#Wow another guide for Catspaw?#
Indeed there is. It’s nice to have multiple guides on any given subject to collect knowledge from multiple people to be able to use to your own advantage. ;)
So Let’s Begin, is a hefty one so strap in and let’s go!

Let us start with a brief description on the class. This class is a mobile, evasive, in-your-face kind of class. The attacks she brings to the table, while they may look weak, output crazy amounts of damage if done correctly. In this guide you will find out what my interpretation of “correct” would look like. There will also be a demonstration video on each skill.

To start things off; let’s begin with a list of all of her skills that you will be using for this guide.

Cat’s KickFlying KickQuick Jab
Claw SlawSpiral KillCat Slam
Death ClawLightning CatDeath Pounce
ShatterquakeFurball – Guild representBlast Kick
Cat-AstropheHunting ArtsFurry Fury
Quick KittyCat scratch

Now that we have the list let’s begin with what are the skills and what do they do.

Cat’s Kick1SP
Lvl 13
Beginner skill learned upon character creation of Rogue. Ranking this skill up provides different buffs to this skill.
Ranking this skill to level 8 gives you the ability to knock up ultra.
Leveling this skill to level 11 provides invulnerability to the second kick.
Can be used mid air. Has Ultra
* 3 second CooldownTotal attack power 2,738%
* Tumbling Attack Power 1,369%
* Up-Kick Attack Power 1,369%
* Flying Kick lvl 1 – Attack Power 2,738%
Quick Jab3SP
Lvl 16
Beginner skill learned upon character creation of Rogue. Ranking this skill every 4 levels past level 1 grants an additional stack of bleed on hit.
Example: Rank 1 applies 1 stack of bleed,
rank 5 applies 2 stacks of bleed,
Rank 9 applies 3 stacks of bleed, etc.
up to rank 22 totalling 6 stacks of bleed.
* 7 second CooldownTotal attack power 5,555%
Cat Scratch2SP
Lvl 17
Learned at level 15 upon changing class to Catspaw. After a 20-hit chain, you will mark a single enemy.
Right-Click to activate causing you to teleport behind the marked target. 3-hit combo.
Be careful as this skill does not provide ultra or invulnerability.
* No CooldownTotal attack power 7,461%
Quick Kitty6SP
Lvl  1
Passive skill learned upon changing class to Catpsaw. After a 50-hit chain you will receive a buff lasting 10 seconds which increase Damage by 10%.
Every hit after 50 refreshes this buff.
* No Cooldown.
Claw Slash2SP
Lvl 22
Learned upon creation of Rogue. 3-hit with 3 stages of attack. Catspaws can hold this skill for a Big Slash which travels forward slowly.
* 5 second Cooldown.Total attack power 14,164%
* Claw multi-hit power 1,180 per 3 strikes
* Large Claw multi-hit power 1,561%
* Large Claw Maximum hits: 11
* Large Claw Total damage 17,171%
Spiral Kill2SP
Lvl 17
Learned upon changing class to Catspaw. Can be used mid air. Drags enemies. Invulnerability during dash.
* 10 second Cooldown.Total attack power 9,492%
* Initial cast damage 474%
* Initial cast Maximum strikes: 4
* Second string of attack 474%
* Second string of strikes: 7
Cat Slam3SP
Lvl 17
Learned upon changing class to Catspaw. Can be used mid air. Drags enemies. Invulnerability during dash.
* 10 second Cooldown.Total attack power 21,780%
* Forward Charge Attack Power 7,260
* Strikes that follow damage 2,904%
* Maximum strike: 5
Death Claw3SP
Lvl 17
Learned upon changing class to Catspaw. Ultra Break. Quick execution. Modified with Hunting Arts. Launches.
* 8 second Cooldown.Total attack power 10,400%
* Swipe kick attack power 1,040%
* Swipe kick strikes: 8
* Finishing kick power: 2,080%
Lvl 16
Learned at level 20. Gathers enemies in a short radius. Drags enemies.
* 20 second Cooldown.Total attack power 11,100%
* Spin multi-hit power 1,110%
* Spin Maximum strikes: 10
Lightning Cat4SP
Lvl 16
Learned at level 20. Ultra break. Ultra during attack. Brief stun. Can be used 2 additional times after the first connects.
4 additional times after the first with awakening. 3 kicks(5 kicks). Can be use Mid air.
* 20 second Cooldown.Total Attack power 25,967% (39,814 if awakened)
* First 2(4 if awakened) kicks power 6,924%
* Finishing kick 12,118%
Death Pounce3SP
Lvl  1
Learned at level 25. Ultra break. Ultra on initial launch, invulnerable during motion afterwards.
Stuns. Can be used Mid air.
* 15 second Cooldown.Total attack power 3,749%
* Collision attack power 937%
* Slam attack power 2,812%
Shatter Quake4SP
Lvl 12
Learned at level 30. Invulnerable. Holding the skill causes additional hits along with an extended i-frame.
You can tap the skill twice to do a short dash.* Can be used Mid air.
* 15 second Cooldown.
* Reduced by 5 seconds if attack hits.

Total attack power 22,950%(39,015%)
* Slam attack power 22,950
* Spinning attack power 2,295
* Spinning attack strikes: 7

Lvl  1
Learned at level 35. Invulnerable. Drags enemies. This skill has 2 variations to it. A mid air version and a Ground version.
Ground version drags enemies, while the mid air version is just damage. Lasts 2 seconds when used on ground, 1 second in air.
Can be used Mid air.
* 35 second Cooldown.

Total attack power 4,340%~ 11,900%
* Roll multi-hit 315%
* Roll maximum strikes: Varying anywhere from 10~34 hits on a single target.
* Finishing roll attack power 1,190
* Air slam total attack power 8,750%

Blast Kick5SP
Lvl  1
Learned at level 40. Invulnerable during dash, Ultra during the kick. Breaks Ultra. This skill’s description is misleading.
There is no charging of power and what not. Just a dash and an upward kick that reduces all cooldowns by 5 seconds :smile: . The Kick knocks back while the upward kick gathers.
* 35 second Cooldown.

Total Attack power 8,750%
* Dash attack power 4,375%
* Upward kick attack power 4,375%

Lvl  6
Learned at level 50. 3 stage attack with Ultra during claw strike and upward kick, Invulnerability during jump. Modified with Hunting Arts.
Known for the Claw strikes not dealing any damage but the upward kick is a huge hit.
* 90 second Cooldown.

Total attack power 64,680%
* Upward kick attack power 40,425%
* Leap multi-hit power 8,085%
* Hunting Arts Cat-Astrophe multi-hit power 8,085%
* Hunting Arts Cat-Astrophe strikes: 8

**Hunting Arts*0SP
Lvl  1
Learned at level 50 Passive. Modifies Death Claw and Cat-Astrophe active skills.
**Furry Fury*8SP
Lvl  1
Ultimate skill. Learned at level 65. Roughly 12 seconds of invulnerability. Breaks ultra. Stuns for 3 seconds. Can vary anywhere from 50~77 hits during usage.
Left click repeatedly to make more hits. FPS Dependant and how fast you can click.
* 80 second Cooldown.

Total attack power 49,980%~66,810
* Dust Cloud multi-hit power 2,040%
* Multi-hit strikes: 14
* Additional strikes power: 510%
* Additional strikes maximum: Anywhere from 30~63 hits
* Dust cloud final burst attack power 6,120%

**EX Skills*
EX-Spiral KillEX Move.
Learned at level 50 upon completion of Awakening quest given by Tuval in Oppurtunity Bay. Ultra. Stuns targets for 1 second. This is the one you want to be using for DPS.
EX-Cat SlamEX Move.
Learned at level 50 upon completion of Awakening Quest given by Tuval in Oppurtunity Bay. Invulnerable. Ultra break. Knocks up enemies. Enters cheat codes. Mainly for Utility as it does decent damage but too much downtime.
EX-Death PounceEX Move.
Learned at level 50 upon completion of Awaken Quest given by Tuval in Oppurtunity Bay. Invulnerable. Low damage. Stay away from this lol. Can be used Mid air.

I leave out Furry Flurry and razor Claw out of the picture simply because the damage that they bring to the table is mediocre. Razor Claw misses more than half the time. Furry Flurry takes too long for it to do all of its damage when otherwise you could use other skills that have the same effect on a shorter cooldown. Both Furry Flurry and Razor claw have the same cooldown clocking in at 30 seconds each. These two skills alone are simply not worth it for a PvE mindset. PvP though, they bring wonders to the table with their insane Invulnerability time, the only problem with this is both attacks need to hit the first time in order for them to work. Meaning you can be hit out of Razor claw and Furry Flurry in PvP. However the talk about PvP is for another day.

Furball and Blast kick are level 1 only because of the fact that they are mainly used for utility. Blast kick covers a great distance and is a great gap closer boasting an I-frame as well as an Ultra. Both hits have ultra break as well. Furball is only level 1 for the same reason as Blast Kick however it’s only an insane I-frame when used on the ground. Using it mid air can have its benefits, however the cooldown does not support the skills high damage output. If this skill was on a 20 second cooldown I’d invest in it for damage purposes, however since it’s on a 30 second cooldown there’s too much down time to have points wasted here.

Quick jab is useful in this build as a gap closer and just a cheesy big hit on enemies for bleed. Boasting a short cooldown you can add this skill as filler to anything and still keep your DPS in check. Some are unaware of it’s oddly weird flash mechanic which can give you a brief state of ultra. Very small window for it so it is best used when you have an opening for attack. Also, as it’s name implies, is a quick big hit.

Cat’s kick is something I found to be useful but only after you put enough points in it for the I-frame on the second kick. Collectively Cat’s kick is a very useful skill. Sports some decent damage, but mainly for extra utility. At rank 11, the upward kick on this skill gives you a brief .5 second I-frame while flying kick gives you 1 second of invulnerability. So you have 1.5 seconds of an I-frame to help you in risky situations. The skill does put you in animation lock but with the I-frame you need not to worry as the animation ends with the I-frame.

As much as people might not invest into Spiral Kill particularly for its sub-par damage output compared to Claw Slash, but the numbers add up. This skill is a main part of your kit that lets you get your Cat Scratch ability as well as chomp out a good chunk of the required 50 multi-hit requirement of Quick Kitty. I’d say might as well invest in it for damage if you’re going to be using it off Cooldown.

Death Claw is one of those skills that are on the fence. Some may only put 1 skill level into it for its ultra break property. I personally invest in this skill’s damage for the purpose of trying to get to Quick kitty in few skills as possible so I can start getting into the major damage moves in your kit. Again, in my book, the damage may not be millions, but they add up definitely. The skill time length actually benefits from cooldown management a lot. Considering it takes about 2 seconds for the skill to complete. It also slows down ultra as it’s an ultra break. However, the Ultra break ability only happens on the final hit. The initial kicks are there for the stagger.

Tailchaser. Oh Tailchaser. I am actually on the fence myself about this ability having invested the skill points. Though, if you think about it; it only costs 2 SP per skill rank and it goes to level 16 max. Cooldown is fairly short and it gathers enemies. Might as well get a little more damage in on mobs so you can cut down on skill usage when mobbing. When you’re using it on a boss, 10 free hits. Fast execution 10 hits closer to Quick Kitty.

Death Pounce should be at level 1 honestly. It doesn’t have much use other than it’s a great starter for lightning cat. Those two just feel fluent when paired together. It’s an Ultra break and offers an Ultra frame as well as an I-frame when you make contact with something.The damage it offers is that of about half of 1 kick of lightning cat. So really only 1 level is necessary.

With all that said let’s move on to optimal awakenings for this build.

Shatterquake’s awakening is a must have considering shatterquake is one of the most, if not the most damaging skill at your disposal. I mean if you want a reference, my Catspaw can crit 10million on Belladonna frequently. I’m only at 95k CR with fairly below-average stats.

Claw Slash awakening is almost a dead giveaway as to a must have. You’re using the skill a lot so why not. Actually does a surprisingly large amount of damage for a skill on a 5 second cooldown.

Cat Slam Awakening Is a little confusing. Offering a 50% increased damage, 30% increased range, and absorption reduced distance of 1m. So let’s start with the obvious. 50% damage increase? Hell yeah, 30% extra range? Why not. Absorption reduced distance by 1m? Uh, what does that mean? From my understanding that means that when you use the skill your distance of drag is actually reduced. The only thing preventing this skill from not getting points into it is the fact that you go 30% further and has a 50% increased damage scaling. Absurd.

Spiral Kill’s awakening actually might be interesting for some to see. As I don’t really know the scaling of the attack power, but you do see a difference in your damage output when you put points into this skill. Merely a translation error. An alternative, if you’re skeptical about investing into spiral kill, is you can slap some points into Death Claw’s awakening for 25% extra damage to the skill. From what I recall about others trying to discover what those ratios are, I do believe it’s 8% per level in Spiral kill and 5% in deathclaw.

Lightning Cat awakening is a blessing. Why would you not take the extra 2 kicks it has on an already high damage skill? Is great.

So now that you have your skills, set them all up on your hotbar to what you play with. Personally I play on default and have no issues. Remapping your keys to whatever fits your playstyle is on you.
This video will help you define what to do with all these skills. Catspaw has the luxury of mix & matching skills to whatever you desire. How you play your class is what defines you. In the world of Kritika is this is singly the most appealing aspect of this game.


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