ernm20’s Balo PvP Build

Ok, before we start let’s have a brief discussion about balo. Players keep on comparing balo to vim faction, well first vim has to buff their self to strengthen them while balo has various of skills to weaken and deal massive damage to the opponent, they could instant kill target which makes balo totally different to vim faction. Second would be the distribution of points to lessen the cooldown of T5 skill (Powerful Aid and Durable Fighter Skill) each skills from T1 to T4 will lessen the cooldown by 1sec if skills are ranked by level9. Last obviously is their looks haha many players complained about the looks of balo, most often is about being so brute. lol fashion has its purpose.

Ok let’s get this started, these following skills are the most often and important to use:

1. Ancient Soul – this is your friendly skill against critical and negative effect skills. It will give you immune and increases your attack power and health in a short period of time.

2. Powerful Aid – a T5 skill which has 10secs cooldown and could lessen to become 3secs cooldown with the additional damage and effect depends on T1 to T4 skill ranks and tome.

3. Slaughter – a chance of instant killing target but there’s no rate of chance given.

Here is a skill tree, just click the link below:

You will have 2 extra points of Faction and Tome skills.

TIER 1: Max Ordeal, Potent and Flanker. *choose any skill to put 1 skill point to complete 32points and ables you to proceed to T2. for me I chose Hard Blow skill.

Ordeal – reduce a target’s movement speed by 60% for 4secs. Good to catch escaping targets. (rank 9 to reduce 1sec cooldown of Powerful Aid Skill)
Potent – increase movement speed and has 80% chance of removing weaken effect.
Flanker – enhance your defense according to your level.

TIER 2: Max Dark Injury, Nothingness Walk and Penetrator.

Dark Injury – weakening target by 20% for 4secs. (rank 9 to reduce 1sec cooldown of Powerful Aid Skill)
Nothingness Walk – leap forward and removes slow with a chance of 60%. Make a good timing of this skill with the Ancient Soul skill.
Penetrator – Reduce the target defense by 200 for 8 secs.

TIER 3: Max Twisting Dragon, Tiger Smash, Dragons Light and Ambition.

Twisting Dragon – paralyze target with a strength according to your level for 4 secs.(rank 9 to reduce 1sec cooldown of Powerful Aid Skill)
Tiger Smash – weakens target and if successful it will reduce target speed by 60% and grants you increasing movement speed for 6 secs. This is good in chasing and escaping opponent.
Dragons Light & Ambition – These skills are your first and final buffs, additional 10% of attack power and health of yourself and your party for 10 mins.

TIER 4: Max Combat Spirit, Sky Rift, Song of Antipathy and Slaughter.

Combat Spirit – A good posture to have critical hits but consumes a bit of your HP. This skill gives you 5% critical rate and 50% bonus critical. Consumes your HP upon using skills, 30% of spirit cost of your skill will be paid by your HP with the amount of 2 health in 1 spirit.
Sky Rift – Stuns a target for 4 secs. (rank 9 to reduce 1sec cooldown of Powerful Aid Skill)
Song of Antipathy – Another stun skill for 6 secs.
Slaughter – instant killing the target if their HP is below 29%. Percentage will be enhanced of tome skill by 6% with the total of 35%.
*the strength of the stun effect of Sky Rift and Song of Antipathy is equal to the caster’s level multiplied by 1.9

TIER5: Max Ancient Soul, Powerful Aid and Blade Swinger.

Ancient Soul – for 36seconds you will have the immunity of critical and negative effect skills and grants you 10% increase Health and Attack power. Anti Spurt (Rayan deadly skill), Eloquence Lord (Arden deadly skill), Love’s Glance (irritating skill of Lupin) and more.
Powerful Aid – your most often used skill. It has 3 secs cooldown skill and deals 4 strikes, the effect and damage of strikes is based on these following skills: Ordeal, Dark Injury, Twisting Dragon and Sky rift. So making each skill ranked 9 is a must.
Blade Swinger – Bridge Skill.

Use this ordered skills to have powerful combo:

Ancient Soul > Powerful Aid > Penetrator > Song of Antipathy > Powerful Aid > Blade Swinger > Powerful Aid > Sky Rift then the finishing skill Slaughter.
I’m not 100% sure if it does stunlock combo.

Credits go to ernm20.