-US Here is a little guide on how to set the AI to help out with a lot of the Multiverse stuff. First lets pick a well geared character. I like a high defense Batman for this. Equip the best gear you have. And spend some Respec Tokens. Aim for at least 400 Points in Epics and 300 in Rare items. What stats to raise is up to personal taste. I find a high defense Batman works quite well. Strengh raises Normal Attacks and Throws, Abillity raises Special Moves and Trait Powers. Defense and HP lower the damage you take. Special Moves dont really matter. I just copied a loadout that had these two equipped Now lets set the AI parameters. First lets get rid of this nonsense. Now spend 15 Points in Grapple. Another 15 in Combos. And a full 30 in Counters. Save and Quit. Now for a test. Ah, a multiverse Boss. Lets take our AI Batman for a spin. LVL 15 Deadshot. Difficulty 4. Starts with Superarmor too. Jerk. Blocks nicely. Armor gone too. Sometimes the AI just goes into idiot mode and you loose a match but that rarely happens.

If you do hust hit retry. The setup works with every character. Once they are in the corner its over. You can use this in normal Multiverse Towers and the Arcade and Survival Modes too. Not in Guild Multiverse though. Bosses dont recover Health btw. Nicely done Bats. Even got all three Bonus Boxes. A good way to grind boxes is to just let the AI beat bosses over and over. Same loadout different shader. This way you will get lots of silver boxes and respec tokens. Sometimes a higher value box will appear as a price. Rare and Epic Items too. Even Special Moves and Shaders. But thats very rare. Lets see if the first round was just luck. Hope this helps a bit..

As found on Youtube