Hey, guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting and this is the Hitbox where we give you tips, tricks and combos for your favorite fighting game characters. I’m your host, Kyle Shire alongside… Shayan Tamayo. And today in the studio we have Marine who’s going to show us some pro Flash tips. -Hello, I’m Marine. -Hi! -I’m going to show you Flash. -Yeah, Flash away. Do it brother. Yes, so… some basic combos, it’s, it’s all dependent if he has meter and if he has trait. His trait obviously just slows down time and he makes him a little bit faster. -Yeah. So with trait, you get, you get a… juggles both mid screen and in the corner. So… Boom! Wow! And you could… you can end that, that combo and either the running man stance, which is this one right here.

Or you could just go for raw damage and then put that… that’s better to like close out rounds or if you want to take a bigger life lead and stuff like that. But off of the running man stance, you’ll get like close out setups with the forward 3 and things like that. But if you don’t have meter, you could always just down 2, back 3 and then just end it like that. And it’s significantly less damage, but it still gives you the setups, still gives you all that good stuff there. And in the corner, it gets more damage. -Boom! I love that rocket kick. -Yeah, yeah. That’s awesome. [CHUCKLES] -And then, so you can end it like that. -Oh, geez! For two meters, he actually gets more damage in that as well. So you could see the timing of when he’s pressing the buttons and also what buttons he’s pressing. Oops! It is a savage array of kicks. -Yeah, yeah. -It’s, it’s 6 and then… Oh my goodness! You could, you could do the lift from there. Some other combos, if you don’t have meter or you just have one bar, don’t have trait, you drop in the ending there but…

I’m getting the basic, the basics of what you’re putting out. So that’s just with one bar. Without trait… actually, that, that combo actually does much as his regular trait combo. So, it’s pretty nifty to use. Can you show us like one of your favorite Flash combos? -Yes. The one, the one you like to… no matter where you are, whether it’s corner or in the middle of the screen. There’s also like some flashy stuffs that I’ve been kind of working on. Yeah, flashy. No pun intended. So like, you could use a trait to not only continue combos but you could also use it for more mix-ups and pressure, right? So like for example, back 2, 2 is plus on block, which means that you’re advantageous at compressed buttons, right? -Mm-hmm.

So if you trait after that… Whoa! -Aw! -So that’s a, that’s a good one. So… -And that was only one meter. -Yeah. That was one bar with the trait already activated. And then so… the mix-up there is like either I’m going to go lower, I’m going to go overhead, right? And so even if he blocks the overhead and he could always just combo off with like dash, dash cancelling. So you could do that as well. Once they get the legist that you’re doing this into that. So it’s always, it’s always a mix up when you play Flash. He’s a mixed-up-based character. He’s probably like the best character in the game up close once he gets his stuff started because he could pretty much… touch of death you. So, if he touches you, you have to guess as soon as you get knocked down. And that’s a… I’m very picky with my play style, so that’s why I was glad that he was like that when I picked him up. -For sure. He hits you five times lightly, and then suddenly… Yeah, it’s kind of like that joke with Black Adam how before the patch, so just be able to touch you and then in two combos, you’re just dead.

-Yup. Well, it’s, it’s the same as Flash but he has to work quite a bit harder than Black Adam who could just dive kick across the screen and stuff like that. Oh, man. So like, what is like one of your flashy Flash moves? Like, if you’re going to style in someone and you know you got them, what is something like you like to pull out of your bag of tricks? I mean, I’m going to try to do it. There’s some recent tech that’s just been found out, right? So, so that’s… On Earth to Arcana. Because this is after the patch. So for example… I’ll even do this when I have trait too just because…

Well, this is a re-stand and it leaves you at about plus 60, which gives you about a whole second to move. -Wow! So, like it’s like this combo that I was showing you guys earlier. -Yeah. Which usually just end like that and you go into it, right? -Yeah. But there’s this move and it’s been known like for example Atrocitus, you know how he has Dex-Starr and he throws up the little ball. -Yeah. That… if that move trades with anything, it will just leave him kind of in the crippled stunned state for a while and you could just do whatever you want, right? So the idea behind the tech is to try to get that without traiting.

So, so… let’s see if we could pull it off here. So just like that. Oh! Oh, wow! Wow! And I get… I could either… I get a mix-up, right, because it’s a after that because it’s 60 plus 60, about plus 60, plus 65. So I could even… I even have time to do a little phase to build meter and then jump 2. And then from there… -Holy cow! …you could do a down 1, 2 or the forward 2. Or if I want to just move him to the corner, I could always just dash in three times and then just go ahead and mix them up from there. And then especially if I have trait already, right? You have to guess either high or low and then I have trait combos, that’s going to do another 50% on top of that, something that I already did about 30%. -Wow! -Nice. So, can you put that into practice and show us like how you would optimize the damage? Because that’s very powerful, that’s a powerful tool to have. -Yes. So can you show us how you would use it? It’s broken.

[CHUCKLES] So, after, after the re-stand in there… let’s see. Missed it. Pretty tricky once you get the jump in. Yeah. And then from there, you could just mix and then you get the full, the full trait combo, depending if you have trait. Because if you don’t have trait, then there’s a… you just have to mix and then you, you could do it off of any back 3. You just have to practice the timing. Wow, that’s awesome. Whoa! [CHUCKLES] That’s 75% of their health bar. That’s a pretty much… yeah, pretty much his whole health bar almost. -Yeah. -Yeah. And then from there, I get another set up and it’s time to guess again. That’s demoralizing. Especially against someone like Superman, Flash. Well now, after patch, right? It’s the same reason why Flash did well versus Black Adam is he doesn’t have a wake up anymore. So I could just down 1, 2 for free and if he tries to wake up, all his moves are high and a whiff and then I get a free punish. Now, he’s dead. Especially when someone sees a combo like that, they just got depleted of their life, they’re going to, they’re going to be in panic mode.

That, that’s pretty demoralizing to see all of that. -Yeah. Especially with a game that doesn’t reset afterwards, it’s pretty crazy. -Yeah, exactly. And then all of a sudden you’re down 100% life and like everything, everything after the first bar health is just free damage. Very nice, very nice. It’s like extra credit. Yeah, exactly. Well Marine, thank you flashing us some flashy Flash tips. You’ve been a delight. Thank you so much for… -Thank you for having me… …for coming by and showing us some tech. Yeah. And you guys be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. We don’t have an Instagram.

-It’s, it’s all there. -Whatever. Hit the subscribe button, comment, let us know which characters you would like to see. Maybe we’ll have some coming up in the future. Be sure to hit subscribe, hit the little bell. -The bell. All that good stuff. I’ve been Kyle Shire. That’s Shayan. -Shayan Tamayo. -That’s Marine. -And I’m Marine. -I’m speaking for everybody. -Yeah. -Follow me on Myspace. -Goodbye..

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