What’s up everyone? This is the ‘Hitbox’, here at ‘Body Count Fighting’. I’m your host Shayan Tamayo joined by other host… Kyle Shire. -…and we’re also joined by… -I’m JessR JessR, what’s up brother? How are you doing today? Good. Good, man. You know I’m just here trying to play some Injustice. Show you guys some good Wonder Woman stuff. For sure, celebration of the movie. Wonder Woman week continues into a week and-a-half or two weeks whatever you want to call it. $400 million opening box-office. -Phenom! Highest grossing box-office record for a female director -Phenominal! Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome sauce. -Phenomenal movie too. -Yes. I have to see it so… I’m a scrub but… I tried to see it twice this weekend, but both times faltered to commit the plans. So who’s more of a scrub, me for not seeing or you trying to see it but not seeing it? You definitely because I made the effort, but I couldn’t because of…

Got to go A for effort right here, man! I made two efforts. You failed! No, I had adult stuff to do. Why didn’t you see it? What were you doing? -Writing some Injustice which we’re playing today. -Yeah! I’m going to choose Doctor Fate because I am scared of you. You got to play matchup sometimes, but it’s okay. All right. Here we go. Office complain. He doesn’t have a symbol on him. He does – this is kind of his like my laundry day outfit. This is like being that. I just… I love the tiara that Wonder Woman has, you know. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. She’s about to nail on you.

Oh! See, what’s that little pit ball? Threw a spirit ball at you, how do you feel? Oh, Kyle is playing like… He’s got to play the way he needs to play, man. …like 60% of online. You know why it’s so cool, it’s so funny to see like differences between Injustice and Street Fighter V, like as far as thoughts on this items, like this is like, oh… I’m just being super-cheesy right now. I know what’s going to happen. I don’t even mind zoning like… Oh! No! You get a car. You get a car.

You get a car. You get a car. Everyone gets a car. How is Doctor Fate that strong? All right, I can tell you why, because I’m being a cheap motherfucker right now. No, no, no. Like to move a car he looks like he doesn’t even go to the gym. -Because he… -He doesn’t lift bro. He gets all the Boniva he needs. He doesn’t lift, bro. Oh, no! Get an interactive move. Get him! Beat him up. Ooh! Ah! I got cocky! Get that print symbol, get away from me. You even throw… oh! Right in the nuts. Yeah, the thing about Wonder Woman is like, if you could zone her out, she really, really, really struggles. We don’t see her struggling right now. No! No, print symbol. Well, actually maybe a little bit. -Oh! -Oh! In your face! Oh! You are so lucky. Oops! I try to get fancy. Shield bash. No! You take this barrel. Ah! I got a baleful way. I got a baleful way. Come on! Take this! Take this big barrel. Oh! Oh my God! Oh my God! Go! This might be a first. This might be a first.

No way! Oh! Oh, so close! -I would’ve gotten you! -That was so close! I would’ve gotten you! I was… I was straight up scared. I was like at last, at last. That was scary. Thank you! Thank you for giving me that. No problem, Kyle. That was good. That was good, Kyle. I… for the record, I was cheesing you out so stupidly. No… Kyle. Kyle, what you need to do with Doctor Fate though, that’s his play style. -Don’t be mad about it. -Nope, nope, nope. I would deal… I will… honestly, something you have to deal within Injustice is zoning. You’re going to run to a Deadshot, you’re going to run into a Fate, you’re going to run into a Firestorm. If you’re not used to like countering zoning, your parries are on point, your all ins are on point, they’re going to cheese you out. I’m totally fine with it because I let that happen. Yeah. I believe… you also do Firestorm too. Exactly. I do Firestorm so I would do it right back to you.

Exactly. You would be like, all right, let me switch characters and be like… you got off easy now. I don’t like this match up. Let me see. [Laughter] But yeah, Kyle, you did really good on that. Just don’t be afraid to zone. -Yeah. Doctor Fate, he is a character that he can get in your face… -Hmm. …but his main tools are the… the big ball that you shoot out and the little pew-pew-pews. Yeah, yeah, and then he’s got these keep aways, his print symbol, what’s the other one, binding of the gods that launches you away. -Yeah, exactly. Even though like the print symbol isn’t considered a great wake up, the space it puts in between you and if they do get hit by it they’re full screen again which is exactly where you want to be as a zoner.

So Kyle did well with the zoning out but obviously you adjust in to what he was doing which was very difficult. -Yes. -Hmm. What could Kyle have done to close that out? Because honestly I thought he had it when he hit the Super. Yeah, to close that out… first of all, don’t ever panic Super like that. You had better options. -Better not to panic Super. Yeah. In that situation and especially in the corner on a knockdown with the amount of health that he did have, even like a down to would have probably taken you out. And so the fact that I didn’t meter burn back three, that was for my set up. -Yeah. And that you press buttons on it, I was hoping for it, you know? So you have to be really careful like watch, be aware of like everything that’s on the screen like your meter and your health bar.

So I know you have full bars and meter, so I’m expecting something which is why I did the option I did. Super, just happen to work out in my favor. What he could’ve done is block because on the wake up right there, he did have a… -Yeah. That is… -Eventually in the situation but… -Yeah, yeah, yeah. A big part of like playing in these tournaments is being able to keep your composure, like everyone gets those tournament nerves by making like the right decision at the right times like… like right there, really, we can turn like the tide of an outcome of a match and the momentum of a match into your favor. So, what he could’ve done different is just keep zoning me. All right, show us some Wonder Woman already. All right, some Wonder Woman take? Yes! BMB that you want to do is, she has a lot of starters like two-two is a starter. One-one is a starter, and down-one-two. Off of any these strings, you can do a shield toss like that and meter burn it. So after the meter burn you could do either of that and it’s a mixed up, a reset or for the BMB, down-one-two is going to be a punisher a lot.

That’s actually the fancy one. You would want to do… Ooh! Boom! So, putting it altogether, down-one-two, and then that link is a little difficult. -Just like that. -Ah, Jesus! That’s a lot of damage. Yeah, that does 31, and that’s like her basic BMB. Once you’ve mastered that and that… and you’re like really on point with that, you could start doing the back three version of it… whoops! And the back three version of it is the same thing but here you do the back three and that does 39. So you’re getting a good 70 hits more of damage once you get used to the timing of the back three. So, now if you really want to swag on him and you’re in the corner or something… -That’s the one. And… and like the thing about Wonder Woman in the corner, she’s really impressive.

She has her low, her sweep right here, which first of all reaches a good distance and it’s a hard knock down, and even if they block it, it’s safe, you’re only negative four. -Yeah. -Hmm. And then her other option is this overhead which reaches even farther and as you can see when you’re in the corner you can actually combo it like that into… into a whip. So, let’s see if I could do it, and that link is pretty… here we go! Oh! That is sadist. Now you’re 27 which normally off of just a string. You’re only getting 10. -Okay. -Hmm. So the damage you’re getting is a lot more in the corner, and then after you get them on the hard knockdown, her setup become even dirtier because you could walk up and do this. Jesus! And this right here is going to get you a lot of this.

Oh wait! I want to see that one again. So this is a… just either meter burn forward three or a regular forward three, into three, up shield, down-one. Oh my God! You did it so easily. -There we go! -There we go! -Into that. -Ooh! And if you’re meter burning you get it a little more damage. There we go. A lot more damage. Yeah, you get about 60… 60 more. Wow! That’s how much the meter burn gives you? Yeah, so… and then off the meter burn which is also really cool about it, you can make it unclashable. Nice! And into the same setups, blah, blah, blah.

Wow! Yeah, so with Wonder Woman her play style is very varying because she has zoning options with her shield. Yeah, you were zoning me out with that earlier. Yeah, her up shield, this is safe, especially if you do it instant like this. Uh-huh. And then she also has this to get in on you and then all the tools in the world to kind of space you out. You can meter burn that rush too, right? Yeah, this shield right here, it can be meter-burned whether you whiff it or not. -Uh-huh. So if I’m all the way full screen, I know this won’t reach from here. -Yeah. For sure, guaranteed. But if I’m about three-quarters and I meter burn it, I get pretty close and I’m not punishable at all, and most of the time, I can get a down one-two and after on whiff. -Wow! Especially from about this distance here, so I land right next to him, I can get a down one-two.

If they block the down one-two, you can do this to make it safe, you are plus two and it’s still your turn. Hmm. What was your… what advice would have to people that we’re getting zoned out by Wonder Woman, that they’re getting zoned out when they’re playing Wonder Woman. So when you’re getting zoned out and you’re playing Wonder Woman, parry is your best friend. Parry until you’re at the range. So say Superman is launching lasers at me and stuff and I parry one and I walk about three quarters, if he jumps, I have all the tools in the world with my shield tosses in the air to kind of force him to respect me. So when I’m at this distance. You will respect me! You will respect my shield! So, if I’m at this distance right here and this projectile hits you, it’s a trade on my favor because you have all the knockback and I’m doing a lot more damage. So I have to opportunity to jump and do this.

The jump three is really good, it kind of is like Catwoman’s whip. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. She has a whip attack too that goes pretty far and then you could combo into like that. Now, her power… her trait can be a little unpredictable. What’s your advice for like… do you have like individual advice for each different trait that you get or… -Yeah. …are they kind of the same? So each… each trait, it’s a… it’s a random generated so each trait does something different. So this trait right here, it makes my parry better. So for that one, no advice at all, just keep doing what you do. Your parries are going to last longer, and when you hit them, they’re going to hit a lot harder. For the shield, what I recommend is end all your combos in the shield move.

So, instead of doing the whip to end your combo, you can either end your combo in shield bash or up shield like this. And the thing about those moves is they have a lot of knockdown and they leave you relatively close to the opponent. While the whip, as you can see they land a lot further and they get up quicker. Yeah. For, again, the same… the same advice will go for… for whip. When you get the buff for whip, don’t be afraid to just… Hestia, I believe. Yeah, that’s Hestia. That’s Hermes. Well, we’ll go over Hermes for now. Hermes, her air dash is not that great because her moves don’t cross up.

Yeah. So air dash, I would use the closed space, not really for cross of mix ups the way you would in Injustice 1. So if you’re an Injustice 1 Wonder Woman player, the only way that Hermes will air dash cross up is if you’re at the perfect distance. You jump and you get them from like… and maybe your foot on your jump one barely touches a cross up. It’s very difficult to do. I don’t recommend always going for it because people are going to really predict a jump air dash especially when you have that trait.

It’s a really easy read especially on any air dash in the game. And finally, this is the whip. All your moves will do a lot more damage. Like just the meter burn lasted… it was 22 instead of 18. Playing as her, this is my favorite one we got. Yeah, because I’m used to ending all my combos in lasso anyways so it’s just… it just enhances the character. And now the hardest part I think though is actually getting the trait up.

Because if we look at the frame data, getting the trait up, you are negative… you have 48 frames of recovery. -That’s a lot. -That’s a lot. -Yeah. But if we look at one of our… -That’s almost a whole… that’s more than half of a second. Yeah, more than half of a second, for sure. But if we look at her moves, what I find easiest way to setup tray is with this string right here, Warkiller.

Okay. Two-two-three. They leave you a 52 hit advantage which means you get a free trait and if they happen to block it, you’re plus 12. Hmm. So, this is my favorite move for… my favorite string for Wonder Woman. I’ll show you what it looks like. This is going to be this, and I get a free trait and I can dash into my shenanigans. Oh nice! Dash into them shenanigans. Dashing into my shenanigans. Or I could just… if I had the life lead, I could walk-away and I have my trait up and now I have all the tools in the world again to try to do what I want to do. -So Warkiller… -Wasn’t there a string, the fist one and the green one? Oh, the… this one is the parry one, I’m sorry. -Oh, that’s the parry one. -This is the parry one. -The other one, this one is a damage reduction. -That’s right. So you take a little bit less damage. Not that much though. Not that much. No, it’s not significant.

I interpret as you take… you give more damage. No, this is… you’re going to take less damage. For me, it’s my least favorite, honestly, because it doesn’t really enhance any of my moves. It’s just like a passive effect. And the fact that I’m randomly generated and I got that one, it’s like, “ah”… -Dang it! Let me get in… let me just put in some work real quick, you know? Yeah. Is the buff that you get from her parry even like worth it, because it just seems to go away immediately? -Yes! The buff you get from her parry is so good because you can do it in the gaps of strings. So take for example my own string, this one, there is a gap before that third hit. -Do you see it? -Yeah. Like as I’m twirling, if I were to parry that, I can punish you and I have the damage buff. On projectiles, it’s… it’s good for nullifying the damage, but against when you’re really up in their face and you finally did that work to get in and they try like… say another perfect example, Deadshot, he has gaps in all of his…

All the strings low into overhead. If I parry the overhead, I can punish him. So it’s very important as a Wonder Woman player to understand where the gaps are in characters so that you can hit that parry and you can hit them with the down one-two punish because there’s no way they’re getting away from that. -Totally! -Hmm. So that’s where I find her parry to be the most useful, in gaps and in punish situations like that. The same way Aquaman will trait up to block, Wonder Woman can parry on a gap to make sure that she gets the punish on you. -Okay. -Very nice, man! -Hmm, that makes sense. Well, thank you so much for coming by and teaching… No problem! Thank you, guys, for having me! …on Wonder Woman! Thank you, guys, for having me! And thank you for kicking Kyle’s ass when he was zoning out.

You know, Kyle is going to get someone eventually. He’s going to take a name and then he’s going to win Wednesday night fights. I didn’t agree my boy, Kyle, would sponsor him. [Laughter] I told you Kyle was coming! I told you Kyle, that’s my boy! Hashtag opulence; I own everything. [Laughter] Kyle would be like, “Did I win?” Did I win? Oh my, with my prince on this. And we’re right there behind, “Let’s go, Kyle!” Just high, dude, just high. But you’d be like the nicest prince of all. “Kyle! Come on!” [Laughter] And I just want to show up in drag one day. Why not? You got to show up in that Catwoman cosplay then. Yes! I already have the body suit all prepared. Oh, it’s going to be on lock! Thank you so much for stopping by, dude! Thank you so much for having me! It was a treat. Appreciate it, brother. It was a great time. Great time, guys! That’s been the ‘Hitbox’. I have been Kyle Shire. Shayan Tamayo! I’m JessR. Alright, you guys, this has been ‘Body Count Fighting’.

Make sure to subscribe! -Bye! -Later! Have a great day, guys!.

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