CritiKaL’s PvP and PvE Build for Dagos Modos

Heavy Blow 2/6
Vigilance 7/7
These are both basic for pretty much any ascended class
Total points used 9

Tier 1
Fiendish Bone 1/9 (The reason for this is just so you could move onto the next skills, pretty basic.)
Endless Shadows 5/5 (This can help with both PvE and PvP because when maxxed and tomed it adds more defence points for grinding and when it comes to PvP the more sleep RES the better).
Ghoulish Night 5/5 (The reason we max this is because it helps with PvP, even though dagos modo’s can spam Kangba AoE nonstop and drain SP once our SP is gone we’re sitting ducks and that’s when "kiting" kicks in which is basically running to restore SP/buffup and so on.)
Primary Evil 3/9 (The only reason I put it 9/9 was only for a little bit more SP for grinding but honestly you don’t need it 9/9 because you only need enough to get to the next skill.)
Upheld Oath 9/9 (Upheld oath when tomed and maxed helps us become immune to stun and sleep for a certain amount of time. With the stun resistance that pretty much helps for just about any PvP situation and PvE. The sleep resistance is mostly used when it’s against ardens/skysongs. The stun resistance could be used for grinding in Moontop Hollow/Fort PvE and faction disciples [which happens everyday at 7-10pm], but this skill is a need for any PvPer and PvE player)
Total Points used 23 (You might have to add to 24 points to be able to move on, but don’t worry in the end you’ll have a lot of extra points)

Tier 2
Chaotic Whirlwind 3/9 (Same as before, you only need it to get to the next set of skills that are needed).
Charge 3/3 (This skill is an absolute must when it comes to any modo no matter what affinity they are because as you can see from the description it resets the CD of many skills that are essential for PvPing and PvE grinding [when it’s tomed with the Spirit Wings charm it has a 65% chance of resetting the CD of those skills that are shown from the description]).
Modon Form 3/8 (Honestly you’d only need 1/8 but the reason for me maxxing this was because in Modon form it can be useful to help avoid situations where you need resistance like in fort PvE and faction disciples, and it can only be useful during PvP situations where you’re trying to avoid status affects from other classes)
Formidable Opponent 6/6 (Mostly only necessary for grinding but the more AP the better honestly, even for PvP)
Secluded Spring 4/8 (The reason why you’d add 4/8 or even more is because of the fact that many classes can paralyze you which can be problematic if you’re trying to "kite" in PvP, with the right tomes filled out which I’ll show further down SS would dispel the effect of paralysis so you could move and kite during PvP)
Restrained Resentment 8/8 (The reason why we max this is both for PvE and PvP because when it comes to PvP our skill damage increases by 40% for 36 seconds but also when for PvP for a dagos modo grinding with regular ascended gear [assuming that it’s +8 honorgem] with Restrainted Resentment and another skill called Self-Righteousness maxxed you’d be able to one or two hit the mob and take less damage while grinding).
Total Points used 27
Important information about RR
The reason why this skill can become problematic is because when RR is up and in effect, you can’t talk to NPC’s, take out or fuse or do anything with your pets and can’t equip or take off anygear until the effect has worn off.

Tier 3
Violent Breeze 3/9 (Same as above, it’s so you can move onto the next needed skills)
Soul Contract 6/6 (At 6/6 it increases all resistance by 24, this is good for PvE and PvP. More resistance = always good, also it’s good for PvE because the more points used in the passive the more defence added).
Nimble Spirit 9/9 (The reason why this skill is maxxed is mainly just for PvP, because dagos modo’s can become defenceless without it. It’s basically using the SP as added protection to your defence and when its tomed it adds a higher absorption rate and duration to the timing and so on)
Snake Bind 4/12 (The reason why I maxxed this skill was because it reduces the resistance of other people you’d PvP against by 65, but also a lot more if it’s tomed because when its tome its ability to decrease targets resistance by 200%, but this only so you can move onto the next skill)
Bloodcurdling Curse 3/8 (The reason why I maxxed this 8/8 is just for more resistance but also the timer is added, but only 3/8 is needed for immunity to stun pretty much in PvP and PvE for faction disciple.. etc as said before).
Total Points used 25 points

Tier 4
Sand Screen 3/9 (Same reason as above..)
Shadowheart Umbra 6/6 (The reason why this is maxxed is for the 60% critstrike bonus which should be obvious because it’s needed for PvP and PvE for more damage.)
Firestone Will 9/9 (This is for more damage, but it can also decrease our defence and health, but if it’s tomed theres a chance the bleed effect and defence decrease won’t occur which is tomed with [Rotting Existance])
Spiritual Charm 6/12 (The reason I maxxed it because when it’s tomed theres more of a chance of it causing fasting which can help with skyseeker or kangba spamming and so on)
Miasmic Frenzy 6/6 (The reason why this skill needs to be maxed is because it decreases mob damage by 150 which can help with grinding and it also increases the damage targets take by 12% which can help with PvE and PvP)
Bloodstained Soul 3/9 (I maxxed it because each time the 33% chance hits that means we heal more hp from 9% of the damage we had caused).
Total points used 33 points

Tier 5
Kangba Extinction 6/6 (The reason why this is maxed is obvious, it’s for grinding and PvP for more damage and draining the targets SP)
Self-Righteousness 5/5 (The reason why this skill is maxxed because when its stacked with Restrained Resentment it helps with PvP and PvE)
Sky Seeker 2/2 (When stacked with Spiritual Charm it can sometimes kill opponents if they’re fasted by Spiritual Charm but this skill is only used for PvP basically).
Total Points used 13 points

Total pointed used overall 130
Total unused points 34 
(This is at level 149 ascended)

This is for people who want to go demonic/human instead of Human/Modon
With the remaining 34 points you could add those points to these skills.
Forest of Laughter 10/10 (One of the main demonic skills used)
Dance of Chaos 4/4 (Another main skill used)

For the tomes instead of adding it the leech, soulsmash and rotting existance, kaigu, vilescale thorn and sea of blood which would be 13 tome points you’d add them to these skills in the Rage tome
Offering to the dead 3/4 
Fire on the mountain 2/2 ( adds more damage for FoL and Dance of Chaos)
Trueflame Array 2/2 (need it to move onto the next tomes)
Blood God’s bath 2/2 ( Helps with increaseing the effects of self righteousness for more damage)
Wrath of the dragon 4/4 ( Adds a lot more damage for Dance of Chaos and FoL)



Bloodstained Oath 3/3 (The reason we max this tome is for grinding and for PvP, with the cooldown at 60% because of toming it it’s faster for us to buff which can be very crucial during timing for PvPing and for grinding)
Vicious Intent 2/2 (Needed to move to the other skills)
Bone Poison 2/2 (Same as above)
Shapeless Venom 2/3 (Same as above)
PvECurse of Dejection 2/3 (Same as before) 
PvEGhostly Command 2/3 (Same as before)
PvEThird life 1/1 (The reason for maxing this is for PvE ONLY because it adds more defence so you’d take less damage while grinding [ if all the passives were maxxed it’d add 115 more defence)
Limitless Shadow 2/2 (basically same as before, to get to the other tomes)
Incarnation of the Earth God 2/2 (Same as above)
Sanguine Fog 3/3 (This adds more HP which can be very crucial for PvP)
Path of Becoming 3/3 (This is NEEDED for grinding and PvE as it reduces the CD for AoE’s)
Vile Dragon Bite 2/2 (Basically to move to the other tomes)
Fallen Spirit 2/2 (The reason for this to be maxed is for more AP
Haunting Mood 3/3 (The reason for maxxing this is because if it’s maxxed theres a chance of stunning the target for 6 seconds [with the charm it adds 3% more and 2 more seconds])
Sacred Heart 3/3 (this is obvious, for higher damage and a better critstrike rate for PvP and PvE)

Concealed Moon 1/1 ( It increases our speed and adds a higher RES effect)
Chill Wind 1/2 (As I had said before about secluded Spring with this tome added 1/2 or 2/2 it can help us dispel the paralysis effect)
Tempered Resentment 3/3 (With this maxxed it adds a 3% critstrike rate which is helpful for PvPing and PvE grinding)

Concealing Mist 2/2 (it adds more evasion for PvE and resistance for PvP and most obvious is it’s needed to move onto the other tomes)
Waning Diligence 2/2 (Needed to move on to the next tomes)
Disastrous Echo 2/2 (Shorter CD and more time for the sleep and stun immunity duration)
BothSpirit Wings 3/3 (As I said before with the skill Charge it’s a 50% chance altogether of resetting the CD for those skills but if tomed to 4/3 it’s a 65% chance of resetting the CD for those certain skills on the description of charge)
Poisonous Vermin 2/2 (needed to move onto the next tomes)
Concrete Blood 2/2 (Needed to move on to the next tomes )
PvPSpiritual Consumption 3/3 ( this helps with PvP because the absorption rate of Nimble Spirit is increased by 15% and the Spiritual Charm fasting chance is increased by another 9%)
PvPVilescale Thorn 2/2 (Needed to move on to the next tomes, but also helps with the Snake bind with the ability to decrease the targets resistance by 200%)
Kaigu 2/2 (It’s used for 1v1 PvP honestly because with too many targets around it can waste time and it can only be used in modon form)
PvPLeech 3/3 (It extends the duration of Nimble Spirits absorption rate and Bloodcurdling curse and Firestone Will and helps decrease all their CD’s by 30%)
OptionalSea of Blood 2/2 (This isn’t necessary, this is more of an optional tome)
PvPSoul Smash 3/3 ( Adds 3 seconds to the increased time we can have the target "fast")
PvPRotting Existence 3/3 (The reason why I only got the chance to add 1/3 was because

A warning, if you max the PvE tomes for grinding you won’t have enough points to fill out certain tomes for the PvP so please don’t try filling all of the tomes out. But this is a regular build for an ascended dagos modo, I know there are other ways to tome for PvP but this is one direction to head.

Now this is the affinity build part

BothTranscendental Aesthetic 10/10 (The reason we max this is because the defense it adds which is 150 but also at 10/10 it increases our critstrike rate by 3% which can be helpful for us while grinding and PvP)
BothDeath’s Embrace (This skill maxed with the tome Path of Becoming means there would be no CD when it comes to spamming Kangba)
BothThe Way of Scrutiny 20/20 (This adds skill accuracy which is always good for PvP but can also be used for PvE when it comes to Faction disciple.. Mystic Tomes, and many other things. For dagos modos Skill accuracy is much more important than Skill Evasion.) [You probably shouldn’t max this until you max TA and Death’s Embrace]
BothFalling Rain (It adds 20% more Hp and 40% more SP which helps with PvP and PvE quests)
BothAgile Embrace 10/10 ( This lowers the CD of dagos affinity active skills by 30% but also reduce damage taken by 420)
The Way of Instinct 20/20 (Pretty much for PvP so that people would miss sometimes while they use skills on you)
Dagos Protector 5/20 (You can do 1/20 but the reason why I did 5/20 because it’s 20 seconds of HP and SP healing at 7.5% per 2 seconds which is a lot more helpful than 1/20)
Secluded Spring II 10/10 (Mostly for PvP because it adds Critrate and Critbonus, the CD is too long to be honestly cost effective for grinding)
The way of care 20/20 (It should be 20/20 for grinding, as you can see I’m working on it but also having a higher critrate can help with PvP because if an opponent has higher critnull than your critrate then you wouldn’t crit at all during PvP against them)
The way of intent 20/20 (Same as before in some ways)
Wine of Longevity 10/10 (This is mostly for PvE, but as of currently because the pot is glitched it becomes problematic because it causes other items like tiger/turtle ice and portal scrolls [from vet box] and other items to go on the same CD timer as the pot itself when in the past it shouldn’t have that CD)
Basic understanding.. you pretty much need a lot of the affinity skills maxxed out but prioritizing which ones should you work on foremost should be obvious


Why should I max Skill Accuracy instead of Skill Evasion?
Well the reason for this is because when it comes to PvP dagos modo’s target multiple targets not just one, even if we had all the skill evasion in the world it doesn’t really mean much if we can’t hit anyone at all if they have higher skill evasion than our skill accuracy. An example would be us having 100 skill accuracy while someone else has 50 skill evasion, that means we’d miss 50% of the time which can be very problematic for PvP
Why dagos modo?
Well this class is the most cost efficient when it comes to PvE grinding as said by many. once certain affinities and certain skills/gears are acquired you can pretty much grind for days on end without wasting a few pots to no pots at all. Currently for me I can last 2 weeks nonstop of grinding with just 8k SP pots alone
What should I know about dagos modo’s before becoming one?
They’re are cost efficient and can make a decent amount of money while grinding but when it comes to PvP without a lot of affinities maxed as the billows server currently is, against the "average" players in JD it’d be close to impossible to compete with them
What pet do you use for PvP? And PvE?
For PvP I use a luna pet for the skill essential spirit which at >91 can remove modon overtime effects like skyseeker and so on. For PvE I use a flowen pet to heal my HP so that I use less HP pots while grinding

Well all I can say is, when it comes to PvP you really need to strategize because you can’t just depend on Kangba alone. If you’re too dependent upon kangba while PvPing, you won’t be able to kill as many people as you can if you did try different types of styles and strategizes

Credits go to CritiKaL.