Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of Grudge Matches. I’m your host Shayan Tamayo, joined by Mustachio himself, Kyle Shire who has the Atrocitus ring of powe, so that could one mean one thing. I am an evil twin. Well, yes, that and also we’re playing Injustice 2 today. -Yeah. -And today, we have Nubcakes, who is the top online player on PS4 versus Han Rashid, who is one of the top players if not the top player of Wednesday Night Fights. Well, you did win season 2, which was pretty impressive because a lot of time, I went there. So now, it’s Grudge Matches, so we can see who is top. Is it the guy that goes to Wednesday Night Fights all the time or is it the guy who is the best online warrior. What do you think? Well, he’s great online, but I mean, also at Hometown Heroes at the GameStop Expo, he did such a great job. He was a real pleasure to watch. Yeah, for sure. And hopefully Han can you know, squeeze out a little bit, I don’t know.

Yeah. I have a faith in Han. I think — I think this is a very awesome even match and I’m really excited to see what goes down. For sure and like we say here in BCF, “Come on with it!” And obviously, Nubcakes plays Batman. -Obviously. -He’s known for that. And Han Rashid usually plays Deadshot against Batman. Now, he’s switching up to Green Arrow. I’m in… I’m interested in that. Yeah. Why do you think he’s switching it up to Green Arrow? Are there any specific advantages that Green Arrow has over Deadshot? Well, I feel like his character power is a lot easier and it’s…

Like he kind of like match it up to keep people away. And the way Nubcakes plays Batman, he’s like — he’s like, “Oh-oh!” Throw some stuff and I will get in, but his mask gets underway. Han Rashid does get the first bar. He’s definitely keeping the pressure on him now. He’s got tempo. Okay, he’s got his little his little, little bat friends out here and he’s… oh! Have you seen it? Now, Han Rashid — See — see, that’s the reason why he used Green Arrow because you could just throw arrows everywhere, all over the place. While in Deadshot, if you kind of use… if you use one of his attacks, you’re kind of committed to it throughout the rest of it. Yeah, yeah. There is — I feel like there’s a little bit more variety with Green Arrow, which I, I really enjoy watching. But right now, it looks like… it looks like Nubcakes has taken some of the tempo back, which is good. But Han Rashid’s keeping him out of distance. He’s definitely answering all of his questions.

Hole and then he gets him right away with the grappling hook and he’s getting a nice long chunky combo. -I love that. -42 damage, nice. Chunky combos. [CHUCKLES] Chunkies, chunky Campbell’s soup. Chunky combos, chunky Campbell’s tomato soup. Oh! Okay. Han Rashid is in — is in line to take the first bar and he does. Well, Nubcakes had his… had his cape out. Nubcakes did a great job. I mean… but he did… he was able to keep the pressure on just long enough. Now, do you think. I don’t think Han Rashid will be able to take a bar. Will he? Will he take a… will he will he take the bar before? Before Nubcakes takes his bar? Exactly. Perhaps. Or maybe not. Nope, nope. Oh, he dropped the combo. Nubcakes is definitely not having this… He’s not. right now. But Han Rashid does three of the firehouse and he burns one, no pun intended.

He used all three. Nubcakes is finding a way to get in. Oh, that, no. It’s like — The Oliver slide, always a pain in the ass to do. He’s doing a real great job, like waiting for the right moment to get in. With Batman, it can be hard because he can range you, but he can also… just do really sick combos up close. Oh! But Han Rashid is keeping him in the corner. There we go. He’s into… he’s into taking it but Nubcakes does have full meter. He does. Han Rashid has none. He can do it, I believe, I believe. Oh! There we go. Han Rashid takes game one. And just to remind you guys, it is a best of seven. So Han Rashid takes game on. I mean, he’s kind of cool, you know, shooting an arrow. You think he’s kind of cool. -He’s kind of cool. -He’s kind of cool. That’s the understatement of the century. He’s also still an archer, but… Yeah, what’s wrong with an archer? Batman is an archer. Batman is a lot of things.

Exactly. I would say he’s too many things. Yeah. Yeah, pick one thing and be good at it. Why? Because he can be a Jack of all trades and a master of none. But if you’re Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, you can — Yeah, you’re a master of everything. Back to game two of Nubcakes versus Han Rashid. Han Rashid did get the first hit, so he did get the first meter. He did. He’s got meter advantage, but it looks like Nubcakes is not take is not taking this lightly, he does not want to lose another round.

Han Rashid is definitely like trying to keep his distance as much as he possibly can. And Nubcakes is just not having it. He’s like, “I’m going to get in your face.” Oh! He just… He’s doing a good job keeping… keeping Green Arrow out. He has two more — he has another fire allow left. That’s what [Inaudible] It totally match with the meter, it looks. Oh, no! Nope, not any more. Han Rashid is keeping that pressure on, just shooting all the arrows. See, like I said, that’s, that’s what makes Green Arrow so, so deadly because he could just keep shooting arrows at you and he can…

And he can do it from all angles. When he takes… he takes it pretty convincingly over Nubcakes. Yeah, that is a, a pretty dominant lead that we’re seeing and he’s also keeping the pressure on, he’s not letting the pace slow down. Look, he’s just kind of working there, he’s, he’s putting on a pressure and Han Rashid is blocking it, waiting his time. But look, he’s got those four meters though. What is he going to do with them? He’s got to wait for the right time to get in there. Oh, nice block. I have faith that he could take this bar off of him. If he gets the right stringer combos in, I definitely think he could handle that.

Oh, for sure. There we go. I think we’re seeing it. Oh! That back… that back 2, 3 on Batman is, is so lovely, it’s so clutch. That was a really economic oh! Oh, no! Han Rashid has him in the corner, he’s juggling him. He almost had him… Almost 400 damage. just a little bit more if he had used just a little bit more of the meter at that time when he was in the corner, he could have taken that off.

Oh! And hits him out with the fire arrow. Oh, man! Green Arrow That was a great match to watch. But Nubcakes goes right back into it, no character, select screen, no change of arena. Not at all. Han Rashid just still keeping that pressure on. Yup, strong, open. Oh, and he… and he did it. And the bit confirm didn’t register, so he didn’t it didn’t register with him so he wouldn’t continue the combo there. Boom! Now, he’s almost got half of a bar off of them. What do you think that… Oh, there it goes What do you think Nubcakes can do to really keep the pressure up right now to keep his momentum going? Oh, he just — he just has to buy this time.

Han Rashid is obviously — see, there he goes. He capitalized on a mistake with the arrow. He just needs to play something. He needs to do know each other very well and it’s it’s nice to see like, it’s nice to see a different environment. But see, look, see, look, there’s a pressure. Now we’re seeing it goes now we’re seeing it go to upset. Oh! Oh, he’s frozen midair. The back 3. But he drops the combo. Nubcakes has a nice lead. There we go. Oh, nice batarangm, blow up in the face.

This is the first lead Nubcakes has taken. The first time we see in round one -and this is game three. -In round one, yeah. But Han Rashid is very, very wrathful right now. He’s like, “All right All right! Now — You’re going to take the lead, well, not for long.” Remember, Han Rashid is up 2-0. Oh keeping — keeping Nubcakes in the corner. Oh! And a clash. Does that mean we clash because we said it at the same time? Uh, I win. I [Inaudible] I win. Han Rashid is staying away. He knows he has a life lead. Waiting for the right moments to get in those strings.

So hard to block Green Arrow because he has so many tools. Oh! Oh! With the anti-arrow, that’s lovely. Like he, he cheated Batman like he was the apple. Nubcakes is just trying to get in. Nubcakes is trying to get in. He doesn’t have a lot of life left, but he is being There it goes. very aggressive with it. Oh! Oh! Han Rashid does, does a clash now. He knew — Not the smartest choice. He’s got that meter advantage, there we go. He takes a little bit of more damage off of him Oh! but, there we go. Nubcakes is not going down easy. Oh! Oh! He catches him with… he catches him with the Green Arrow wins. [Inaudible] He gets him in the corner. Yes. That’s what you’re trying to say. Right? There’s a corner, he got him in it and he took the last little bits of arrow. You saw they jump out of it and he got caught. He should have… could have, want to done it, should have.

Yeah. That’s how I talk about what people could have done. Anyway, Mustachio. Mustachio. Yeah, Han Rashid is punning on the pressure. And this is… and this is match this is a match game. He’s, he’s playing it very agro. He’s not letting a single moment go to waste. He’s not waiting for a moment to get in with Batman. He’s starting each match with like 11 questions. [CHUCKLES] Nubcakes is just playing it safe. He’s playing it safe. Well, I mean, he’s got to play a little bit defensively because I mean, Han Rashid is coming in there with the fire of a thousand suns. Oh, that was very poetic. I mean, it’s Shakespeare but whatever.

Exactly. Yeah, it was. I read books. I read poets. They are… those are books. Now, Han Rashid. Oh, he use the punching glove and it goes… That’s all right though. He’s, he’s almost… Oh! He got the bar off of Nubcakes. Oh, he just miss him with the batarang tool. No, and — now — Now. How he’s match point. He’s just got to take this one bar off of him and that’s it. I believe in Nubcakes. I, I certainly believe in Nubcakes. He’s got to figure out the right way to counter this really aggressive style playing Green Arrow that Han Rashid is doing very well, I will add. It’s like, it’s, it’s so aggressive but from a nice safe distance, like you keep seeing him jumping back, shooting the arrows on the ground. And it’s just — what can you really do against that because you don’t know where he’s coming from. He can easily jump. He’s not playing it methodically. He’s playing it very…

He’s just getting in there and getting those right strings, getting you into the corner, right where he wants you. He’s not giving Batman any chances. Nubcakes is taking the tool, I know, but… oh, he got the freeze. Oh, but he didn’t… he let the reset happen. This is intense. Now, he’s got to play very — There it goes. He got a little opening. Oh, and Han Rashid [Inaudible] he knew, he knew. Oh, he [Inaudible] 15% damage. He’s not going down quietly that’s for sure. Oh! Oh! He didn’t put the same combo three times in a row. There he goes. He’s like, “No-uh, this is happening. They are evenly matched right now. Oh, this is He’s using spinning meter to stop the combos. This is right down to the wire. Oh, they are going to chip each other out, yes. Oh! Oh, no! Han Rashid took… takes it. Green Arrow wins. Nubcakes very, very scary opponent in general. What was your mindset going into the match? I mean, you — he didn’t take a round off. I lose at Nub a lot actually.

Yeah? So it… he’s kind of my demon but we go back and forth when it comes to like casual sets. In tournament, he always has that edge on me and going into this, you know, I, I showd last time I played in my Wednesday Night Fights. I… it should have been 3-1, but I let him come back on me almost like that last game. So, I was like, “No, I’m shutting this down now.” So, yeah, that was basically my mindset. What about Nubcakes’ play style were you anticipating? Like what were you walking in there knowing and what were you ready to counter? Well, it’s less play style and more Batman. You know, Batman, you got to be wary of his jump-ins and his batarangs and his footsies and his pressure especially. You know, I tried to keep away from that as you guys can see in the match. So like before you play Deadshot against Nubcakes, that was your go-to character. Now, we see you’re playing Green Arrow. Why the change? Well, I wasn’t — I played Deadshot in the beginning of the game, I still do.

I just don’t think I’m as good as like many Deadshot players out there, like Foxy Grandpa or like, Biohazard, you know. I don’t think I’m on that par and Nubcakes is like, you cannot slack on him. So, I would switch over to my old main from Injustice 1, Green Arrow and he does the same job as Deadshot, maybe slightly better. So, you know, it’s just more comfortable. Now, you were… you would start each match just going just balls to the wall. Like right in, you’d explode in. Like what was like your emotion like getting into it? Like what were you… I need to, I need to establish a life lead so I can just lame it out. That’s my whole emotion right there. So it was fierce at the beginning and then just play lame the whole way. So was it like super cathartic for you to win? Like was it like kind of like a sigh of relief. Yeah, when it started getting to the closer games, like near at the end of the set, I know Nubs used to like to adapt.

So, yeah, it was very nervousing. [CHUCKLES] Yeah. Well, I’m glad you didn’t come back to, but thanks again Han Rashid for coming out. -Yeah, for sure. -It was a lot of fun and thanks again to Nubcakes for coming out. And this has been Grudge Matches. That’s going to do it here for Body Count Fighting. Make sure to hit subscribe, like, tap the little bell, comment on Kyle’s mustache because it’s great, it’s awesome. It’s a wonderful mustache. It’s not going anywhere.

It’s here to stay. -But, leave a comment -Don’t shave it. let us know if there’s any buddy you want to see on Grudge Matches, but that’s going to do it for us. We’ll see you guys later. [MUSIC].

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