Kritika Assassin Skill Build

Hi guys this is Luck on EU , i’ll be giving you the guide to Assassin and how to use it in Arena here.

First thing you need to know is that Assassin is a super burst class , Attack speed is almost meaningless (Almost but that doesn’t mean completely ignore it) , Your main focus needs to be on Attack/Bonus dmg % since our bleed scales accordingly , then on critical dmg % , you will reach 100% critical sooner or later with end game gear
Bleed Stacks Reach a maximum of 20 stacks , however the first stack you placed cannot exceed 20 seconds of it’s time , so it will gradually decrease not all at once , applying new bleed does not extend the older ones , so you need to constantly keep applying Bleed Stacks
Our Element Must be Fire Element , as Fireblast and Shatterblade , our damaging skill and gathering skill are FireElement , so as not to lose damage from them

Assassin Skills are are split into 2 categories , Bleed Stacking Skills And Bleed Boosted Skills

Before mentioning them There are 3 skills that don’t fall in either Categories Ghost Assassin – What makes every assassin class , our invisibility skill unlike the skill description our invisibility is about 7-8 seconds , also it can be used as an escape instead of using tab , leaving a bomb in your place stunning enemies and dealing the dmg , but you don’t get the invisibility effect if used in that way , the most important of it’s effects is increasing back attack dmg by 80% , also it gives us 20% move speed
The Second is Decoy – your ultimate , it Spawns 4 clones of yourself , each clone will be using each of your skills once , except for some of them , dealing an insane amount of dmg , the good part about this is that clones are targetted by Bosses and mobs , as if they were you , so if you just let them attack they will be the target instead of you.
The Third is EX-Cyclone Blade – it’s your best gathering skill , as it’s range is INSANELY big , and it can pull any mobs with any special effects like Heavy or Immovable , however it’s a little low dmg compared to the other super bursts, but good for charging EX-Bar again from Earring Effect at +15

Bleed Stacking : 1- Quick Jab – 6 Bleed stacks at max lvl (1 + 1 per 4 lvls), a good gab closer and decent dmg
2- Shuriken – 1 Bleed Stack (Good to keep your bleed going if you need to stay away from bosses which you will need at some point)
3- Triple Kill – 4 Bleed Stacks – use it only when you need to stack bleed on a stunned target , extremely dangerous at higher arena floors as they have high dmg
4- Cat-a-Pult – 5 Bleed Stacks (2 + 1 per 5 lvls) – 1 of your highest damaging skills as well as a CC – Ultra breaker – AOE Gathering , low CD (A life saver if you may ask me)
5- BackSlash – 3 Bleed Stacks – EXTREMELY risky to use unless the target is stunned , very helpful to get to target back (back attacks from earring +15 effect Recharge your EX-Bar , this is 1 of the easy ways to get to target back easily)
6- Four Winds- 2 Bleed Stacks – A decent I-frame + gets you to the target’s back as well as decent dmg , it also has a short dash range for it’s stab to land
7- Skyblade – 6 Bleed Stacks – a high bleed stacking skill , it’s also 1 of your few gathering skills , as well as ur best way to charge EX-Bar if attacking from behind using the earring effect as mentioned
8- Stormblade- A) Normal Use – Applies 15 Bleed stacks , however you cannot move for the duration , but it more or less stuns your target ( not an actual stun , it’s just extremely fast shurikens that the target doesn’t move at all)
EXTREMELY good for charging EX-Bar using earring effect on stunned target
B ) Invisible Use – Applies 8 Bleed Stacks , but in exchange for the Bleeding difference , you don’t get stuck in the animation , instead it casts a hurricane like of leaves around you damaging and stacking bleed , also this
isn’t mentioned in the skill description but Stormblade removes the cooldown of Ghost Assassin if used during invisibility , which is EXTREMELY helpful.
9- CycloneBlade- 8 Bleed Stacks – 1 of your highest Damaging skills , also it’s a FORCING CC , No matter what kind of empowerment the boss you use it on , IT WILL PUSH HIM (unless he is in entering animation like some bosses
spawning initially) , for it’s duration it keeps pulling the targets to it’s center slowly , and deals an insane amount of dmg
10-EX-Quick Jab – 10 Bleed Stacks – a decent damage skill while iframing , with a decent hit box (hitting all the targets between your original point and the Slashing point) , also this skill has an effect that is not mentioned in the
description , it puts you back in INVISIBILITY , for the same duration as Ghost Assassin , as well as you can cast Ghost assassin Bomb again to jump back and leave the bomb on ground for the stun
which is extremely helpful.

Bleed Boosted: 1- Kill Thrust – a Good Executing Skill, stuns target and an iframe with enough bleed stacks on target, however not recommended if you can’t kill fast , because it’s the only skill that consumes all the Bleed Stacks to boost it’s dmg ,
while bleed stacks at some point deal more dmg if left untouched
2- ShatterBlade – your best normal skill for gathering if Empowered with awakening , deals decent amount of dmg , and with enough Bleed stacks it deals a stun , very helpful since it’s ranged as it will be a ranged stun.
3- FireBlast – Your highest normal skill for damaging – dmg increases with every bleed stack , and causes a stun to targets , if used from the front , You will stun the target while getting to the back side , landing back attacks + charging EX
4- DeathBlast – Not too much useful for dmg , however it’s decent to keep the dmg going while running away , while it’s awakening reduces target’s slash resistance
5- ShadowSlash – Your most Important skill if you are lacking dmdg , a good iframe teleporting you to the spot you decide , however it’s BEST effect is that it transforms the Bleeding stacks when it reaches 10 stacks to an Excessive
Bleeding Debuff , allowing you to place even more Bleed Stacks , they still count as the previous bleeding stacks , making you reach a higher max for bleeding , while the new debuff last 20 seconds and the skill CD is
30 seconds
6-EX-BackSlash – Your HIGHEST dmg skill , however it’s the SLOWEST cast , don’t use it unless the boss is stunned , and all your skills are on CD while you need to maintain dmg.


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