Criminal here with a quick skill guide.
If you are a new player just level all your abilities till level 40 to max, it won’t matter. Past that you can decide to reset and remove points off certain abilities that will start to do no damage. Do not get anything from your first branch tree and max out everything in your Doom Blade passive class skills tree. This build is meant to maximize DPS without dumping your points into irrelevant skills, the SP should be perfectly set.

Skill Build:

Explanations for Certain Skills:

  • Dark Slash: 3 second Cooldown, good scaling for a beginner skill. Max this ability, great filler.
  • Phantom Cross: Does no damage, bad scaling and not worth investing AP into for AWK version. Pure utility.
  • Cutting Wave: Bread and butter ability.
  • Dancing Shadows: Terrible scaling, do not level, do not get unless you want to clear trash mobs?
  • Oblivion: I get this ability, it’s on a 15 second CD with AWK version two casts within 30 seconds is tons of DPS.
  • Purgatory Wave: This ability doesn’t scale so well, too. It takes too long to cast and insta-casting using dancing shadows reduces damage output sadly. I personally wouldn’t recommend getting this ability.
  • Soul Vortex: Like oblivion this skill is in the same spot. Low CD, decent dps.
  • Soulsteal: This ability hits pretty hard and you do not have to charge it fully to do full damage.
  • Spirit Barrage: Don’t have to get this, but you might as well max it. Doesn’t hit so high, if SP were more limited I’d remove this ability.
  • Six Blade Leap: Rest of SP dumped into here, scales pretty decently, mostly a utility (iframe) ability.
  • Shadow Stride: Leave at level 1, not worth the SP dump, as you can fit it into other abilities to maximize DPS.


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