Hey what’s up everybody I’m SwissMllk Lets get right into it! When you guys are done with this video you know exactly what to equip on your weapons you will know what ammo is best to use, and you will know what I think your play style should be in order to become a better player When choosing your ammo I would always recommend AP in some situations HP might be better but in general stick with AP. Suppresses are an excellent choice for any situation they won’t silence your gun, but what they will do is reduce the flash to a point where people won’t be able to see shooting from something where an insurgency where you could be *killed* with one shot is highly useful.

In general I would not recommend you useing any scope it all sometimes iron sights are really bad and in those situations I would recommend the red dot or a cobra scope but be careful in night modes because these will become distracting. I would not recommend using a flashlight or laser sights at all they give no advantage to your weapon but what they will provide utility in very specific situations fore-grips are an excellent choice for spending your points. They will control your fire and unlike the heavy barrel they won’t add any weight. You can use a heavy barrel if you want to but I wouldn’t recommend it. Shotguns are a definite no I would never recommend you using one they don’t have that advantage insurgency that they do in real life where they are easier to handle in tight spaces since no mechanic like this has been implemented insurgency yet they’re not worth picking up and you would be better with something else For explosives I would recommend a frag grenade or smoke grenade depending on your situation If you’re sustaining heavy damage from afar or if someone has pushed up in your spawn point go for the smoke grenades, if you need to push a point and there are a lot of people up on one spot definitely throw some grenades in there and try to clear them out Flash grenades generally aren’t a good choice because they’re not quite strong enough in Insurgency for me to recommend them yet Now when it comes to chest equipment you have the chest rig or the chest carrier The chest rig will allow you two grenades and enough ammo to kill the other team a few times over the chest carriers gives you enough explosives to make a whole lot of mistakes and more ammo than you would reason we need for even two matches you find yourself needing more ammo I would recommend picking up another gun instead or being a little bit more conservative with your fire.

In general I would not recommend a chest rig or a chest carrier unless the situation absolutely calls for it and I can’t think many. Now when it comes to armor you might think alright give me the heavy armor I want to be Superman but that’s not how it works in Insurgency in most cases your going to get killed one or two shots heavy armor only really comes into play where you can take a hit to the arm or limb from AP ammo. With light-armored it doesn’t weigh as much it is not going to slow you down as much we might as well not be wearing any at Most of the time I won’t wear any armor at all I find the mobility I gain from not wearing armor is well worth it and the long run by not wearing armor the game forces me to become a better player in general I would recommend you wearing armor at all you will become more maneuverable your tactics will evolve very rapidly and you will become a much better player than if you relied on heavy armor you will find that you take shots where you know you’re going to kill someone and you get yourself into less situations where your going to be shot at now let’s talk about the big scopes the 7x and the mk4 scope are not really good at all unless you’re in a very special occasion like Panjar push or Sinajr push on A points where you have a lot of range to cover and even then I would recommend a two-time scope over that because you get better at spotting pixels you’re having a hard time spotting pixels try turning an anti-aliasing settings and if you’re still having a hard time try looking online for other setting that might help you one scope that would never recommend you picking up is the PO4x24 scope greatly reduces the area that’s visible to you and it is extremely slow to draw one scope that might be OK in some situations but not others the C 79 my picks weapons are as follow: in no particular order The M1911, The Markov, The M249 The MP5K, The FAL, The AC 556 The M1A1, The m16a4, The AK-74 The AK-74U and the AKM For players that want to improve at Insurgency and have more fun at it try following some of these tips, I would also highly recommend you start communicating with teammate more and learning calls.

If you have any questions about material I covered here definitely let me know in the comments, I always read through those This has been SwissMllk with an insurgency tutorial and as always I will cya guys later 🙂 .

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