Hey guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting, and this is the Hitbox where we give you tips and tricks for all of your favorite fighting games. I’m your host Kyle Shire and today in the studio we have Wonderchef who’s going to give us some awesome Starfire tips. How are you doing today? -I’m doing great. Starfire is one of the coolest new characters, I think, Especially by this design in general so… She’s got flaming hair… -Yeah. Its literally like a Christmas list of fabulousness that’s been answered by Ad Boon and I really appreciate it. [LAUGHTER] Alright, so let’s get started. She has everything. She has… she likes absolutely nothing in the entire game. She’s an all around character but she’s perfect that doesn’t need anything. That’s it. Alright, your video over, were done.

No, but her biggest strength is absolutely her zoning. So, she can run away, she can you know keep your opponent out. She’s very, very mobile just to begin with. So she can move back pretty quickly but her projectile. So she does have a straight projectile. Its very quick, travels across the screen quickly, just very simple. On top of that she has a projectile that you can choose where it goes and that really stops your opponent on their tracks. There is a lot of chip damage if it hits him obviously. You can see it pushes him really far back. And then the other main zoning tool she has is her trait. Now the trait, you press the button and the laser comes out, you can hold it down for a little bit longer but the best part about it is that it’s just extremely fast. So if you’re here throwing projectiles and your opponent decides to duck one or block one and then move, you can do throw it and then immediately throw that out, catch them while their moving and it’s compatible screen where they’re just going to struggle some more.

-Awesome. And you can meter burn that too, right? You can, you can. The meter burn becomes mid, it knocks down, does tons of damage. You can see much damage I did already. That’s wonderful. -It’s a good tool. -It’s a good tool. It’s also a really great sound effect. Probably one of my favorite in the game, one of my favorites. I love actually all of her laser sound effects. They’re all really good. Every little like… or like this one. Yes, its sounds… its sounds like a Lisa Frank nightmare, and its wonderful. [LAUGHTER] All right. So what’s like some of your favorite like combo strings for her? Okay. So, let’s see. Some of the… my favorite strings, so she has a couple of main strings.

The first one that you generally going to see a lot is going to be 1, 1, 3 and that one it’s an up down but you also get a little bit of a combo off of it. It’s just her normal job string. Here we go. That’s generally what you get off of it. It’s nice, solid, not too full screen. Apart side from that she has 2, 1 which is sort of her going to low. It doesn’t start off low but you can get some really nice combos off of it. -Yeah, that’s her roller disco move. -Yeah. [CHUCKLES] -She’s got some moves, man. -She really does. -She spinning, look at that. -Yeah, look at that spine. And then her hair also becomes a weapon. That is true, that is true. Actually I wonder if she potentially hits him with her hair in that. But the hair… -There we go. She uses it well, so that’s actually her best wake-up move. It’s a originally good check, it’s a good way to check [inaudible] for down one. Its overhead. Its good, the hair is good. You can’t stop the hair.

I think if she uses her hair more she might be an even better character. I completely agree. Aside from that she’s got a very far advancing kind of like footsie string where she can knock you down or she can throw you backwards. That’s going to be 4, 2, 2, 4, 2, throw but those are really for… you know, if your opponents like moving in, they’re making mistake because your moving backwards then all of a sudden, boom! Punish them, get him knocked down, get some mix ups. Those are really… I guess the main strings are generally going to see. Aside from that it’s worth mentioning that her forward three and back three are very, very good. They’re very far, that’s really quick overhead. You get a lot of damage off of it. -Mm-hmm. Although I’m going to drop the combo of course. But her back three also is extremely far so… all of her strings actually in general are very good. I don’t think that she has a single one that’s useless. Even she has a low string that starts of like this but if you go far away it ends up as a projectile which is pretty unique for a string.

-Cool. So, you generally don’t like even realize it’s a projectile. It’s like, “Oh! It’s the second hit of a melee string but you can use it even in your zoning game [inaudible]. I also really like that she has the ability to kind of get away from like jumping and moving across the screen by flight. -Right. …which is really useful, I think. Now what would you say is like your favorite like you got your opponent right where you want him and you’re going to swag on him with Starfire. Can you show us some Starfire swag? I will absolutely attempt to. All right, so I really like this one because it goes from a low into an overhead. There we go. There we go. Something like that. It’s a really big combo, it goes from a low into an overhead and I just, I don’t know, she used her hair midway trough which obviously you’re going to enjoy, right? She ends in the spin which I think is the coolest looking move.

Yeah, completely. So any last things that you want people to know about Starfire? Is there like one just core piece of advice for like I’m the main Starfire? But what can I do WonderChef? The main thing to remember I think with her is that even though at the beginning she looks like she’s pure zoning, she’s pure, you know, keep away, she’s good at everything so you really have to learn how to be just good with her everywhere that you are, you know, learn her mix ups, learn her… I mean of course do learn her zoning, learn her… Just over spacing everything because she can do everything which just makes her one of the most fun characters in the game to me.

Aw! She can do everything. That’s makes me very happy. Alright. Well, thank you so much for coming by and showing us some tips Wonderchef. -No problem. -You were fantastic. -Thank you. And you guys do not forget to subscribe to BCF down there on the low. Hit the little bell so get notifications. Be sure to like this video, all the good stuff, shares on social media, like us on Twitter, all that fun stuff. And I’ve been Kyle Shire you guys have a wonderful day. [MUSIC].

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