Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo. Kyle Shire is not here, but back again with — this is Guamo. He’s going to show us some — he’s going to show us some basic Superman tips. How are you doing Guamo? -I’m doing good. How about you? -Good. So now, Poison Ivy is your main and you know, it’s kind of like the opposite side of the spectrum. Like, Poison Ivy is so delicate like a flower. Superman is like, “I’m going to punch you in the face and you’re going to eat that.” Yes, yes. So, can you show us some basics with Superman. Well, you already kind of described it pretty well. He’s going to be in your face. He’s going to be — want to be rushing you down, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing he’s about. Let’s explain some one of the most important things that you’re going to have to know as a Superman player. Forward 2, 3, the string of all string. -Forward 2, 3. -Oh! It is the move that hits really far and you have million and a half years to know if they’re going to get come with it or not.

Confirming. So basically, the whole game time with Superman is that you kind of want to out space your opponent and just be like, “Hey, I’m Superman. I do this better than you. [CHUCKLES] I play footsies better than you. I outrange you better than you. I have better damage than you. I mean, it’s not obviously true because there are other characters that do more damage than him. There are other characters who have better normals than him. But he’s a character that’s so well rounded, that you kind of just want to use forward, 2, 3. He’s got this… He’s so around it, just forward, 2, 3. -That’s it. -Mm-hmm. You know, it’s why we event the wheel, why we event the superhero. [CHUCKLES] So, what do you do after forward, 2, 3. So after forward 2, 3, you got hit. Let’s go for a combo. Back 3 like usual, and then Skill forward, 2, 3. [CHUCKLES] It sounds, you know like it’s very comedic but I feel like Superman’s a really good character to learn just because you cannot be good with Superman unless you’re good at fighting games.

Because he’s only… he’s so straightforward that you know how to defend against him, you know what his options are. You know, Superman of course is going to do forward, 2, 3 right here. You know, you know his frame data. So let ex –let’s expand on that further. So you got hit by forward, 2, 3. Yeah. And let’s say you’re blocking forward, 2, 3 and I go into breath. Oh! I saw that you’re blocking. Breath leaves me at minus 1, which mean it’s not too bad. No. But that means, you know, if you’re not careful, I could just walk back and you know — -Oh! -check you again with that. So that, that’s where the whole concept of footsies, spacing, frame too, that comes into play. Yeah. So what do you feel like is the better ways for Superman because we have… like in your face, forward, 2, 3. But we’ve seen a lot of people use the I-beams. Oh, the I-beams.

Okay, cool. That’s honestly more of a — it’s a zoning tool so you’re going to want to use it to keep people away. And what’s the good thing about this one is like, unlike most projectiles that you can duck under them and avoid them. This one sweeps across the ground, so they’re going to have to want to jump and avoid it. And if you jump, that’s always a scary thing to do in fighting games. -Yeah. -You get hit by it.

Because you’re so open. But also, if you’re jumping, Superman can jump up, do laser so it would hit you. He can cover up a lot of room. What did he do to the jump off one? About the jumping one? You just see that I’m jumping. Just avoid it? Yeah. It sounds scary, but you just have to avoid it. You have to trust in yourself and know that it travels. You see that it travels across the ground -and towards you.

-Yeah. So let’s just for example lay… I’m going to jump up and I’m going to be doing eye laser and I want you to avoid it. Okay. You jump forward to it. You shouldn’t jump towards an I-beam. No, you shouldn’t. So let’s try jumping back. Jumping back, all right! Good! Easy-peasy. Now that I — you’re not getting hit by anything, I’m going to want to come in or shoot you with that I-beam. Oh! So he has options at any point in the screen, you know. So he’s kind of character like I said, no flaws really except for that you have to know how to use his tools.

Because you know, an expert with a rock is more dangerous than a novice with a sword. [CHUCKLES] Can you show us your favorite combo to do with him real quick? Just show us again. I wouldn’t say if it’s a favorite combo, because my favorite combo with Superman is really hard. But one of his easier combo is it just does like 20 less damage. It should work just fine for you. It’s going to be forward, 2, 3, trait, forward, 2, freeze breath, back, 3, jump, 3, stand, 3, dash punch. What? Pretty easy. 406 damage, that’s a lot. Yeah, yeah. Often easily hit [Inaudible] that is 8 frames. Pretty good. Yeah, well, that’s pretty simple. [CHUCKLES] But there’s also one thing I forgot to mention, is trait.

Pops that up he powers up. If any character does any arm move, he breaks it. -Really? -Mm-hmm. So if I go back, 3, you break it automatic. Oops! Let’s try that again. Oh! Yeah. Why would you defend against Superman. Why would you try to fight against Superman like that. He’s Superman. He just got to fight. He will, he will, he will body you as they say. -And it increases his damage -His damage, mm-hmm. So like I said, the other combo, it did like 400, 406. We trade up at the beginning, it does a little bit more. Let’s see how much he does. Yeah! It’s pretty good, pretty good. Yeah. And also I you see that someone’s blocking and you cancel him to trait, you’re at better you’re at a better frame advantage normally. Like forward 2, 3, breath is minus 1. But forward, 2, 3 into trait at the very least, you will at least be at advantage. So it gives you an option to do another forward, 2, 3. So you know, that’s like another sequence you have to worry about. For sure. But like I said, it’s just forward, 2, 3 you have to really worry about. Yeah, that’s like Black Adam’s, right? -So just -Mm-hmm.

But, thank you so much Guamo. I mean look, honestly, basic like but it works. It’s effective. That’s Superman. Yeah. I mean sometimes you just don’t over complicate things and things will work out. But thank you so much brother. Thank you for coming and showing us some Superman. That’s going to do it for this episode of Hitbox. Make sure you guys like, subscribe, leave a comment and let us know who you would like to see on a future episode of Hitbox. Superman, super basic, work with it, make it happen. But that’s going to do it for us. Thank you guys so much. We’ll check you later. [MUSIC].

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