have done differently? You were waking up a lot, again, oh, kind of like you’re a street fighter mechanic where you’re waking up in that game back then.

-Yeah. And I’d say be a little more patient on the wake up. Don’t be afraid to use the batarangs in the full screen, like you use it a couple times but don’t be afraid to just sit there and do that because when Green Lantern, he gets in he has a lot of 50-50 off the low. -Yeah. So, and you don’t want to put yourself in that situation.

So you want to, so kind of play a zoning game a little bit and then find your openings, kind of play a hit and run style. Yeah. It’s for me, I feel like it… I feel like the toughest thing with me and Robin is that, it’s… is that he… when he throws his batarang up, it’s such… it’s so long for it to get going. -Right. Like… and he goes up and he’s like, “Look, bird.” And then, he waits until it flips. -All right, I’m going to go. -Yeah. And if it doesn’t flip and I get hit, it just goes away. -Right.

So like for me, that’s… I, I guess it’s just a personal nag, you just got to get used to that because I do that thing like, piyong! And then, I’m like, “Great.” The thing is, is like, you don’t want to throw it out all the time. I’m just saying like… and when you’re full screen kind of like duck trying to watch out for my fireballs or, or, you know, and he’s zoning that dude and then maybe throw one out. -Uh-hmm. And then, use that like chase it down kind of get in with it. -Uh-hmm. And like maybe get a little combo going and then like kind of stay right outside my footsie range and will punish me. -Okay. So kind of playing that mid-range game I’d say is better. -Yeah. But staying away and being patient when you have a life lead is even better. -Yeah. Well, it makes sense and now I know how to beat you next time I see you on the next fights. We’ll see.

[LAUGHTER] Free of the deaths, right? [LAUGHTER] So, you’re Green Lantern right now, see if you could show me some of your favorite combos with him. Okay. Well, we can start with basic combo if you want which is this and which is this. Whoa! That’s a lot of buttons being pressed because I’m seeing it on the side. And then, that goes into a set up right there. Wow! So… oh, it is a lot of buttons being pressed, yes, but that’s the basic for Injustice. Yeah. -It’s pretty much his bread and butter. -Yeah. So can, can you like run us through it a little slower? Of course.

So I start out with back 1 and I go into the 3 which is this. -Okay. -Okay? And then, off of that, I cancel it into trait which… let me go back there. So you go like this, this into that. Uh-hmm. Okay. And then from there, I go into the Lantern’s might which is down back 1. So, I noticed something too is that when you pull the trade out, the Lantern came out and stood there for a second, so you just do the movement, it automatically cancels it and go somewhere. Yeah it’s, it’s pretty much like, like a combo string that you’re doing.

When you do your combo string like this, this. It’s the same… you treat the Lantern coming out as the same thing. Like part of the screen. -Oh, okay. -So you continue your notations pretty much. -Oh. So you go like this, this, this, this like you can… you can input it quick. -Yeah. So you don’t have to like time it as well, like, you know. And this game, everything you can input right away. And it kind of does it for you. It plays it out as you do… before you even do it. Whoa! All right, so show us again.

Like this, this, this it’s a 2, 2, 3, Lantern’s Might, Meter Burn , back 3 and then I can go into a set up like that or into a low. -Whoa! -Yeah. Go, go do that one more time. -Sure. so back 1, 3 Lantern, Lantern’s Might, 2, 2, 3, Lantern’s Might, Meter Burn, back 3, and then I can also go into 2, 2, 3 Lantern’s Might. Whoa! That’s… what’s really cool though is that you’re saying it and it’s making sense as you’re going on because you also… so in case you guys at home, just so you know, is the inputs on the side they’re coming up in real-time so as you saying it, he’s pressing it, so you guys can follow along and see how he’s pushing the buttons. And I do like that… even though I hate that move so much.

I do like that it keeps you up there for like a second. -Yeah. -So you can like, “Okay, what I do next?” -Yeah. It’s pretty cool, huh? Yeah. -Injustice, there’s a lot of combos where you style. -Yeah. Can you show us one of your most styling combos? Hmm. The styling combo will come off of a reset. So it’s going to be a combo that goes into a reset that goes into a lot of damage. Whoa! Let’s do that. All right. So basically, the combo you taught us… oh. . No, not the ring. . -That’s the styling combo. -Wow! And then, there’s one more style combo in the corner. Oh. Corner combos are always deadly. Whoa! . Jesus. And it, and it keeps you right there too, so you can go into like this or an overhead.

So you can go lower overhead right after it. So they have, you know… -It’s a real guessing game. Or, you can just nookie jump him like this. And then, there’s, there’s like different variants of it. Like you can go like… . Whoa! . -Wow! -Yeah. That was pretty sick. Can you… can you do the one that was in the mid screen one more time, just go through it? Sure. It goes this, you know, the original combo I said. And then, I run up… I mean, not run. I dash up after it. Actually, there’s, there’s like three different variations to it.

Like I can show you all three, you can do this and it goes into that. And what’s good about doing that overhead is that you could choose what side. -Uh-hmm. Based on how… when you released the overhead. So like… Oh! Love that. Yeah! . Whoa! That is insane, dude. That, that is the style combo if I ever seen one. Dude, thank you so much for coming on. -Yeah, man. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, I get my revenge some time, so I’m going to grind this Robin. But all you Green Lanterns make sure you pay attention to that. And look, again, look in the side, look at pacing. And yeah, learn from BushinStyle. He’s really good, regular one in that fights. But thank you guys so much. It’s going to do it for us at Hitbox for now and make sure you hit the subscribe button. Leave us a thumbs up, make sure you hit that Follow. Thank you guys so much and we’ll check you later..

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