Fractured Memories provides players with an alternative method of leveling up their characters and acquiring new and better gear. It offers ever-changing content aimed at challenging the most common character builds.

The intent behind Fractured Memories is to present new challenges, while also providing a new way for players to compete for gear and prestige. To this ends, Fractured Memories includes a new ranking system, as well as unique costume rewards that change every few months.


  • Players can enter Fractured Memories by talking to Maril in any town, starting at level 15.
  • Players can also choose the difficulty level when interacting with Maril.
  • Completing Fractured Memories at any given difficulty level unlocks the next higher difficulty level.
  • There is no Rest Point cost for entering Fractured Memories, but it does cost Key Kritium Crystals.
  • The village NPCs Ajax, Chiru, and Clodia can craft these Key Kritium Crystals.


  • The higher the difficulty, the more challenging the monsters will be.
  • When you defeat monsters, they drop souls, which players use to charge the Boss Counter.
  • When the Boss Counter is fully charged, you’ll encounter a boss in the next sector.

  • Players can earn more rewards by clearing all stages in the allotted time.
  • The sectors are determined randomly upon entry, as are bosses and monsters (along with some random buffs for elites and bosses, such as increased Speed, Attack, HP and so on).
  • Defeating a buffed monster results in more souls dropping.
  • Characters below level 65 receive bonus experience after defeating the boss monster, depending on the challenge level selected challenge level.


There are three kinds of rewards for completing Fractured Memories.

1.Lilis’ Stranger Shop

  • Fractured Memories bosses can drop Space-Time Hexagrams and Tarnished Hexagrams.
  • You can use Tarnished Hexagram and Space-Time Hexagram to buy items that randomly provide gear, which ranges in quality from inferior to legendary.
  • The higher the difficulty of the Fractured Memories sectors, the more of these materials that will drop.

2.Ability System

  • The Ability system allows players to acquire special abilities for every character on the player’s account.
  • Players can choose from three kinds of Abilities: Offensive, Defensive, and Utility. Each Ability has levels, and player can increase their level upon clearing Fractured Memories.
  • Players can earn 3 Ability Upgrade points for clearing Fractured Memories within 6 minutes.
  • Players can earn 1 Ability Upgrade point for clearing Fractured Memories in more than 6 minutes.
  • The probability of receiving an upgrade is low if the level of the Fractured Memories sector the player cleared is lower than the player’s Ability level.
  • The higher the player’s current Ability level, the lower the probability of an upgrade.

3.Ranking Reward

  • Rewards are handed out every 12 weeks for each rank field.
  • Rewards can be duplicated.
  • We will reveal more about the Ranking Rewards in the next update.


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