Simple warning: if you don’t do this, all you’ll see is “Graze” and graze means TEN TIMES less damage. This is far more important than any stat currently in the game.

at level 60, you’ll start getting quests that reward you with ether force. Dump all of your ether force into accuracy. By far the most important stat at the moment. 10 levels is 100 accuracy.

Get Accuracy soul gems from the soul gem maps. Can use up to 6 gems, 2 on hands, 2 on weapon and 2 on head. +120 accuracy with level II gems, +132 with level 3.

Put 30 kagerfield badges into attack first, then accuracy, then everything else. (20 points)

If you get a costume through shop or badges or treasure boxes, both “face” and “collar” can give 20 accuracy each. Prioritize those. (40 points)

Head and hands can roll accuracy. If you get a decent drop (55 legendary, 60 or 65 purple, you can buy 60 purple for green boss souls at the material exchange shop) try to get accuracy on them by either buying multiple items or hard reappraising. (50 to 100 accuracy depending on how good rolls you get on both)

Some hand piece have an extra ability that boosts accuracy for you and your team by 100. If you happen to get a hold on one, use them. The stat doesn’t show unless you’re inside the danger zone.

Accessories and weapon can also roll accuracy. Don’t aim for those since they can also give a ton of useful stats, but if you do get accuracy, do not discard that roll as bad. Keep it.

There are titles such as “Coroner” that give accuracy and are easily obtainable through simply doing quests. (35 accuracy)

with the reliable methods mentioned you can have well over 350 accuracy, possibly over 400 with some luck. Any extra sources such as Accuracy rolls on weapon or accessories will boost you even further. If you or any of your party member have any of the said gloves (either Xanadu or Grand gloves) that boost accuracy by another 100, you’re in an even better spot, but that takes some extra luck. 500 accuracy is enough to properly deal with Starhenge content. 600 would be best. Keep pumping further ether force levels into Accuracy until you hit that mark.

Do that, and you won’t ragequit upon entering Starhenge dungeons on easy.

If I missed any obvious and easy way to stack accuracy without (or with miinimal) effort that’s available to any new players, feel free to add it.


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