Fritika Online Catspaw Build

Author’s Note

I noticed the forums have a lack of high quality guides regarding the various classes, so here’s one I wrote for you guys ’cause I was bored. Also, don’t trust everything you see in game. Quite a few things are straight up wrong. I’ve put in hours of testing and even more making a spreadsheet and then this guide. If you don’t believe what I’m saying here, go test it yourself. Due to the character limit on posts, I have to structure this guide a bit strangely. Sorry if it looks strange people! -Ryxa

P.S. I hate how your post can randomly vanish if you try to edit it. The previous thread I made just disappeared and I have to rewrite it… a large part of it from memory.


Already know most of this stuff? Not interested in the boring basic overview and boring numbers? Just interested in the weird stuff the game doesn’t tell you about the Catspaw skills? Hit control+F and search for what you need using the index!

First Post
• Author’s Note
• Index
• Intro
• Miscellaneous

Second Post
• Basic Skills Overview
• • Catspaw Basic Skills
• • Catspaw Class Skills

Third Post
• • Catspaw Awakening Skills
• Skill Specifics and Nuances
• • Issues with Certain Skills
• • Skill Usage Tips

Fourth Post
• My Personal Skill Build
• • Reasoning
• Alternative Options
• • Consider Using These
• • Consider Not Using These


Catspaw (sometimes referred to as Cat Acrobat on other servers), is a Rogue class that is able to quickly and quite efficiently build high combo numbers. Their main passive, “Quick Kitty”, grants the player a 10% damage increase once their combo count reaches 50 or higher. A high combo count is easy to achieve with Catspaw with skills such as “Spiral Kill”, which can obtain up to 26 hits on just a single enemy! In many other games, Combo oriented classes tend to have difficulty dealing with large groups of enemies, but that’s not the case with Catspaw. She can use skills like “Cat Slam” and “Tailchaser” to quickly gather and clear groups of enemies. Most importantly though… She can use most of her skills while airborne! Sound interesting? Well the following guide will let you get a good idea of how Catspaw works even if you haven’t started the game yet.


If you’re interested in seeing more numbers, click [here]. If you have issues or additional information, please comment below. If I don’t respond in a timely fashion, find me in game as Ryxa (Assassin), or perhaps on Sylla (Catspaw). Also thanks to the people who pointed out things that I missed. Read through the thread to see who helped out!

Basic Skills Overview

The following is a quick and dirty overview of a Catspaw’s skills. Unless stated otherwise, Catspaw skills are of neutral element and can be used in the air. Skills are ordered the same way as in game from left to right and top to bottom.

Catspaw Basic Skills

Lightning Ball
Learn at: Lv. 1
SP Cost Per Level: 1
Max Skill Level: 22
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 642
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 3162
Attack enemies with a small ball of lightning. Lightning element damage. The combined damage with Lightning Quake at max level is 6476%. Must be grounded to use.

Lightning Quake
Learn at: Lv. 6
SP Cost Per Level: 6
Max Skill Level: 1
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 652
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 3214
A passive that augments Lightning Ball with an additional attack. Lightning element damage. The % scales with the level of Lightning Ball and the combined damage at max level is 6476%. Must be grounded to use.

Quick Jab
Learn at: Lv. 1
SP Cost Per Level: 3
Max Skill Level: 22
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 1925
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 7007
Dash forward and slash at enemies in a wide angle. Applies bleed stacks based on skill level. Must be grounded to use.

Learn at: Lv. 3
SP Cost Per Level: 2
Max Skill Level: 21
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 135
Total Damage % (Lv. 2): 324
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 1350
Throw 3 shurikens. At skill level 2 and higher, you can throw a second set of shurikens with an additional skill press. Applies 1 bleed stack per 3 shurikens.

Learn at: Lv. 5
SP Cost Per Level: 2
Max Skill Level: 21
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): ——-
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): ——-
Note: I might need the help of a Wolf Guardian for this one. I can explain if needed. Catspaws really shouldn’t be using this skill anyways though.
Jump and land to deal a shock to an area. Deals lightning damage. Must be grounded to use.

Flying Kick
Learn at: Lv. 4
SP Cost Per Level: 6
Max Skill Level: 1
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 1562
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 4817
A passive that augments Cat’s Kick with an additional downwards kick and shockwave. Provides invincibility. The combined max damage of Cat’s Kick and Flying Kick is 8671%.

Catspaw Class Skills

Cat Scratch
Learn at: Lv. 15
SP Cost Per Level: 2
Max Skill Level: 17
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 1698
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 7122
After 20 combo hits, apply a cat mark to the next enemy you hit for a short duration. Pressing right mouse button consumes the mark and moves you behind it while attacking.

Quick Kitty
Learn at: Lv. 15
SP Cost Per Level: 6
Max Skill Level: 1
This is Catspaw’s core passive skill. When you reach a combo hit count of 50, your damage increases by 10% for 10 seconds. Every combo hit after 50 will refresh the duration to 10 seconds.

Cat’s Kick
Learn at: Lv. 1
SP Cost Per Level: 1
Max Skill Level: 22
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 1250
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 3854
Perform two kicks to launch you and your enemy skyward. At level 8, your first kick gains ultra. At level 11, your second kick gains invincibility. If this skill is used in the air, you only perform the second kick. The second kick will increase your bonus damage by 1% per level until you land. The combined max damage of Cat’s Kick and Flying Kick is 8671%.

Claw Slash
Learn at: Lv. 1
SP Cost Per Level: 2
Max Skill Level: 22
Total Damage % (Lv. 1, melee hits): 1824
Total Damage % (Lv. 1, projectile): 2200
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv., melee hits): 10896
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv., projectile): 13288
Perform 3 forward slashing attacks. Catspaws can hold down the skill key to instead fire a projectile that will damage things that touch it. Must be grounded to use.

Spiral Kill
Learn at: Lv. 15
SP Cost Per Level: 2
Max Skill Level: 17
Damage % Per Tick (Lv. 1): 83
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 2158
Damage % Per Tick (Max Skill Lv.): 339
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 8814
Throw three projectiles forwards for up to 26 hits.

Cat Slam
Learn at: Lv. 15
SP Cost Per Level: 3
Max Skill Level: 17
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 3000
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 14520
Dash through enemies. Many slashes follow shortly after. Brief Invincibility before the dash in PvE.

Learn at: Lv. 15
SP Cost Per Level: 3
Max Skill Level: 17
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 2400
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 10400
Kick enemies multiple times. Breaks ultra. Must be grounded to use.

Learn at: Lv. 20
SP Cost Per Level: 2
Max Skill Level: 16
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 3000
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 11100
Spin like a whirlwind. Damages and gathers enemies. Can move freely during this skill.

Lightning Cat
Learn at: Lv. 20
SP Cost Per Level: 4
Max Skill Level: 16
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 4997
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 25967
Dive at your enemy multiple times. The final hit does double the damage of the others. Ultra breaks. Ultra in PvE only. Brief invincibility after final kick in PvE only.

Death Pounce
Learn at: Lv. 25
SP Cost Per Level: 3
Max Skill Level: 14
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 3749
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 13980
Leap at your enemies. If you collide with them, pounce on them with invincibility. Stuns for 0.20 seconds per skill level.

Learn at: Lv. 30
SP Cost Per Level: 3
Max Skill Level: 12
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 6750
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 27540
Hold the skill key to spin and deal damage. Let go to slam into the ground. Ultra break. Invincible in PvE, Ultra in PvP.

Learn at: Lv. 35
SP Cost Per Level: 4
Max Skill Level: 11
Rolling Damage % (Lv. 1): 315 rolling, 1190 final hit
Aerial Damage % (Lv. 1): 8750
Rolling Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 695 rolling, 2620 final hit
Aerial Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 19250
Using this skill on the ground causes you to roll and deal damage to enemies. If used in the air, you slam into the ground. Invincible.

Blast Kick
Learn at: Lv. 40
SP Cost Per Level: 5
Max Skill Level: 9
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 8750
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 19246
Slide forward at a fast rate. Press key again to kick upward. Breaks ultra. Has ultra during the kick, but not during the slide.

Furry Flurry
Learn at: Lv. 45
SP Cost Per Level: 5
Max Skill Level: 7
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 8806
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 16702
Perform an uppercut. If it hits, continously teleport to and attack your target. Invincible.

Learn at: Lv. 50
SP Cost Per Level: 8
Max Skill Level: 6
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 33000
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 46200
Move while slashing a large area around you and gathering enemies (deals no damage). Press the key again to kick your enemies and again to leap after them. Invincible in PvE, ultra in PvP.

Hunting Arts
Learn at: Lv. 50
SP Cost Per Level: 0
Max Skill Level: 1
Catspaw’s second core passive. If you choose to take this, the functionality of Deathclaw and Cat-Astrophe changes, but their total damage remains the same. Deathclaw will allow you to move during it. Cat-Astrophe now causes you to leap at enemies and upon contact do multiple hits while invincible.

Razor Claw
Learn at: Lv. 60
SP Cost Per Level: 6
Max Skill Level: 2
Total Damage % (Lv. 1): 10941
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 14203
Slash an area in front of you. Upon hitting an enemy, begin a series of repeated attacks. You can mash left mouse button to add attacks. Final hit will stun. Invincible only during the repeated attacks.

Furry Fury
Learn at: Lv. 65
SP Cost Per Level: 8
Max Skill Level: 1
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 67830
Create a dust cloud in front of you and dive into it, dealing damage to enemies. Mash left mouse button to add attacks. Invincible. Breaks Ultra.

Catspaw Awakening Skills

Spiral Kill [EX]
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 26943
Spin and slash at your enemies for heavy damage. Has Ultra.

Cat Slam [EX]
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 15018
Dash a large distance through enemies. The following slashes will drag enemies along with them. Invincible. Ultra Break.

Death Pounce [EX]
Total Damage % (Max Skill Lv.): 9800
Perform multiple kicks and travel forward slowly. Invincible.

Cat’s Kick [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 1
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 60
Replaces the first two kicks in Cat’s Kick with one horizontal one. No ultra or invincibility.

Claw Slash [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 6
No special effects.

Spiral Kill [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 8
No special effects.

Cat Slam [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 10
Increases attack range by 6% per level. Also increases “Absorption Reduced Distance”. (Send help. I have no clue what this means.)

Deathclaw [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 5
No special effects.

Tailchaser [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 8
Increases attack range by 6% per level.

Lightning Cat [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 2
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Adds an additional attack per level (For 5 total kicks).

Death Pounce [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 4
No special effects.

Shatterquake [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 10
Adds 0.50 seconds of stun to the final kick.

Furball [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 10
No special effects.

Blast Kick [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Damage Increase Per Level: 6
Increases the range of the final kick by 10% per level.

Furry Flurry [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 4
AP Cost Per Level: 1
Adds an additional attack per level for a total of 12 hits at max level.

Cat-Astrophe [Awakened]
Max Awakening Level: 5
AP Cost Per Level: 2
Damage Increase Per Level: 8
Adds 0.01 seconds of Jolt per level. I assume this is the same effect as what lightning charms provide, but I’m not sure. Additional information would be appreciated.

Skill Specifics and Nuances

The following is more specific information about skills for those that want to know more.

Issues with Certain Skills

There are some issues with skills that people need to know about. They are as follows:

• Furball’s maximum hits seems to be partially based on your current FPS. The tooltip says 80 max hits, but the highest I’ve managed to achieve is 29 when between the ranges of 60-97 fps. At 15 fps, I could only get 16 hits.
• Furry Flurry’s tooltip is wrong. The game says that the final two hits do the same damage, but the very last hit does an obvious amount more than the second to last hit.
• Cat-Astrophe(Non-hunting-arts)’s slashes do no damage but still hitstun and drag enemies. The first kick on the other hand, does ridiculous damage. This isn’t actually an issue since the tooltip doesn’t say the slashes do damage anyways, but it makes this skill kinda strange.
• Razor Claw says you can only get a max of 6 repeated hits. I got 17 hits using a macro that clicked as fast as the game could register.
Furry Fury falls prey to the issue that both Furball and Razor Claw has. The game says you can get a max of 66 repeated hits, but I got 69 with a macro. The max is, once again, also dependant on FPS. If my FPS is lower than around 90, I get significantly less hits.

Skill Usage Tips

Of course the best way to learn the class is to practice, but there’s still some tips on skill usage that anyone can provide. Some nuances would also take a while to discover on your own, so here they are:

• Cat Scratch’s cat mark can occur multiple times during one combo. The only thing to be aware of is that there can only be one mark so you have to consume it to get a new one after 20 hits.
• Cat’s Kick’s aerial damage bonus scaled with level. It is 1% bonus damage per level.
• Cat’s Kick’s second kick will give you a damage bonus until you touch the ground. This means you can use the second kick and NOT use flying kick to keep the bonus for as long as you can remain in the air.
• Awakened Cat’s Kick has only one kick as opposed to two (excluding Flying Kick). Beware that as a result, the awakened version does not give you much vertical height and you likely will need to manually jump before using it if you wish to remain airborne afterwards..
• Spiral Kill can only get the max 26 hits when you’re close enough to the enemy. If you’re farther away, you get less hits.
• Similarly, Cat Slam’s multiple scratches don’t appear for the entire distance of the dash. To get the full hits, you should be slightly closer to the enemy.
• Using Lightning Cat as fast as possible will make you slowly gain elevation until the final hit puts you back on the ground. This means that if you start from high up relative to your target, you should cast it slower to make sure you don’t fly over them and miss.
• You don’t have to hold down Furball’s skill key when using the ground version.
• There are certain non-enemy objects you can hit with Furry Flurry to gain the extra hits and invincibility like the wall in Breezeblade Square.
• Similarly, there are many ways you can use a jump then aerial Cat’s Kick to get over obstacles you normally couldn’t such as the gap in the wall near the lift on Breezeblade Square.
• Hunting Arts has no cost and does not change the total damage % of either skill. It is entirely optional.
• If you use the non-hunting arts version of Cat-Astrophe, you can use the skill in the air to go straight to the damaging attacks and skip the non-damaging slashes.
• I personally save Furry Fury for the invincibility and rarely use it for damage. The choice is yours.
• Furball and Death Pounce can be used for similar reasons as well. While Furball’s Invincibility while rolling is fairly obvious, few people seem to be aware that Death Pounce does, in fact, provide invincibility after you hit the collision and until the end of the skill.
• The button mashing for Razor Claw and Furry Fury are on a timer, so just mash as fast as you can. Mashing slowly will not extend the skill’s duration.
• Cat Slam [EX] will not only hit a large area, but also ultra break and pull enemies closer together. It also provides you with a very large duration of invincibility.
• Spiral Kill [EX] has ultra and is a great way to get damage on a single target. It’s fast and the final hit can stun enemies… maybe. I swear sometimes it doesn’t stun.
• I’ve found almost no use for Death Pounce [EX]. Cat Slam [EX] provides longer invincibility and Spiral Kill [EX] provides better damage. I supposed you can use Death Pounce [EX] when you need both damage and invincibility at the same time, though it’s not the best at either one.

My Personal Skill Build


One of the first things to note is that there are only three skills I don’t have a single level in – Lightning Ball, Lightning Quake, and Shock. The reason for this is simple. These skills require you to be on the ground to use and their damage %s are, in my opinion, not worth dropping back to the ground for. I would much rather use Claw Slash (Projectile) during that time frame then return to the air with Cat’s Kick for my damage bonus. Why would I take Quick Jab then? The difference here is utility – Quick Jab can be used for more than just damage. It can be used as a simple dash if needed (and the damage % is actually okay). Shuriken is at level 2 primarily for PvP use and those rare cases in PvE where you need more ranged options than just Spiral Kill. A plus is that it’s air enabled.

You’ll also see that I have Cat Scratch maxed out. If you looked at my spreadsheet, you’ll see that the % per SP is actually lower than Lightning Ball + Lightning Quake combo, so why do I take it? It’s air-enabled, quick, and moves you to their back. This means Cat Scratch indirectly boosts your damage – something raw data can’t show. Being fairly spammable, it’s used fairly often.

My Cat’s Kick is at level 11 simply to gain the ultra on first kick and invincibility on second kick. Combined with the invincibility on Flying Kick, you have plenty of emergency survivability. Claw Slash, Spiral Kill, and Cat Slam are all maxed since they are your core skills – you’ll find that you naturally end up using these skills a lot due to their high hit count and fairly high total damage. This is also why I maxed their awakening. Lightning Cat, Shatterquake, and Cat-Astrophe’s awakenings are maxed for the same reason. Shatterquake also gains the ability to stun for 2.50 seconds which might be useful for enemies that move around a lot.

The remaining skills I have levels in should be fairly obvious why I have their levels maxed – damage. So that leaves the skills I have at only level 1. Deathclaw, Tailchaser, Death Pounce are all at level 1 since I only use them for utility and not for damage. They’re used for ultra breaking, gathering, and stunning respectively. Razor Claw is at level 1 because I ran out of skill points.

This build was the one I used at around 50k-60k combat rating, and it was really only useful for bossing and nothing else. I’ve since changed my build around with some of the following alternative options.

Alternative Options

My personal build caters specifically to my needs, so the following is a list of other good options for both regular and awakened versions of skills and when you would want to use them over other options. You can see Noctred’s build here as an example of alternate options.

Consider Using These

The following are other skills you could use.

• Deathclaw: If you happen to use this skill a lot, you might as well put points into it. It’s decently fast and has decently low cooldown. I personally recommend against it though due to its poor scaling.
• Tailchaser: One of your best skills to use against groups of enemies. With a 10 second cooldown, you could potentially use it once to twice per room if needed. It has pretty decent scaling as well, and if you have the AP to spare you could awaken it as well for increased range and damage.
• Tailchaser [Awakened]: If you do decide to level up Tailchaser, you should definitely take the awakening as well. The awakening increases both the damage and size of Tailchaser.
• Furball [Awakened]: More damage on top of its damage. Enough said.
• Blast Kick [Awakened]: Not only does this grant Blast Kick more damage, I believe it also increases the radius of your final kick by 10% per awakening point.

Consider Not Using These

These are what you could take out of my example build above to accommodate for the alternative options.

• Furry Flurry: Having a lot of attack speed actually reduces the amount of invincibility you will gain for this skill. Without the long lasting invincibility that the skill used to provide, there is little reason to keep this skill leveled up. When this happens, de-level this skill back to level 1 when possible.
• Razor Claw: While the skill % and invincibility are definitely factors you should consider when deciding to remove this skill or not, this skill takes a fair bit of time in order to deal its full damage during which you could be using other skills instead. Also, with the addition of the hyper shield to the Starhenge bosses, the stun from the final hit is now completely unreliable.
• Claw Slash [Awakened]: Sometimes you just don’t have the time to land and hold down Claw Slash. If you find yourself not using Claw Slash as often as I do, then don’t put points into this awakening.
• Spiral Kill [Awakened]: Spiral Kill is mostly just consistent and constant damage. If you prefer the burst options, then take the points that could go into Spiral Kill and place them into the Furball or Blast Kick awakenings.
• Cat-Astrophe [Awakened]: After a certain point you do enough damage to not need to awaken Cat-Astrophe anymore. If you find that your Cat-Astrophe has become strong enough to burst through parts of boss fights with ease, go ahead and take points out of it.

You reached the end of this lengthy as heck guide? Grats. Questions, comments or concerns? Post what you think below.


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