Insurgency: Sandstorm is s a hardcore first-person shooter that features an authentic military combat experience, today I will show you everything that you need to know to help you get started with the game. I will show you some basic tips and tricks and then we will move on to the more advanced stuff. Sandstorm gives you access to a lot of movement options and actions so that you can deal with the hardcore fighting experience. You can lean from behind corners to limit your exposure before firing. You can go prone to hide behind grass or behind low cover. You can sprint until you become tired and then you will slow down. The biggest side effect of this is that you will be tired and as a consequence you will not be able to aim straight anymore.

Your scope sway will be a lot more noticable and for snipers this means that you probably won’t be able to keep your crosshairs on your enemy. You will not move faster if you switch to your pistol or any light weapon while sprinting, so keep your primary weapon out if possible. You can perform a slide if you need to get to cover quickly and avoid enemy fire.

Start a sprint and gain momentum then press the crouch button once your weapon changes position during the sprint so that your character will perform the slide. You can run towards a waist-high obstacle and then vault over it. Alternatively, you can stop in front of a low obstacle and climb over it. You can also vault over windows as long as you break the glass first. You can kick a door open by sprinting towards it and then hitting it with a melee attack. It will be both quick and noisy. A door that opens inward will stay on its hinges if you kick it open. You will know it opens inward because you will not see hinges on the door. A door that opens outward will have visible hinges. These kinds of doors will be broken down if you kick them.

You can actually duck while inside a vehicle so that the enemies can’t see your head from the window. This is great for hiding and avoiding enemy fire and it can be done by drivers, passengers, and even gunners. The key to winning firefights in Sandstorm is to be accurate because enemies only need a few well-placed shots before they die. The best way to shoot accurately is to set your weapon to single fire and aim down sights. It’s best to do this if you are peeking a corner so that you can immediately shoot precise shots if you find an enemy.

You can even peek through doors by walking toward it while aiming down sights and then pressing f once. The door will open slightly, just enough so that you can point your gun towards anyone inside without fully exposing yourself. You can focus while aiming to make your shots even more accurate. You will notice that your weapon will still be swaying when you aim down sights. Press shift to keep your weapon steady so that you can keep your iron sight or scope reticle on the target.

Your character will also zoom in slightly when you focus, so you can easily line up your shots. Focus will not be very effective if you have low stamina, so make sure that you allow your character to recover from a sprint before looking for targets. Weapons can have attachments that help you control the sway. Foregrips, compensators, and long barrels will help you keep your weapon stable while firing. If you attach a bipod to your weapon, you can deploy it when you go prone and aim down your scope with virtually no sway. Crouching and going prone can also help stabilize recoil, but you will become an easy target for any enemy that figures out where you are. There are times where you will be forced to fight even when you are inaccurate because you are tired from sprinting. You can still fire from the hip and this is much easier to do if you have a laser sight.

It can help you in close quarters since it allows you to shoot first. You will not need to be very accurate in those situations since your enemy will be right in front of you. Sometimes it’s best to fire inaccurately instead of aiming down sights and then dying before firing a shot. For example, you can fire most weapons while you are vaulting, just in case you find an enemy before you finish the animation. You will not be defenceless if you are caught climbing a ladder because you can pull out a pistol and fire while you are on it. You will still be at a disadvantage because you need to stop climbing the ladder to fire, but that’s better than not being able to fight back at all. You can also fire your weapon while you are inside a vehicle.

You can fire pistols, SMGs, and short barreled rifles while staying inside a vehicle, but you will need to lean out of the window to fire longer weapons. Drivers can also fire while inside a vehicle, but they are limited to pistols and they have to let go of the steering wheel before doing it. A headshot is still the most effective way to kill your enemy in Insurgency: Sandstorm, but it’s not the only way to do it. If your target is too far away and the head looks too small, it’s still a good idea to aim centre mass.

Even if your enemy is wearing armour, the time to kill is still very fast. It is better to land consistent shots on the body and kill your target instead of missing a headshot and revealing your position. You can also shoot through walls, doors, and thin surfaces. Use this to your advantage so that you can take enemies out even when they have taken cover. Fire shots through walls to suppress any enemies inside a house. This works really well if you are using a machine gun mounted on a vehicle.

After you are finished firing your primary weapon, there are two ways for you to change magazines. You can reload normally to keep the magazine in your weapon with you. The bullets inside that mag will be available for you to use later on. You can also do a speed reload which is faster than the normal reload, but you will discard the magazine in your gun as well as the ammo inside it if there are any. You should do this if you know your magazine is empty. You can also cancel the reload by switching to a different weapon or sprinting.

You can hold R to do a “mag check” and make a magazine counter appear. You need to go to a supply cache if you run out of mags. All you need to do is run up to the cache then press F to grab ammo for your current weapon. Hold F instead of just pressing it tol fully resupply. Insurgency: Sandstorm does not have a game mode that allows you to focus on your individual performance. There are no team deathmatches, no free for all modes, or anything like that. All of the game modes require you to work with your team to win. You have to familiarize yourself with all of the classes and figure out how each of them will benefit a team so that you will know how to pick the right class during a match. Even when you select weapons and items for your loadout, you still have to think of what your team needs. It’s very tempting to pick the best weapon and customize it with the best attachments so that you can enjoy the best firepower for your class, but your team will need more than just powerful guns.

You will also need utilities like smoke grenades to provide cover for your team, or frag grenades to flush enemies out of a room. You might need a gas mask so that you won’t cough through the smoke and give away your position. It will also allow you to pass through chemical gas without dying, and launch a counterattack that your enemies won’t expect. It’s a good idea to make room for explosives as a demolitions.Selecting the right loadout doesn’t just happen at the start of a game. You can make changes to your loadout as long as you can find a supply cache and stay near it.

Open the loadout menu and select the weapons and equipment that you want. When you are done, click the “Resupply” button. The changes that you made to your loadout will be applied, and you can now play with your new loadout. You can still pick up weapons that were dropped on the ground by pressing F if you want to replace your current weapon. This will come in handy if you were forced to downgrade your primary weapon to make room for the things your team needs. You will only get the ammo that is currently on the weapon’s magazine, but you can always go to a supply cache and grab more ammo for your new weapon. Certain game modes in Sandstorm have objectives that need to be captured. It is not just needed to win the game, it also brings back your downed teammates into the game.

Your team needs to have at least one member occupying the objective area without any enemy presence to fully capture an objective. It’s a good idea to have many teammates occupying an objective area because it will be captured faster and it will be easier to defend. Meanwhile, your enemies are going to try to stop you from capturing the objective. You will have a good idea of how many enemies are in the same objective area based on the capture progress shown on the screen. If A stalemate means that there are an equal number of defenders to attackers and the capture progress cannot continue. You will start capturing an objective if you outnumber the enemies that defend it. In the same way, you will start clearing the objective if you outnumber the enemies that are capturing it. A blocked objective means that there is an enemy in the area that is preventing you from finalizing the capture, so you have to find him and kill him.

Not all objectives need to be captured. Some of them need to be destroyed, like weapon caches for example. There are 2 ways to do this. The first method is to go up to the objective, then press and hold F. You will rig the weapon cache so that it will explode later. Once you are done, you will have access to a detonator. Simply move a safe distance away from the weapon cache, use the detonator, and that will destroy the weapon cache.

This methods are also applicable to Fuel Trucks in Skirmish Mode, with 2 exceptions. You can actually destroy the fuel truck with weapon fire. This will take too long and your enemies can stop you before you can cause enough damage. If you press and hold F to rig the Fuel Truck, you won’t get a detonator. Instead, the fuel on the truck will simply be depleted, and that will effectively disable the objective. The other method of destroying objectives is to simply use your own explosives to blow it up.

This method is usually much quicker and it will allow you to leave the area before your enemies can react. Speaking of explosives, all classes have access to at least 1 type of grenade. The game allows you to throw them in two ways. You can hold the left mouse button and then release it to throw the grenade far away. Alternatively, you can hold the right mouse button and release it to throw the grenade just a short distance in front of you. To cook your grenade, simply hold one of the mouse buttons depending on how far you want to throw it, then click on the other mouse button to set the grenade live. Release the mouse button that you were holding before the grenade explodes in your hand. By the way guys the youtube likes and comments are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like and post a comment on this video.

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