Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host Shayan Tamayo. And Kyle Shire isn’t here again, but we still have Cheeko. -Hey guys. Who’s going to show us some scarecrow stuff. How are you doing brother? Doing all right, and yourself? Doing pretty good. Scarecrow is so creepy. I mean it’s so right that he’s voiced by Robert Englund because it’s soft like EPNs. But Cheeko, can you show us some basics with scarecrow? Yeah. I mean scarecrow is really… he’s a funny character even though I mean clearly not supposed to be. He’s supposed to be spooky. No, but he’s really good and he also has some flaws.

So once you’re… you know they’re not too major but he has a lot of options that make up for that. So I mean he’s going to be a really in your face character. I wouldn’t say so much of a grappler though he does have a command grab that does tick, tick grab of a certain normal, almost to grab, meaning so command grab it is a true command grab so it comes… it works on if you’re not blocking and it works if you are blocking. See, so it works if you’re not blocking and if you are and then a tick grab would be like if you block certain normal I can go right into it. Like if you low block, I can go and down one into that or stand three all sorts and so does like he’s down to his upper cut. Sorry, that will get open [inaudible] whatever. Stand two all… I mean down two also works. So he does have that, but I wouldn’t really come too much of a grappler though since he has those options, it’s always very, very terrifying.

-Yeah. So his normals aren’t the best. They’re pretty slow. He has a stand one which is a high that doesn’t come out too slow. It’s pretty quick. I think it comes around at eight frames. He also has forward one which is this. It’s at mid but it comes out in 21 frames, that’s his headbutt. And then he has this mid also just forward two, come out at 15 frames. There’s a little bit faster, significantly faster than his headbutt which I was talking about which is this that comes a lot slower then he has this which comes up faster. It has good range also. So he has pretty range normals. So he has that going form.

But he has a couple of flaws where his headbutt string I was talking about. It actually does reach full screen which is really, really cool so I can hit you from all the way back here on it. -Wow! Yeah, but the disadvantage is if I am to finish the whole string, it is minus 10, so it is punishable by certain characters, but you know he has this really amazing special move which is his little fear talks that he does. He pulls out this little boom that is negative on block, but if he meter burns it, boom, boom, not only does it launch for combos, it’s actually plus six on block. So your opponent is kind of forced you to wear that. It’s really, really good and it’s his main tool to kind of, you know, get in there and take dominance of the match.

And he builds meter really, really quick. So as quick as you’re spending it on that, it’s not really too much of an issue because he’s building it back relatively fast. One thing that he has is his character power right, because it’s not like a normal character power when you use it and it’s a million play. His character power is different where he doesn’t see that little, little face on the bottom.

It’s orange right now but when you use it, it turns grey. And then he has these little lines or whatever you want to call them, this little cloth outside the face. And they slowly degenerating it closer and closer once it gets inside of the back into the face area. It kind of wears out as you can see it kind of depleting, depleting and it goes back to normal. But if you pop the tree, that meter on the bottom slowly builds. If I’m next to you it builds, if I hit you the… any fear gas move, one like this, one like this, it builds also. So, in that state where it’s building, it doesn’t do much outside of… take damage to your life bars. It takes away life slowly which is good to close out rounds really, really good. As you can see there, it builds up and then now it’s green and it went up and then now goes all the way down and I have that much time to use this more here called traumatized.

It isn’t mid but it goes… it hits all across the board. It’s not a low so you can block it anyway you want but it’s really good to… it’s once he gets it, it’s a really, really terrifying thing because you’re forced to respect it. -Yeah. And the aspect that you can’t and the aspect that you can’t really thought to land, you can’t really thought a projectile because on the reaction he can just, boom! And he can kind of dash and going to do combos off of it. And it’s also a really good combo extender too for really, really, really significant damage, all out of that. So we’ll put traumatize on really, really simple stuff if you have trait or just be like call it, it’s like a back three. Whoa! Into like an ender like that. Now it’s 45 or did more for line at the ending. -Yeah. But this is like a lot more tangled, technical combos that you’re going to do also. You could do…

I’m going to show you a combo that… I actually did not come up with this combo. I’m going to show our buddy, mine Deoxys. He’s a really good scarecrow player. I had seen him do this and it’s really, really, really cool combo. So it’s going to involve these interactions you’re going to do. Whoa! So that’s like a lot of really, really huge combo. Yeah. -Wow! Can you walk us through that again? -Yeah. -That was insane. -Yeah, I can do that again. So he does need… he does need character power, that kind of stuff. But I’ll do one more time this moment so it’s easier. So, that was 82. It’s pretty situational I’d say considering he needs a swab bouncer but if you’re ever in the situation and you just do it you, can spin the bar and put… you get a meter on that. So just in a situation for this, if you’re in this position in the map by chance, you have a hit of armor to absorb this, you can’t meter burn and then you get that for free and then they might be in a little bit of trouble, just a little not too much.

No, no, no, not at all. No, just a little bit of trouble. So, can you show us, what are your favorite combos to do when he doesn’t have that situation? When he doesn’t have trait… oh well, I mean… Not like that corner. That corner, okay. So if he doesn’t have the corner, he can really… he still gets amazing damage without that, I’m not kidding. So he can do something like… So you can actually in that combo and this right here and command grab, so you would end in map there. But what’s really jacked up is if you set the AI to…

Or if you were to block this trimmer here, it’s plus like 26 on block so you’re forced to block. I can do at the other combo instead of cashing out; you get more damage by a block low ending in that. So, at least stuns you and leaves you in a position where you’re supposed to be blocking. Yeah. I could just walk up down once I grab you. So it’s added that extra little bit of damage to the end. -Wow! Thank you so much Cheeko. Those are a lot of great Scarecrow tips brother. Thank you. That’s going to do it for us here at the Hitbox.

Once again Shayan Tamayo joined by Cheeko giving you Scarecrow tips. Make sure to hit the like button, the subscribe button, tap a little bell, leave a comment, let us know who would you like to see on a future tip video, what characters do you want to learn about and get better with. That’s going to do it for us. Thank you so much brother. We’ll check you guys later. [MUSIC].

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