Marky’s Felkin Vim – Build – “PvP Guide”

For all my fellow Felkin Vims out there!

Let me start off with my suggested builds.

Pre Asc 



for those of you who have trouble with skysong’s sleep or want to be immune to stun for a bit too

Important Charms

Absurd Notion Charm – More HP and Critshield

Exorcise Charm – Shorter Gather Spirit CD

Focused Hate Charm – adds longer silence effect for Perpetual Loneliness

Heaven’s Blessing Charm – Longer Raja Duration + Shorter CD

Nihility Charm – Spam Splitting Strike = Spamming Slow Effect on enemy

Thunder Burst Charm - Lighting Flash Sp Drain

Thundering Sky Charm – Spam Mohun 

Important Felkin Skills to have are:
-Demon Fire II 10/10
Gather Spirit II 10/10
Magma Blade II 10/10
—-WitherWood II – Any lvl would be fine. – Mainly use it to try and reset the Cool Down of DemonFire 2
—–Skill Accuracy Passive 20/20 -what’s the use of our one shot abilities if we cant land them? - [Along with the Skill Accuracy Passive push for as much Skill Accuracy from other items such as a higher Closed Star Essence, Skill Accuracy Imbues on all Gear, Open Star Seals on Chest, Skill Accuracy Ring(Insight of Heaven) ], Prime of Heaven necklace(either buy it off someone else, or try to farm your own from Dread Labyrinth)

-Note: these are just the ones you should START out getting first asap.


For us Felkin Vims, we are made to one shot mostly, and our felkin skills dont have anything that remove negative effects such as bleeds, no felkin shields, no extra raja’s etc etc. 

If you got the money buy a tiger suit, bunny suit, and a velonus suit if you’re that rich. Also a Luna Pet with lvl 91 Essential Spirit [to get rid of Sp Drains + Skyseeker]

Alright, first of all, i suggest you PvP on FOOT. I know i know we’re vims, and vims are the slowest faction, but trust me..we need to kite, and you won’t kite very well on a mount. Our lack of defensive skills compared to Fuwa make it harder for us to tank damage, so for us Felkins, Kiting is the way to go. Make use of the Charge Skill and our Speed Buff, otherwise there would be no point of having it. Our speed buff isn’t that good compared to other factions, but it’s still better than nothing.

If you don’t know what "Kiting" is, it is basically running back and forth, left right, doing anything to avoid taking any damage.Without teleporting of course.

Skills to help you "Kite" :
-Dragon Cry (Asc Skill) [AoE Stun]
–Perpetual Loneliness [AoE Paralyaze(+ Silence with tome)]
—Magma Blade 2 (Felkin Skill)[Ranged Stun]
—-Splitting Strike [Spamming Slow Effect]
—–Counter Tide [90% chance to remove Speed buff off target, 100% with Counter Tide on your Esper. It also has a chance to slow, the slow effect can stack with Splitting Strike, making the target basically unable to move.]
——Empty Return (Asc. Skill) [Silence effect]

Everyone has their own way of fighting. Every faction has their own style of fighting, and each player of that faction has their own style of fighting. Not every person of the same faction will fight the same. For example, not all Vims fight the same way, or not all lupins or ardens fight the same way.
So i can’t really make a list of how to or how I fight each faction, because the same thing might not work on the person you guys may be fighting. And as i said, not everyone fights the same.

If you have any questions regarding tomes, skills, pvping, kiting, etc feel free to ask, i’ll try my best to help you.

Credits go to Marky.