Guys I know that the video is backwards but that will change in a couple of days so just stay with me here all right, yeah, this isn’t justice guys there’s going to be a quick guide of Firestorm looking out first. I’m going to do a bunch of guys But this is going to just going to be the first guy that I do. Oh, he’s gonna be over firestorm here so let’s Talk about firestorm basically I’m going to be talking to you about the string theory and I’m going to be using most with him and So we’re going to first most ring, and they’re going to go off special moves and then combos, and that’s basically that’s what the video is going to be so starting off strings that are going to use the most so I’ll go ahead and bring them up here, so These are the string you’re going to use the most so one one two And if you guys didn’t know one is going to be squared to triangle x three circle four So one one two it’s it’s not it’s probably your more string of the ones up here It’s a duck it because starts off with too high and then amid so it can be punished It’s kind of hard to do but it starts up for to highest so that’s not the best strength But the good thing about it is if they block it is plus three so you’d still your turn? you know you need to down wondered even a Two two or four one so next is its back one two this is but for Maybe his best string because it You see how much range as like you can’t you can’t do it at the beginning of the match on specific characters? But it has really good range so like you – in and then you just do it And it ends with an overhead and a hard knockdown, so you can begin your pressure after that so then is 4 1 3 3 so This string gives them kind of stagger like that which means that it can be special cancelled So it can allow for some really good combos after that, so this is definitely one of the best rings And I believe that it we’ve it’s like zero and block or not enough for one three is minus seven and this is minus five, so This right here is minus five so even if you even if if you throw it out I may block it you can just end it with this and you should be fine.

So yeah, alright So now you got this string right here this string is zero and it ends in a hard, knockdown so if if they get hit by that last Hit right there, you can immediately You can immediately go for something like that You go for that. Well. They’re a little bit too far to do that so I can go for that that’s pretty good string there, and then is two to This strings really good for You know kind of checking people I? Believe, it’s see, it’s it’s minus 14 So you can’t really be using it that much, but most of the time you’re going to be using if the tennis shoes like that Next we have a four to one three this string It’s really you’re not going to it’s minus five so you can throw it out there But it has such a long start up that You’re probably going to get hit out of it if you just decide to go for that So you need to make sure that you have plus frames before you do that Then rocks the different at least is this back to this string has so much range Probably this is the maximum range it has and it’s a no read and it’s immediately hard, knockdown So it allows for a – there’s nothing they can do about it you – you – ins, and you’re safe immediately And then you can start noticing refresh strings But what I usually like to do since this is an overhead they’re going to be thinking well There might be another over it coming what you can do is Back to and then throw out one of these and if they don’t block it you can actually combo That’s a good thing there So now that we got any strings talked about let’s go ahead and see his special moves So these are respectful moves here and not before I go over a special moves just I know he does have an Air – if you don’t know if you don’t know what that means that basically means he can jump in the air and then you press the – button which is for forward or back back and he can he can Air -? So that’s something that’s pretty cool.

Now his first special move is called Fusion blast it’s back for one Very fast direct dial but you’re not going to really be able to do my disowning with this because it is a high so if you’re just kind of just family needs out they can one by one keep ducking and getting in because it is high even a mirrored version It’s a high so they conduct that as well So really he can’t really do any chip you can’t really finish the round off of this Because it’s too high so what he can you another like his standing one you see how that Korean looks like marble You can mix up like that It’s down one Looking so with that So that’s some atomic is doing a little bit better for the most part you don’t want to kind of be about a mix rate then his next Special move which is probably my least movie talks like my niece used move I really only use this when I’m full screen, and I’m going against another’s owner, or I? Hit this string right here To insure it what it does is sound mach 1 and you take to reduce the amount of damage So that’s my spiel see it’s on my brothers playing a really levy on the background, but anyway, so This is really only going to be used after confirms like this You just kind of throw off there But really this move isn’t really used that much in fact this move is kind of used after the distance right here to ensure the amount of time you know because you still have a lot of But anyway In that his next move is probably it’s definitely.

It’s best to move its molten try now. It’s Kinda a little bit it’s got a little bit of a weird a Way to do it like the other ones are just back forward down back You know back doors down back, but this one’s back down so it’s similar to Molina’s Mu and then Kx It’s different because it’s back down triangle both this that’s the regular version, but you can decide if you want to be close made or if you wanted to be tall, so That you know specific conflict this time over here you have to do the clothes first this coming right here you have two bar versions So you have to be used to what strings combo infants less? Next we have a student charge which can be done in the air It’s like that it can be done in the air. So that’s pretty good And it can be done on any ground eats this we’re so weird because it says as minus 17, but Even in even when I’m fighting it another fire some upon the park for me to punish it most characters Can’t did not have for ranging. It looks like this dark ones in factored but yeah class is atomic first this mayor is really good because it stuns them and Gansu’s no pressure because if you look at the hits Bannerman The Headband is 17 so after you do this you can go into And they trying to press button laughter, you know you know now if they conquered fund effort you know Now those are all especially is pretty good now.

We’re going to be talking about commas now I don’t really like to start off with the basics mean get on to You know the you know the little you know the intermediate and hard combos I? Kind of like to start I don’t really like to start with the like the basic combos would be something like you know the easier ones, so We’re going to now fire some secure to the account stay in this range So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over some mewis combos and then combos that require me so First one is going to be is 4 1 3 3 and then you’re going to end that in his charge back over 3 That’s what you back in that range, then where you just kind of check it on you know you’re checking with this, so the next one would be 4 1 3 3 into this because that reason the purpose range to get it back – so you’re on the ground in Fact – You start with that? So the columns I give are subatomic same home, so next if you see that you get the jump in you can go into that and You’re back to that range again Now if you guys have too many, Newton’s combos, but just know that if you do hit anything you most of the time You can end it in this so like a degree set up.

It’s entropy I guess but mostly I’m sending the intercom buzzing yes, so you’re back in that range He’s back in that lane commands So now we’re going on to the reel combos. So these cameras are a little hard to do 9 aligned they were hard for me at first, but then after you getting down the creek so first one is You’re going to start off with this is a combo that you’re going to do To punish mainly, so if you’re coming this in attack if I’m safe, you can do it So yeah, this is what this is going to be I’m going to try me two whole combo in there if I can but I don’t know if it’s gonna fit all right, so Wait, I might be able to get that last bit okay, here is the entire combo you’re going to do – – Which teaches a great strain as a devotee mates? But it’s really really – like that’s when I can block so they should be with punches pretty easily when you teach you multitrack But the thing one meter burning and what happened to needling the most entrapped is you really had that Like you have that long to do anything you want so that’s a good thing So for now – – mole check oh By the way don’t jump shoot you can multi trap.

It’s not Gonna Hit me need you to multi-plug meter back then back here yet Now this is the Tricky part After you do this, and you do the back to rate or – yep? so keep – Jim – multitrack close back three – okay, so just get used to actually out often factor You have a lot of time, so I think you’re going to do You’re going to do it – up you’re gonna add.

So here’s the column Can exactly – up and then you standing three? atomic first And what that’s going to do is that’s going to keep you in the air for a little laundry like Posix So the commas really like this so far the hardest part conscious is actually numb and getting this After you get that you should be fine so after that ask you – up and do this, we’re going to get a 1 1 So the combo is going to look like this so far. Sorry Now after the 1 1 you want to wait Ec I’ll blow this for 1 hits You want to wait a little bit after you do the 1 1 and then do this string ok so? This is what it should look like So here’s what it’s going to look like so far That’s what it smells like so far, and now now. It’s your it’s your turn to choose What’s under you want to do? So most of the time you’re going to do a fugitoid So you can get back in that range and get if you if you look at this diffusion charge Puts you at the exact range where your are? moly Trumps been hit So that’s a pretty good thing to know so does this so So here’s what you’re going to do You’re going to nuke either end in this for like it’s donating setup And it’s checking stuff or you can end it in this again for a resend and we can go in – up in start pressure So here’s what the full car Mozilla fun there’s the reefs and and then There’s the one where you you know you put back to full screen Zone So that’s your going to be me combo for you guys to know and now we’re going to do one more in the wool and the fibular off, so This combo here it can be in the corner now most of the time when you get somebody in the corner They’re going to try and wake up right, so you’re just going to do a meter verb for great good Let me try and do the same thing mention last one.

We’re going to either both boards believe And they’re initiating Three try and get this on there for you guys and Okay, here’s the combo when you have him in the corner. They’re going to be 4/3 x And you can see that that pops a month, but like say that you get a knockdown You’re going to want to do the meter and fourth-degree standing three atomic British Now what you’re going to do is after you this you’re going to do the same three atomic versus twice And then have to do that twice it can be a little or two time at first But you’re going to do the furies which is 1 1 a.m. You’re going to end that in a close moment run. What’s that what that’s going to do? Is that stand will meet and do a wreath in so you can continue your person? So this is what the combos going to look like sorry Talk about those 45% one bar and a victim in a wreath in so you can continue to crush your strength so that’s good and This is more of an intermediate guide on Firestorm kind of show you guys um the basics of the strings and special moves and then show you two combos But I’ve got later about the advanced directs can read different combos.

You can do Setups that involve you know the Molten trap and set up set of all these overheads and stuff all the different kind of stuff but this were just a quick guide show you guys about the intermediate style of firestorm, so again, this was injustice to guys and hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you next.

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