Position:81% Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of HitBox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo and Kyle Shire is not here, but we have Guamo back again. What’s up? What’s up? He’s here to show us some Harley Quinn. Now, we saw his Poison Ivy but now he’s also… Harley Quinn in his back pocket that he like to play every once in a while. It’s kind of weird, but fine. [CHUCKLES] But… yeah. So Guamo, can you tell us a little bit about Harley and like what are some of her game plans or basic strategies. All right, cool. So Harley Quinn, she’s a character that… she’s pretty quick. She recovers quickly on her moves, which means that when you do an attack, she can kind of, you know, see if you’re going to go after her and, you know, do anything like that.

Like… it’s like her… her main thing that you kind of want to do is play keep-away with her. -Ooh. She has a good, good, like, method of keep away. She has a lot of projectiles. She has one gunshot, two gunshots. She has an up one. She has one from up there. She also has her… that straight shot. Yeah. -Cupcakes and her trait. -Oh. Nice. So you’re going to want to utilize a lot of those tools in certain match-ups to kind of play defensively and when they come in, you kind of, you know, go in for your counter-attack.

Yeah, for sure. So the main thing you kind of want to do is, you know, you use your gunshots to zone. For example, down, forward, one… square if you know PlayStation 1. -Yeah. PlayStation 1… PlayStation can now use it as a check. And right after you shoot… because when it shoots, it’s already gone there, the whole screen. -Hmm. You know, you can’t… you can’t really it. You know, it’s really fast, you know. Try dodging that, -Yeah, exactly. But you can kind of see her, you know, kind of wind it up. You can kind of see, you know, if she’s going to do it or not. So she’s going to want to kind of pester you with it. It’s very pestering but she can, you know, check it. If you’re trying to jump over… that, you can do that. Obviously, you know, you timed it… -Yeah. …so pretty well so you avoided it. Or if, you know… you can also use her… she also has really good normals. Like for example, if you want to avoid jumping again, the gunshot by jumping, she has a good normal to counteract that.

So try jumping. I’m going to show you something. Like over the gunshot. -Oh, over the gunshot? -Yes. -See, she can do her down, two. -Oh. Yeah. Or she can meet you in the air with a jump attack. She has good jump attacks. -Mm-hmm. And then throw a jump kick. Yeah, her jump too is really good because it is a crossover tool, which means you cannot be blocking the opposite way in which you’re facing to any player. Things like that. Robin’s so small. There you go, I see it as it crosses up right there on the screen. -Yeah. So she also has another move called the Tantrum. -The Tantrum? -Correct. She goes low like that and after that, like with Poison Ivy who as all of the stance moves… -Yeah. …you can press options after that. You have your little attack right there which launches, a little bomb right there…

-Oh. You can roll away. It’s kind of… it is an annoying tool. You know Harley Quinn’s a character who’s very maniac. She’s always, you know, doing something. -Which makes sense. But you know by the… by the time that you see that she’s doing something, you Know, she’s already recovered, she’s already doing her next step of plan. -For sure. That’s kind of how she’s going to want to be playing. [CHUCKLES] So like how do you use like… because I know a lot of people like to utilize her dogs or hyena. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. How do you… how do you utilize them? Usually what I like to do with them is I like to make sure that my opponent is already dealing with something… -Hmm. …like maybe, you know, they got hit by a gunshot so then I have time to call it out, you know. -Hmm. Or I could do it at the end of a combo. One more time. Oh. It seems by the time that they get up, they had to deal with the dog. It’s a good wake-up that they have to respect. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So that’s kind of like the basic game plan you want to do with your dog.

She has two that she can call, Bud and Lou. [CHUCKLES] Bud is green and Lou is pink. Oh, I didn’t know that. So Lou came out. -Mm-hmm. Bud! And there’s Bud over there. And they are controlled by the different directional buttons on the… on the… on, you know… on your controller. -Really? And with the trait button. So… away… Lou… you can also tell right there because… -Oh, yeah. -…like that. So another thing is if you hold up while you do it, it’s an overhead. -Oh. So, she has a lot of options. You need to kind of be aware of like all these different things if you’re playing her. But also another thing is she has like a really, really good punishing damage which is, you know, if you catch your opponent making a mistake, you can potentially punish them really hard.

I showed you a combo earlier, but let’s show it again. And then, you know, whatever you want to end from there. Yeah. And to explain that, you do a back, two, two which is your gunshots. They’re low, so you have to block low which is pretty good. She also has good overheads, forward, two. So you do a back, two, two, the Tantrum Stance. Then after that, you do Tantrum Stance one. So it should be looking like this.

And after that you have a good amount of time to do her back three which is, you know, the launcher.. -Yeah. And after back three, you know, you do your standard jump into whatever. -Wow. I do jump two twice because she has a pretty good jump… jump attacks. Yeah. But if you’re trying to go with something more set-up heavy, and if you’re not really confident in your execution, just do one. And then do one, one, two. Hmm. Oh, that’s really good. -Mm-hmm. It’s pretty easy. So is that like your favorite combo, right? That’s the one that I use most of the time because I find that it’s easy to hit confirm, but you can basically…

The whole general rule is you do whatever string you want that you think is going to hit into Tantrum Stance, you know… Tantrum stance, one, back three… into back three. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. -Nice. Basically the most important thing is, you know, when picking any character is you kind of want to know what the general game plan is and how it fits, you know, with other characters so you don’t have to like re-learn how to walk, you know. Yeah, of course. -Like, I… I know what to do after back three.

-Yeah. -You know, I know how to do string and special moves. -Yeah. So you know, it’s just kind of something you have to, you know, pick up on yourself. But yeah, that’s basically Harley Quinn in a nutshell. You’re going to want to be really pesky with these kind of tings. It’s… it’s really hard to show against a stationary opponent. -Yeah. It’s kind of… you know, when you play against her… -You have to be the… yeah. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. She’s a very quick and psychotic character, you know, very fitting of her. -Yeah. A lot of these characters tend to… they lend themselves really well to their personality types. You kind of get a feel for them just by seeing… I will. Thank you so much, Guamo I really do appreciate it, brother. -No problem. That’s going to do it for us at the HitBox. Send us some Harley Quinn tips. Leave a comment down below. Let us know which character you want to see, and make sure to hit that like, subscribe button. Tap the little bell so you know whenever a new one comes out.

But that’s going to do it for us and we’ll see you guys later. Deuces. [MUSIC].

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