[MUSIC] Hey, everybody! Welcome to another episode of Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo. And joining me is Awesomo. Awesomo, how are doing, brother? It’s all right, it’s all right. -How are you? -I’m doing good, man. I’m pretty excited because one of your characters is also my main too which is Robin. Did we just become best friends? We just became best friends. So we’ll do karate after this? -Yeah. -Let’s do karate. We’re going to do karate and smash pumpkins. If you know that reference, leave a comment and let us know. But anyway, so Robin is a… is a very interesting character. He has a very good mid game, can get zoned out pretty easily if you don’t know how to use it. So Awesomo, can you tell us a little bit how you like to use Robin? I like to play very aggressively. That’s something that other Robins and just people in general tell me, like I like…

I feel like Robin obviously excels in the neutral, like he’s just got these buttons that are so oppressive like… -Yeah. -He’s a jumping Hitbox, like… Like… like it’s really hard to anti air and he’s just taking up a bunch of space. If he sees buttons getting thrown out like, he’s controlling all the space coming at you, and when he’s already in your face, you know, he checks you with the six-frame normal. -Yeah. So, I just like to play him really aggressively like a bulldog. Like he’s putting you in the corner and when you’re there, it doesn’t get any better. [LAUGHTER] Well, for me it does, not for you. So how… what is… how do you like tend to play that game with your opponents? You just kind of like jabbing, do you use your trait a lot? -What is…

-I… use my trait a lot. I’m…I feel like a lot of Robins use it mid combo. I use it as a resource, as a means to an end to get what I want, like oftentimes, just out here in neutral, I’ll throw out red trait and activate it instantly. -Mm-hmm. And that red trait, as you can see how fast it is, is a low. -Yeah. -So what happen is, if you just even walk around it, like kind of step out of it a little more, like right there, it will still blow you up. -Oh! -Yeah. It has a really big blast radius. -Yeah. So when it’s down there, it’s covering enough ground that you don’t want to move and it’s allowing me to start controlling the space, moving in, kind of you know, like a maestro just… -Yeah. …just putting the symphony together. “Dance, puppet, dance.” Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and also like for me, I feel like, for my Robin, I like to use the blue one too. -Yes. Because I’d use a blue one, it’s kind of like a safety measure, like why do you like to use it? -I use it for pressure.

-Mm-hmm. I use it for pressure because depending on the distance, the further away it is, the more… plus it becomes unblock. -Oh! -So it becomes scarier to deal with like oftentimes, it wouldn’t be uncommon like say down here and with blue trait and if you try to like, you know, block any mixup like block this, you go, that’s it! -I’m plus.

-Oh. And then you have to hold that. Oftentimes, block this. This is the new one that everyone is dealing with, that new hotness, it’s like… -Neutral negative one. -Yeah. And I have a six-frame normal. So then from there, I’d do it again and I’m plus again or I do it, throw you a little down one. Oh, down one? Yeah, so you just like down one me. -I block and then back to my pressure. -Oh! And then from there, I could either throw you and I now try to check my throw. I walk up and then down three. -Oh! -Forward three because forward three is an overhead and it’s thrown immune. -Yeah. So, it just sets up this really dirty mixup whenever that comes out. So I use a blue trait for pressure and then when I get you in the corner, that’s when I start mixing it up with the overhead and the low bomb. Makes sense. So can you show us some of your like favorite bread and butter combo with Robin? -Oh, for sure.

This is the basic one. If you knock them down, say, and you’re going for pressure, right leg, block, block this. All right, I’m going for my pressure, so there is a little tiny hole in it, but there’s a risk. So in the event that you try to blow up the hole and it doesn’t work, I can confirm that. So we got like almost half your life and you’re not moving because that red trait is going to keep you from moving and I kind of just like move in and do as I please like. Oh, it’s really smart. I adjust myself in a position where I feel like you won’t be able to really do much.

So you know, this is really unsafe, but at that distance, when I knock you down, like, come out of here and I can start doing, you know, back to into the bird and it’s pretty safe, like there’s not much you can do. If you want to, then I can like stop and then blow the bomb up under you. -Yeah. So it just becomes this really dirty mind game where you’re trying to stop me, but you’re too scared to stop me. -Yeah. -Yeah. That’s generally it. And another one would be without meter. That works. -And there you go. -Oh! That’s an easy one. It sets it up. It shuts down a lot of wakeups and then the wakeups, if it doesn’t shut down, you can kind of block them and Robin can just punish them there with this.

And just so you guys know, the inputs on the right side of the screen, so you can see kind of the cadence in which the buttons are being pressed. So, can you show us like one of your favorite Robin combos that’s going to do a lot of damage? Yeah, definitely. The big one is when you know, they’re like walking at you like say, we’re just like out here and I’m like, hey, so I like open you up with that.

Position:94% This is so advantageous unblock, that even if they do block, like they don’t get hit, you get to throw and then it puts us all the way back out in the space where then I’m like walking at you and it comes back to the hole… I’m bulldogging you into the corner. -Yeah. Because you don’t want to come at me because I’m controlling so much space out here with this, with that, you know, I’m using this. We’re coming out here. Jump one is a really dirty tool like it doesn’t look like much, but it reaches really far. Yeah, so you’re like, “Oh hey, what’s up bro?” And then… [LAUGHTER] You know, it’s just…

He controls so much space that you just want to keep pushing them in. -For sure. -So all my combos end that way. All right. Just one last quick tip is… so Robin doesn’t… doesn’t have the best as far as projectiles go. -Mm-hmm. -Because his Birdarang takes a while. -Yeah. And his trait is a very valuable resource. What do you do as a Robin player against people like to zone like Superman? I, I hop on the shoelace express and I walk.

[LAUGHTER] I just… I just walk at them and you know, like I told you, like jump three is so good. -Yeah. Jump one is so good. Jump two is really good. So once you start walking them, like they’re not going to come at you because you beat them, almost all the characters in the neutral were, except maybe Aquaman. -Yeah. But for the most part you win, like this whole space. So they’re going to keep walking back and just keep coming at them. Eventually, you put them in the corner and there’s not really much they can do when you get them there. -For sure. -You just drop your little red buddy and then they’re scared to move. And then you just go from there.

Well, thank you so much Awesomo. -No problem. -That was great. That’s going to do it for us here at the Hitbox. Make sure you guys hit the subscribe button, tap the like, tap the little bell so you can notify when a new video comes out, but also leave a comment. Let us know what characters you want to see. I don’t know, for me, I definitely want to get some more Robin tips because he’s my favorite right now.

But that’s going to do it for us guys. Thank you so much. We’ll check you later. [MUSIC].

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