Line:0% – Hey guys, welcome to Body Count Fighting, and this is the Hitbox. I’m your co-host Kyle Shire, alongside. – Shayan Tamayo. – And today we are gonna get some Injustice 2 protips from the community specialist for Netherrealm Studios, the one and only Tyler Lansdown. – Hello, and I want to state first, calling it protips? (laughter) Probably not the best idea with me sitting here.

Align:start And every pro watching us is like, no? – Well, I guess we’re gonna oversell, and we’re gonna overdeliver. – I hope we do, I hope we do. (laughter) – One thing is too is that what we really want to do here in these segments is kind of like give the average viewer some easy combos, to kind of like, you know, dip their toe in a little bit. – Sure. You know, that is the great thing about the games you make. We make games that casuals can get in and do really cool stuff, and the pros can take it to the next level, so a wide breadth of players can play this kind of game. So I can show a little bit of both.

– Cool, let’s do it! – Yeah, let’s do it. – [Tyler] I want to talk about Swamp Thing, because Swamp Thing is one of our newer characters, and I love it because he was really popular back in the ’70s and ’80s, and now there’s kind of this resurgence, and some new fans are gonna be able to see what the Swamp Thing is, right? So Swamp Thing has an interesting playstyle, because he is a grappler, but he does a lot of grappling at range, which is very different, right? So when you’re playing against Swamp Thing, there are many places on the stage you don’t want to be because he can grapple you from a lot of those places.

Align:start So first of all, he has these vines that shoot out and throw you from any, so I can throw it from fullscreen. – Poor Robin! – I can get a little closer and do a, and jump. That was an accident. And stomp. (laughter) And I can do more of these vines, that’s all I’m saying. – [Shayan] Yeah, yeah. – [Tyler] So you’re always kind of controlling the playspace with him, right? But, like a real grappler, up close, he’s got this move called Green Thumb, which can do a variety of different things, right? You can also even meter burn that to get a little health back. – Ooh! – Oh, nice! – So he’s a great player for, I think the pros are gonna have a lot of fun with him, ’cause there is some high-level stuff, but generally he’s a grappler.

He likes to throw people, and that’s something a new player can really accomplish as well. – Yeah, what I like about him is he seems to hit really hard but he also has a lot of great stuff at range, which is kind of a unique combination in fighting games. – Absolutely. He’s a methodical, plodding character, so patience is really a virtue with Swamp Thing.

With Swamp Thing you want to bait attacks, and then punish. That’s really the best way to play him, and always keep your opponent afraid of where they’re standing, always scare them that way. But then when he’s up close too, he’s got this great mid that goes into your overhead, and if they start blocking that, you can do the mid, into the low. For a new player, that’s not even a full combo, this is just strings. Once you condition a player to do that, you’re like, naw, I’m gonna go low now. – [Kyle] I love how he can just phase into the ground. – Yeah. – That is so fun.

– [Tyler] And he also, he has this move called Log Kick. – [Kyle] Yeah! – [Tyler] So you could also cancel a lot of your moves into that which is a low. So I can just do mid, I did it wrong, which is fine. Mid, low. So there’s just a lot of really tricky mix of, they’re not really full combos, but the more you do ’em, you’re just chunking away at them, and about the time they realize it’s happening, well, their life bar’s just gone, you know? – [Shayan] Yeah. – [Tyler] I do have a fun combo with him, if I can pull it off. – Yeah. – Okay. – [Tyler] I’ll tell you this: it’ll take me three tries. – [Shayan] Okay. – [Kyle] All right, all right, we’ll be patient. – [Tyler] Okay, that’s one, okay. – [Shayan] That’s one.

– [Tyler] Let’s reset it, okay. Okay, that’s two. This is looking bad, guys. Okay. Looking real bad, that was three. – [Kyle] It’s okay, we can fix this in editing. – [Shayan] Yeah. – [Tyler] You will hit! (laughter) So that’s kind of it. What it does is it ends with the good old Green Thumb. And here’s another thing of him being a grappler.

Every character has a character power, right? – [Shayan] Yeah. – [Tyler] So what he can do is called Abigail’s Garden. And I’ll start it up and it’ll put this field. Can you go walk into that field for me? – [Shayan] Yeah. – [Tyler] Try to jump. – [Shayan] Oh, so. – [Tyler] So you can’t jump in that situation, right? – [Shayan] Yeah, that’s right. – [Tyler] So what happens is, it makes him an even better grappler, ’cause the way to get out of grapples is to jump. But you can’t jump, and you can’t dash. So that just increases his use of his grapples. – [Shayan] Yeah. – So Swamp Thing is definitely a character who at the high level of course will fly, but I think there’s a lot of stuff that newer players can work with as well.

– Yeah. – Also, I just want to appreciate the subtlety of the fact that, like you said, he’s very patient and he wants you to be afraid of him. That’s also kind of indicative of his character too, which is quite fun. – [Tyler] He’s definitely a really fun, ah, okay guys, it’s just not gonna happen. – [Shayan] It’s okay. – [Kyle] Oh! Hey! There we go! – [Tyler] So that’s a good punish combo for him, actually. – One of the other characters that a lot of people are really excited for, me especially, is Robin. It’s why I chose him. You think maybe you can teach me some Robin combos? – Let’s switch over. Robin is, for those who aren’t familiar, I mean, you probably have a lot of fighting game players who watches and if don’t, footsies. Try to stay away from the longest range move of the character and stay in that zone. Robin is very good at controlling the midscreen ’cause he has really long sword attacks, especially this one.

Align:start So he’s very good at poking you from long range and keeping you out. But he also has this great character power that if he does this, oh, now I’m here. But that also, he can, I have my reset. He can turn it into a pop-up, you can turn it into something that comes back to him, so you can continue with pinball. Definitely excels at the midrange. But a combo for him is something like this, so there we go, there we are. Bam! So Robin definitely excels in the midrange. He has some great, he can flip around, he’s real flippy. We all like flippy, right? – [Kyle] I love flippy. – [Shayan] Flip, flippy. – [Tyler] Robin, when I saw that he was in the game, I was very excited, ’cause just his sword work and all this stuff.

– [Shayan] Yeah. – [Tyler] We have motion-capture actors doing all of this, and the way he uses his sword is just really incredible. – [Kyle] It’s definitely an awesome new Robin. This is like the Damien Wayne kind of badass. – [Tyler] Right, this is he’s trained by the assassins Damien Wayne, so, yeah, he’s definitely. – [Kyle] He ain’t no circus acrobat. – [Tyler] Not anymore. (laughter) – [Kyle] Uh-uh. – He’s definitely a fan favorite we’re really glad we go into the game. – So is Swamp Thing your favorite character right now, or do you have a different one? – I love Gorilla Grodd. I play a lot of big characters, it’s always the way I’ve been. I think it’s ’cause I like wrestling a lot.

– Oh, me too! – Bane, I love playing Bane; Bane is one of my mains. Also, we have in our preorder bonus, which we don’t sadly have on this build, is Darkseid, who I love. I’ve been playing matches with him lately. He does not match the style of the way I’ve always played, but for some reason, his combat speaks to me. I’m like, “I’m getting this,” you know what I mean? You kind of find that character, and you’re like, “I don’t like this kind of stuff.

“Wait a second.” – Yeah. – I think I do. So that’s been really cool. And that’s the great thing. There aren’t any characters that I know, this probably sounds like a shill because I work there, there’s no character that I don’t like. If I don’t play them, I like watching our QA guys do the crazy stuff with them. – My favorite character personally has gotta be Doctor Fate, hands-down. Can you maybe show us one or two little things with him? Can you help me play Doctor Fate? – What I can do is I can show you how he works a little bit. I’m not great with Doctor Fate, but I can explain his gameplay and what people are looking to do with him, ’cause he is a zoner, but when he turns his character power on, he has some really up-close stuff he can do well too.

But his job is to keep you away, and just magic magic magic magic magic magic, you know? – With his nonchalant little, “Hmm, hmm. “I don’t like that, nope, nope.” That’s my favorite. – So he’s got these here, and he can meter burn these, right? And then he’s also, which I find really cool, he’s kind of a trap character in a way.

So he has these ankhs he can put on him, right? So if you’re standing still, he can drop the ankhs on him, and that will cause a pop-up, right? – [Kyle] That’s awesome. – [Tyler] So this is just like all fear. Like, I don’t have to shoot them right now. They’ll stay on him the whole time, right? – [Kyle] It’s mind game. – Sure. – Yeah. – [Tyler] So now everyone thinks I’m gonna do that, and then boom, let’s say I knock you down. Oh, here they come. – [Kyle] Bye! – [Tyler] Into like a combo, right? Things like that. He also has a really good getaway move with his ankh, so again, you’re getting close to him? No, sorry, we’re gonna do this.

Align:start – [Kyle] Yeah, I was playing with him earlier. What exactly, there’s that ankh, and then there’s a red one. What’s the difference between them? – [Tyler] This ankh gives you health back. So now you’re like, sorry, I’m gonna zone you, and I’m gonna get some health back, right? And that’s what you have to get in, right? When he uses his character power, it turns on, you see he’s red. It kind of changes all his special moves. So now, this ankh will do damage to your opponent.

Align:start – Ooh! – Oh nice! – [Tyler] And then like the other, reset, with the ankh here when I was doing this, remember. This now, I did it wrong, can turn into a wall bounce. – [Shayan] Oh! – [Tyler] For a full combo, right? So that’s sort of his game. Really cool stuff, though. – [Kyle] I’m completely into it, all right. – So as we’re wrapping up, just one last question. So you’re pretty in tune with the pro scene, right? – I watch every tournament I can. – Who do you think is gonna resonate the most for pro players? – That’s the great thing about our pro community, is that they all have their archetype, and our game is based on archetypes, like comics books. That’s like, they’re all archetypes, right? So our players, I think there’s a lot of characters they’re gonna gravitate to. People like Swamp Thing.

He kind of plays his own style of game. Our grappling fans are gonna really go towards him. And against Swamp Thing, you have to play around him, right? Captain Cold will be people who like setting traps, and being super methodical. And then there’s like Black Canary. Maybe a Sonic Fox might go to them, somebody’s who’s super very technical at a high level, and he loves doing that flashy stuff. So I think, I really hope, and I feel it when I play it, there’s gonna be a lot of characters who are gonna do very well in the pro scene. – Yeah, I’m really excited to see how it plays out. – It’s gonna be a good season. – Yeah, it’s gonna be an amazing season. – Cannot wait. – All right, you guys. Well, that’s about as much time as we have for the Hitbox. Thank you so much, Tyler, for coming out. It’s been an absolute pleasure. – That was awesome guys.

– [Shayan] Thank you so much. – And be sure to hit the subscribe button below. Be sure to check out all of our content at Body Count Fighting, and that’s about it. Bye! – Time to get my butt kicked again. Later guys. – Do it!.

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