Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of HitBox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo. Kyle Shire is not here, but we have Guamo. What’s up, guys? What’s up? How’re you doing, brother? I’m great, how about you? I’m doing pretty well, man. Today, we’re bringing some Injustice 2. Guamo is going to give us some Poison Ivy tips which you saw at BCF One. Make sure you guys check it on the YouTube channel. But, Guamo, you’re pretty good with Poison Ivy. Help us out, give us some tips, teach us about her.

All right. Cool, cool. But before we can learn how to walk, let me teach you how to crawl. Whoa! First things first, we’ve got to learn about her buttons. In Injustice, everyone knows, there’s three attack buttons and a special trait button. This is one which is light, medium is two, heavy is three and character power is four, you know. And then depending on the console you use, you know, one, two, three, four. Yeah, of course. Cool, cool. So, basically with Ivy, she’s a character that you kind of just want to, you know… you’re basic number one game plan always is to call out you’re little home– little homie right here. [CHUCKLES] You know, and he covers everything. Yeah. I call him Petey Pablo. Oh, good. I modeled it after Petey Piranha from, you know, -Super Mario.

-That makes sense. Yeah, yeah. I like it. And also because Petey Pablo… because I was listening to Petey Pablo [CHUCKLES] when I was picking up Ivy. So, basically you just want to, you know, call out your trait and use your vine drills which is down, away and two. That, to use it in conjunction with that to create, you know Oh. kind of the scenario in which you can’t get in and, you know, Ivy is just, you know, there. She’s chilling. You know, she’s chilling. She’s a plant. She’s growing. Of course. [CHUCKLES] So, let’s talk about her normals first. Take that first. All right.

Cool, cool. So, her… basically, you kind of want to rely on her poke. That’s her fastest… her fastest move to shift, her fastest mid. So it checks a lot of things. So you kind of want to get used to that if you’re being pressured. So that’s a good poke. It has kind of a good range. It’s a susceptive range because it’s actually her hand that’s hitting you, it’s the little plant Oh. Look at that. -Watch, watch. -Look at that. -Yeah. I see it is -oh. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So that’s kind of something you want to learn. Another good move, they actually recently improved it, is her down two. -That thing. -Ooh. So as you can see it’s just a giant vine. Yeah. It’s great for hitting people out of the air and it pops them up so you can, you know, just do a simple combo like that. It looks pretty fast. It’s — it used to be 20 frames, but now it’s 16. Hmm. It’s — you can kind of, you know, do it preemptively, but it’s actually not as fast as you’d think is.

You kind of have to be you know, kind of smart about using it. And that’s kind of one of her quote-unquote “inherent weakness” if you kind of jumped in on her, -but you know -Oh. with a certain careful game play and the right reads you can overcome those weaknesses. That — that’s very true. And she also has other than… like I said, the vine drill, it’s a nice move. It tracks anywhere on the ground. You can meter burn it which is, you know, the move to enhance your special moves to pop him up. You can follow it up with another one… or if you meter burn it, you can even safely call out your little homie right there. -Oh. -Mm-hmm. And then just keep… just keep doing it. Yeah. So basically, your whole game plan is you want to just everything leads up to that, you know. So basically like Ivy’s going to like keep away to try and bring out Petey Pablo as much as possible. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. -That looks nice. Well, it depends on the match-ups. But for the most part, yes. For the most part…

That’s what wins the games. Ah. But there are certain match-ups that the characters are really well at shutting that off which are characters who zone really well, because they can check her anytime does she does anything. -Hmm. -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So can you show us like some of your favorite combos using Ivy? Yeah. For sure, for sure. One of her main things to actually start combos if you don’t have any meter is to go into the her Datura stance which is down, down, one… that little thing right there. And once you reach that stance, you have options. You have, one, which is just a straight attack like that, two, which is the launcher and three, which is that little loafing. -Whoa! -Mm-hmm. And she also has another option which is you press meter burn -and it does that. -Oh! And you can cancel into another hit. So it’s like a combo accelerator. Yeah, basically.

That’s cool. So with that in mind, let’s do… we’ll do her string which is back, one, two and then you can cancel it into… stuff like that. -Whoa! -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Can you just slow down a little bit? So it’s back, one, two which her string into that and then you pop him up. So I’ll just repeat that one more time. And then after that hit, you’re going to want to cancel that hit by pressing up.

That’s how she detracts it. Oh, okay. So see that’s when I held up… didn’t held up. -Hmm. -Mm-hmm. So you… let’s do this one more time. And then I go into a string, you know. Yeah. You know, and do her back two, down two which is probably her her strongest string. It reaches pretty far. Yeah, that’s a really good reach. And also the second… the second reaches and it’s a low. So they’re going to want to be blocking a lot. And Ivy has a lot of lows. She has multitudes of lows, which is her back one, back two down two and that thing right there. [CHUCKLES] Her… as for her overhead, she just has, -you know, her universal one… -Oh. or, at the end of combos like right there or right there.

Wow. What… how do you do those again? -This is two, one, three -Oh. and this is four, two, one. -Wow. -Mm-hmm. Yeah, Ivy… she’s a character she has a lot of buttons to press. [CHUCKLES] Yeah, like… like… you know, I just mentioned one combo an it’s like a million different inputs. But once you get really good with her, you can use really good strings like this. It’s one, two, one, two, one, two, three. Oh! But on the ultimate hit — cancel into that and then, you know — Keep it going. Like I did with the other one. Yeah. So it’s all about, you know, really knowing her combo pads and, you know, how high you launch him up for things. Ooh. So, yeah, we can eventually also do stuff like this. Oh, that keeps… that keeps him standing. Mm-hmm. Oh. So let me run down that combo one more time.

Yeah, that was really… it was intense. So after back, one, two, if you know that it’s going to hit then you can do back, one, two, three -and that pops him up -Yeah. so you have a lot of time for a combo hit right there. So if you… if you see that they got hit by that, you can follow them up with back two, down two because it reaches. Oh. Mm-hmm. And then after that, you go into her Kiss move which is the grab. It is down, back, forward, one. Oh, and then you meter burn as soon as he stands up. Mm-hmm. Unlike with other characters, after, you know, they re-stand, you want to do a back, three into a jump attack into whatever. You know, pretty straight forward, you know.

Yeah. It’s very free-flowing from there. Yeah. And you make it sound… you make is sound so easy. I’ve been doing this for… I mean as long as the game’s been out. Yeah. She’s like… 90% of the time, I’ll pick her because she’s just really fun. Yeah. But you know, if you put in the work with her, you know, it’s really, really great. She’s also a character that I feel… makes a lot of good use of the background bounces. I’ll show you an example. So that you don’t have to use the meter for her for her combos. -Yeah. -Something like this. I mean you do it intractable. Oh. Wow! Yeah. And that’s, you know, that’s… I like doing that ender because it looks really cool. Yeah. But, a good thing to do to end your combos is to just call out your little trait instead.

Wow! So, now, they have to respect that and now… -you’re playing your game plan. -yeah.. [CHUCKLES] That’s pretty much Ivy in a nutshell. Wow. That’s really good. Everything else that I do is just… you know, it has to relate to that. Of course. Knowing my combos, knowing when to call out my trait and knowing to do my buttons. So yeah, Ivy — she can only really be offensive if she has, you know, her little friend to cover for her. She’s a delicate flower and you will respect her as such. [CHUCKLES] -Well -Look at her. Yeah, fair enough. Well, on that note, thank you so much, Guamo. I really do appreciate it. No problem, no problem. That’s going to do it for this episode of HitBox. This was Poison Ivy taught by Guamo, pro player.

Thank you so much, brother. Make sure you guys hit the like button, the subscribe button, tap the little bell so you guys have notifications and leave a comment below. Let us know what Injustice players you… characters you want to see us teach you how to play. I mean thank you so much. That was so… that was… you made it sound so easy. [CHUCKLES] Now, I feel like I can play Poison Ivy. Hopefully. We’ll see. It’s just the basics, just the basics. All right. Thank you so much, brother. We’ll check on you guys later. See you. [MUSIC].

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