Kritika Online Gear Stats


This guide will apply to most players. The only deviation will be in the elements used.

Appraised Stats

Head: Critical & Element Bonus
Chest & Legs: Critical Damage & Element Bonus
Hands: Attack Speed & Element Bonus
Feet: Element Bonus. (You can also roll for Movement Speed but honestly, it is not a priority as it will neither boost your CR or increase your damage.)
Weapon: Attack Power, Attack Speed, Bonus Damage, Critical, Critical Damage, Element Bonus
Accessories: Attack Power, Attack Speed, Bonus Damage, Critical, Critical Damage, Element Bonus

Of the six stats that are listed for weapons and accessories, pick five. However, do keep in mind that only the first five listed will boost your CR and the Element Bonus will not. If you do end up getting 4 of those stats though along with the Element Bonus, I suggest you keep it. At that point, reappraising will be extremely expensive and until you have a decent amount of reappraisal scrolls from SH & Xanadu, I don’t suggest you reroll any further.


As for charms, the current BiS are as follows:

Head: Awesome Duelist Charm V (Critical, Critical Damage, Critical Evasion)
Chest: Awesome Anger Charm V (Attack Power, Bonus Damage, Accuracy)
Legs: Awesome Warding Charm V (Defense, Damage Reduction, Evasion) Defensive
Legs: Iron Defender’s Charm V (Critical Damage, Damage Reduction, HP) Offensive
Hands: Charm of Awesome Intensity V (Attack Speed, HP, HP Recovery Chance)
Feet: Warlock’s Charm V (Movement Speed, MP, Accuracy) (Like I said earlier, movement speed isn’t exactly a priority, but this charm does give a bit of accuracy which is beneficial)
Weapon: Charm of Dire Purpose V (Attack Power, Critical Damage, Accuracy)
If your class does not already come with an element, then you have to add an element onto your weapon. This will basically add the element of your choice onto the skills that you use.
If that is the case, then for the weapon, get the charm that gives 100 Attack Power, 30 Accuracy, and Elemental Damage. Ie, Charm of Stormy Doom V (Attack Power, Accuracy, Lightning Weapon Damage)
Accessories: Get the charm that gives you Attack Power, Accuracy, and the Element Bonus of your choice. Ie, Storm Charm V (Attack Power, Accuracy, Lightning Bonus)

As most new players probably can’t afford this, just get the best charms that you can afford for each slot.

Just keep in mind:

Head: Critical
Chest & Legs: Critical Damage
Hands: Attack Speed
Feet: Meh
Weapon: Element Bonus
Accessories: Element Bonus



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