New player FAQ and roadmap to end game

Welcome, and salutations! My name is Roman, and I often go by RomanHoliday (as you might have guessed). Originally, I was inspired to make this guide due to the lack of a central hub of information in a game that brings about so many questions. I aimed this at new players because they inherently have more questions. As things have progressed, it has evolved into something more than that. While this guide will be focused on new players and commonly asked questions, you can also expect to see forward progression as you grow your character to join the ranks of the elite. I am going to break this guide/FAQ into several sections starting with terminology, moving on to frequently asked questions, proceeding to 1-65, going on to 65 content and finishing with what to look for in the future. Peruse the guide and perhaps you might find an answer to a question you haven’t even asked! Try Ctrl + F if you’re looking for a specific topic. Without further delay, let’s jump right on in.

Some terminology to know as a new player include the following:

AH = Auction House
KOL = Kritika Online League
CR = Combat Rating
SR = Survival Rating
ST = Shattered Table
RD = Random Dungeons
FM = Frost Mage / Fractured Memories (use context!)
WM = Warp Mage
DB = Doomblade
WG = Wolf Guardian
SM = Shadow Mage
FL = Fire Lord
SH = Starhenge
LFP = Looking for Party
LFM = Looking for More
Ex = Extreme
WTS = Want to Sell
WTB = Want to Buy
BiS = Best in Slot
Dim = Dimensional Siphon
RP = Rest Points
2/2 daily = The weekly daily that has 2 entries
5/5 daily = Gem dailies, the most popular being in Deeprock Mine
Att = Attack
Violet = Rare / Purple
Yellow = Legendary
Blue = Uncommon
Mats = Materials
PvP = Player versus Player
PvE = Player versus Environment
I-frame = Invincibility frame
EMP = En Masse Points
GM = Game Master
Dev = Developer
TYFP = Thank You for Party (commonly said at end of dungeon)
GG = Good Game
PM = Private Message
/w = Whisper (Same as PM)
PTS = Public Test Server
GP = Gigaphone
CC = Crowd Control
IIRC = If I Recall Corecctly
AFAIK = As Far As I Know

So, you know the terminology now. You can talk with the best of ’em and at least pretend to know what’s up. What comes next? Well, there are a lot of questions to be answered and I might not cover them all, but I’ve done my best to compile a list of the most commonly asked ones for you here.

Q: I see codes being shouted out on gigaphone, where do I claim them?
A: You can claim them on your launcher right next to your game options, there is Redeem a code. Make sure to pick the correct region! You can also claim them at your Enmasse account page.

Q: What is burst charge / psychic charge?
A: Burst charge is commonly referred to as your tab skill. It even exists in your skill bar. If you are being attacked by a combo, you can hit your TAB key by default and it will make you break out and ultra break any enemies near and render you invincible for a short period.

Q: What is Ultra?
A: Ultra is a state of being uninterrupted by normal attacks; what once used to stagger will no longer do so. This is often denoted by a red outline of the character or enemy.

Q: What is Ultra Break?
A: When an enemy is in an Ultra state they can be broken out of this state and staggered with an Ultra Break as denoted by the skill in your skills menu that have this property.

Q: What are i-frames?
A: I-frames are invincibility frames. Put another way, they are periods of time that you are left unable to be hurt or otherwise injured. Some skills have this property and it depends upon the class as to how many you have. Often your character will appear very pale white and flash when they are in this effect.

Q: How do I get on the PTS?
A: Glad to hear you’re interested! Head on over to: for more information.

Q: How do I get into PvP?
A: Check out the KOL! Forum: Discord: Twitch: This is a great place to get together with other PvP players. They also host tourneys with prizes!

Q: What is etherforce?
A: Etherforce is a character dependent form of currency to level up your attributes. You accumulate this through quests starting at level 60, and your primary source of etherforce collection will be from daily quests at 65. Your max cap of etherforce is currently 6000.

Q: Are alts important to progression?
A: If you want to progress quickly through the world of Kritika, using alts is the way to go. It will give you more dailies to do and more resource opportunities.

Q: What are emblems?
A: Emblems are visually displayed icons that give you attributes. They also give set bonuses given you collect enough of them. Hit B by default to view them.

Q: How do I know what gear will drop in a dungeon?
A: You can check! Simply click above the difficulty selection to view the total info of the dungeon including the loot.

Q: I left a dungeon, why is my CR so low? I also have this weird debuff that says I’m moving slower.
A: If you leave a dungeon you will get a deserter debuff that reduces your stats! This will change your visual CR; if you log in and out after the buff disappears your CR should be back to normal.

Q: What are badges?
A: Badges are items that you obtain from salvaging costumes, running Fractured Memories, doing 3 star invasions, 2/2 dailies, bought from the PvP vendor Scar, or randomly from some boxes or events to name a few. These items are officially called Kagerfield Badges, and they can be used to craft costumes at random for 15 or 25 badges depending upon which costume you are going after. Additionally, these badges can give you stats if you equip them in their appropriate badge slots. Head (crit) Face (attack power) Collar (accuracy) Hands (attack speed) Chest (bonus damage) Back (defense) Feet (in-town movement speed) Legs (crit damage) and waist (hp) respectively have improvements to your character when equipped with badges, you don’t even need to have a costume in that slot! Some things to note about these badges is that they have set bonuses and can be upgraded through Kagerfield. They come in 4 rarities currently and stack in 30, 60, 90, and 120 for each tier from lowest to highest.

Q: When is daily reset?
A: Daily reset is at 6AM PT or 9AM ET.

Q: Can I hide my costume?
A: Yes you can! Find the costume tab and hit the check box then click apply! Please remember to wear some clothes at least… Public decency and all that.

Q: Are costumes only for looks?
A: Nope! Costumes contain stats that you apply upon equipping them. If you are curious as to the best stats for costumes, check out the section for costumes further ahead.

Q: What are rest points?
A: Rest points are your daily allotment of experience and loot earning currency. These are refreshed every day at the daily reset time (6AM PDT 9AM EST). With your first 100 rest points you are given 1000% bonuses to exp, loot, and gold earned through the dungeon. Blue (200-0) will give you 500% bonuses and green (0%) will not give you any exp or loot but you still get full gold value.

Q: What are Certain Challenge Letters?
A: Certain Challenge Letters are items that you can obtain from enemy drops through danger zones and by trading violet boss souls for them. You use these to trigger a difficult boss which drops a special loot box! These vary in difficulty when using 10 letters to summon them at random, ranging from a 1 star to a 3 star, the more difficult having better loot. If you use 30 of these, should the option present itself, you will have a guarantee at a 3 star invasion. You can expect superior potions, items, resurrection stones, and even costumes from these invasions.

Q: What are letter rotations?
A: It is most commonly done on Skyship Arcadia on Insane where players use Certain Challenge Letters to trigger a 3 star invasion. Party members take turns hosting the lobby to make the most efficient use of their letter resources e.g. a Letter rotation x3 means that you would each host the map 3 times consuming 90 letters each. Be careful! There is no guarantee that every member will run their letters and this should be done with people you trust.

Q: How do I link items in chat?
A: Hit your chat button then hold down Shift and left click the item you wish to link.

Q: Which daily dungeon should I run on weekends?
A: More than likely you will want to run the Friday 2/2 dungeon.

Q: What do I do once I hit level 65?
A: I’m glad you asked! Keep reading a little further to the level 65 section.

Q: What are the BiS gems?
A: Great question! Skip ahead to the Gems section.

Q: How do I toggle between running and walking?
A: Numlock by default will make your character change from walking to running or vice versa.

Q: How do I get the steamdrake pet?
A: You get the Steamdrake from the Elite Templar Pack which costs 2,995 Kred.

Q: Can I purchase EMP with my Steam account?
A: You most certainly can! You need to launch Kritika through Steam in order to do so but once you do, you should be able to open the purchase page from in game and be directed to where you need to go.

Q: Can I link my steam account and Kritika account even if I used different emails?
A: Yes! You are not limited to having the same email for both.

Q: Does Kritika Stream?
A: Yes they do! Enmasse streams their games, you can find Kritika on Tuesdays commonly:

Q: Where do I find out what’s happening in Kritika?
A: Kritika information can be scattered and hard to find, but if you check the forums, Facebook, Twitter, Main Site, or Discord, you’re sure to find out what’s new in the world of Kritika Online!

Q: Is there a place I can go and hang out with people who play Kritika?
A: Yes there is! There is an official EME Discord:

Q: What class should I play?
A: Well, that’s hard to answer… The best advice I can give you is to try out the classes you think you will enjoy the most and play those! Games are meant to be fun, so go out and find some fun!

Q: Why do people say X class is bad?
A: There are many different reasons people can consider a class to be low tier or bad compared to other classes. I will tell you that if you are not aiming for top 100 arena, there is no class that is unviable currently.

Q: How do I get gold?
A: Gold is not limited by your RP count so you can keep running dungeons even on green RP and collect gold from missions. One strategy is to run letters and sell the gold kritium you find on the AH. There are many other ways out there, try and find what works for you!

Q: What should I spend gold on?
A: The best way to use gold, in short, is to enhance your character and development of your account. Whether this is through using the money to enchant your gear, buying Shattered Table keys to run it, crafting whetstones, or buying materials that you need from other players, e.g. kritium or charms. Many people with high gold counts tend to buy things like accents or costumes because they’re rare and a way to accessorize their character, though this is just tertiary spending. I recommend to spend your gold on whatever gives you the most satisfaction, whether that is character development or fashion.

Q: What items should I keep?
A: Save your hammers and rare whetstones you get from questing for level 65, as well as any recalculation scrolls or reappraisal scrolls you receive. In addition, you should carefully weigh the values of using any enhancing boosters that you find. Remember, if you don’t have that many of it, keeping it around and asking if you should use it isn’t a bad practice.

Q: How do I get Kred?
A: Kred is obtainable from Elite Status at 30 per day, acquired from arena as first clear rewards, purchased by converting EMP to Kred, and by selling items on the AH. Also, Kritika has been known to host events such as daily check ins with the end reward being kred. Make sure to check for these events and others!

Q: Can I dye my templar set?
A: Sadly, as of the time of this post, you can not.

Q: How do you trade items / how does trading work?
A: Make sure you are both on the same channel and zone, then proceed to right click on the person to initiate a trade. You can include items that are tradable and gold up to 50 millon gold per day for your account. You cannot, however, trade items whilst in dungeon and you cannot trade Dimensional Siphon, Kholdor, or Deathguard items currently.

Q: I keep hearing people talking about buying runs for things like Shattered Table, is this something people do?
A: For people who cannot complete ST by themselves, they will often pay someone to bring them through the dungeon for the purpose of acquiring the drops. Individuals will sell these runs as 4/5 or 5/5 meaning four fifths of the dungeon (four out of five rooms) or five out of five rooms. A word of caution: while I would like to believe that everyone is honorable, there is no guarantee you will receive the goods you have put up the gold for. Only do this with people you trust and know the risks involved.

Q: How are people buying things for less than the minimum auction house price?
A: Simply trade with someone! Prices can be dictated by players if they do not wish to use the auction house. Remember that the gold cap per day is 50 million at the time this guide was updated.

Q: What is the Wondrous Device MagiMatic 3000?
A: This is an obsolete item that still exists within the game that had a similar function to the gem box. It used to combine charms and other things together and used a resource to do so. This is now accessed by the bottom right of your character inventory labeled item combiner.

Q: What dailies are worth it?
A: Glad you asked! Until you hit level 65, keep doing your gem dailies and your 2/2 daily dungeons. If you want to know more, skip ahead to the 65 section!

Q: I see people wearing black, how do I get it?!
A: Currently, black dye is not available in the costume dye shop. Founders were given black costumes as a reward for their support. Some costumes do come with black colored pieces by default but you can not dye anything black.

Q: How do I make a spade?
A: Simple, go to the blacksmith in Wolfshadow and he’ll be happy to make one for you!

Q: How do I look for a party?
A: Often times people will look for a party by typing in /s. There is also a rather unknown party searching function that is accessed by hitting ].

Q: How do I access friends?
A: Hit [ by default. Here you can add friends, view friends, and even give friend points.

Q: How do I invite someone to my party?
A: Either type /Invite [playernamehere] or right click their name and hit invite to party.

Q: How do I join a guild?
A: Hit U to search for available guilds that are recruiting members and apply there.

Q: How do I type in a different chat?
A: /s /w /g /gp /r and /p are all commands that when entered into your text box will allow you to speak in different channels. They stand for: /say /whisper / guild /gigaphone /respond and /party.

Q: I saw someone dancing! How do I do that?!
A: Just type /Dance ! It’s that easy! There are several emotes that can be accessed in your chat window from the smiley face. Hit CTRL and mouse over the emote icon to see the list. If you are typing them out remember that CApiTaliZtiON matters!

Q: What does 100 bars mean for ST?
A: A player will leave when the boss has 100 bars of health remaining, allowing them to not consume a weekly entrance and giving you the ability to kill the boss.

So, you knew most of those right? I bet you did. Wait, you still have questions? Ones that I didn’t even cover? Well, I’m not perfect, I’ll admit that. Check the forums, ask in game, or check out the Discord! We’ll help answer any questions you have if we can. Just remember that we’re trying to play and make our characters stronger too!

This next section is for people who are currently leveling their character, whether it be starting at 1 or bridging the gap from 64 to 65.

Download did an excellent job compiling a list of all the zones by level and picture, head here to view them:

Let me start out by saying that the fastest way to level is by having someone of a higher level take you through the most difficult mission that you can access and beat it quickly. However, I am going to assume that you are leveling either by yourself or partying with friends / acquaintances who are near your level. Partying increases exp and drop rewards! If you can help it, party with other players! I will try to keep this section concise, with more tips and broad statements as leveling itself is very straightforward. If you follow the games progression you should find yourself picking things up rather quickly.

Remember to do your quests! These will unlock titles that give you stats, as well as set bonuses for completing certain challenges that also give you stats! In addition, you will get valuable resources that you will want in the future.

Make sure to enter the leveling channel! To change channels click on the top right of your character interface and move to the desired channel. Channel 5 is currently the leveling channel.

If you find yourself slogging through missions on your blue bar (200 RP or less), take a break! Make another character or come back the next day. Leveling on purple bar is by far the most efficient means to achieve that level up.

Make sure to salvage and not sell your items! You will use this kritium later and they only sell for 1 gold until later so why not take advantage of the salvage function?

Gear isn’t that important when you are leveling. Try to pick up what you can but I would advise against crafting, gemming, or charming anything until you are over level 60. Don’t worry about elements, reappraising, recalculating, or stat stacking, those things will come later.

Acquire Red Megaboss Souls from Insane missions! Doing so will allow you to convert them into regular boss souls from a Material Collection Agent in town. This will greatly enhance your collection of regular boss souls which you can then purchase fancy purple weapon to slay some bad guys from the weapon vendor in town! You should be aiming to get yourself a new rare (purple) or yellow (legendary) every 10 levels. If you want to level it up a few times with your whetstones, feel free. Just remember to not use your hammers until later!

Do your party quests when they are given! These require two or more people and must be done on Insane. They will reward you with a legendary accessory which will help your leveling experience. Try asking around in chat or using the Discord to look for members to help you to complete this.

Try to group up! Grouping, as I said before, helps you level faster!

Remember to do your 2/2 daily dungeons once you hit level 30. You will be getting charms and hammers from these dungeons that you can save until later. Prioritize badges if they are available. They will give you a nice boost to your stats even if you don’t have any costumes, just place them in the appropriate slots!

You receive two free skill resets! One at level 40 and one at level 60. You should mess around with your skills and get a feel for your class. If you are concerned about what build to use and are hesitant to apply points, look around the forums or ask for builds. It might just point you in the right direction.

If you have no quests and are stuck needing a higher level, do the hardest mission you can for experience until you get quests again. There is no shame on doing something on a lower difficulty.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t burn yourself out. While being max level is appealing, there is no need to be there today. Take things slow, figure the game out at your own pace and when the time is right, take your place amongst the elite.

Level 65

So you’ve done it. You hit 65. Let me congratulate you on making it this far. You got the message that flashed across your screen and now the whole world expects great things out of you. The only thing is, you’re not sure how to get about doing those great things. Look no further, I’ll point you in the right direction. Let me start by offering you a few tips as a new fellow 65.

Gear now sells for gold at a reasonable rate, consider using this to advantage if you are low. In general, you want to salvage your gear for resources but selling drops can help when you need that last little push to get more gold for an upgrade!

Violet boss souls are account bound so feel free to farm them on one character and feed these to your alts so that they can purchase daily items.

Hit K and view the damage report available there to determine what skills are being useful to you.

Don’t forget to use the training grounds to test your builds, skills, and rotations!

Crit over 100% is just CR inflation, it will not provide you with additional damage or combat effectiveness. Don’t always trust the CR indicator on your character page. Things like boss damage and element are not taken into consideration.

Accuracy is very important but will become less useful later on. In the upcoming sections, accuracy might be recommended but damage should be prioritized if you have enough accuracy. Currently, you want to have around 600 accuracy for EX Starhenge and Shattered Table. If you are pushing the limits of Fractured Memory, you will require more than this. Once you find the sweet spot for accuracy, start stacking damage instead.

With these tips in mind, move on to Starhenge! Congratulations! You are now in the end game town. Here is where you will be spending much of your time. Look around and take in all the sights and smells. Speak to all the people with an exclamation point above their heads! They will introduce you to Starhenge and supply you with free loot just for completing the dungeon your first time! After you complete the introduction to Starhenge you’ll want to move on to your next step and pick an element.


Pick an element. It’s not a trick I promise. Visit Cerulean for a Superior Choosy Coffer so as to pick an elemental affinity charm of your choosing for 8 violet boss souls. Elemental damage is an important aspect of enhancing your character. What element you decide to pick is entirely up to you but there are some limiting factors. If you are, for example, a Catspaw then you have no inherent element and you are free to choose which elemental charm you wish to apply. Keep in mind that any elemental bonuses you have will not apply until you charm your weapon with the appropriate element, assuming they have no element to begin with.

Here is where elements might get tricky for some people, take Frost Mage as an example. All of your abilities have Ice associated with them so you will benefit from any Ice bonus you have without charming your weapon. This allows you to charm your weapon for damage instead of imbuing it with an elemental affinity. There is one more case though. If you are an Assassin you have two competing elements, Fire and Poison. Of these two you must now decide which you will charm for, as the other will not get benefits from stacking a specific type. In the case of Assassin, it is better to go with Fire, as the base skills are stronger than those of poison. You will enhance all your non elemental skills as well once you place a fire charm in your weapon.


So you picked an element? Great! Keep stacking that elemental bonus. It doesn’t help your Combat Rating but it makes your character do much more damage. It’s time to get some keystones and craft your first piece of Starhenge gear! Arena drops 20 keystones in two sets of 10, ending at floor 46. You can also salvage unneeded Starhenge gear for keystones so you can craft what you really need! If you are lacking any of the materials required to craft them, hit up Xanadu Skyship Arcadia or the Auction House until you have what you need.

In order of importance, you want to focus on:

1 Weapon
2 Earrings
3 Necklace
4 Ring
5 Helmet
6 Gloves
7 Shoes
8/9 Chest/Pants

Here are the pieces of gear you should be looking for and their respective armor classes. Items in [brackets] are BiS to my knowledge. This doesn’t mean that anything I don’t have listed isn’t viable, it’s just that these are the pieces of gear you should seek out.

Heavy Armor:

Head – Heladrim Helm / Kholdor Helm / [Thuviel Helm]
Chest – [Elizaveta Chestplate]
Legs – [Elizaveta Greaves]
Hands – Reiott Gages / Exicus Gages / [Heladrim Gages]
Feet – Thuviel Boots / Heladrim Boots / [Kholdor Boots]

Medium Armor

Head – Malariya Hat / Kholdor Hat / [Kaidaj Hat]
Chest – [Fomina Hauberk]
Legs – [Fomina Leggings]
Hands – Syao Gloves / Wyndaria Gloves / [Malariya Gloves]
Feet – Kaidaj Shoes / Malariya Shoes / [Kholdor Shoes]

Light Armor:

Head – Precia Cap / Kholdor Cap / [Weiux Cap]
Chest – [Corbatz Tunic]
Legs – [Corbatz Trousers]
Hands – Eliphas Mitts / Tiriel Mitts / [Precia Mitts]
Feet – Weiux Slippers / Precia Slippers / [Kholdor Slippers]

Let me go into further detail as to why these choices are optimal, starting with the headpiece and working our way down.

Although the Precia and Kholdor variants give more damage/CR they lack the powerful effect that the Kaidaj/Weiux/Thuviel have. While it might not seem like it one some monsters, the 10% reduction on boss hp can be pretty huge if the creature has 6000 health bars! Also, this hat will continue to scale as you progress.

For your chest piece and leggings you want to acquire the items that give you the rushed status. While this decreases your movement speed, you gain additional attack. To offset this, the items themselves have bonuses to movement speed innately on them. Any other chest/legging option will lead to a lesser gain in total available damage as it reduces one offensive stat to gain another. In addition, the leggings can be put onto your skill bar for their active effect!

Accuracy gloves will help if they drop for you and undercut gloves will give you bonus damage while you are juggling an enemy but the gloves of your respective class that increase attack speed should instead be used. The difference here is based on stats and the attack speed effect you gain from them. While using ones that you find is perfectly acceptable, I would craft and aim to use the BiS gloves as they are readily accessible.

Shoes have three available options and only the Kholdor really wins out here. The random effect you can get from the Weiux/Kaidaj/Thuviel feet is nice and the stats on the shoes aren’t bad either. The constant increase in movement speed is more desired, however, as this will be a constant effect and not just every once in a while. The Kholdor shoes have a nice effect to them for speed but they also increase your damage as well with their effect.


There is some debate between what accessories to use. I will give you the option of BiS and inform you of the most effective for your time/materials is. A little note: whenever I speak of Starhenge accessories, I am referring to Nuradin. When evolving the three base SH accessories, they all end up as Nuradin, regardless of their starting quality.

Earrings: SH / [Dim]
Necklace: SH/ Dim / [Deathguard]
Ring: SH / Dim / [Deathguard]

The +15 effect from your earring is the most important factor when it comes to your choice for the accessory slots. Dimensional Siphon is technically better, but not everyone has found one. Level whichever you find first and don’t feel bad about it.

The Necklace is pretty close but once Deathguard hits evo3 it is the BiS due to the nature of the raw attack power that it provides. You will lose out on some attack speed, movement speed and some boss damage but the raw attack power and the set effect you get from having both the ring and necklace makes this piece worth it.

For your ring you should focus on getting the Deathguard if at all possible, as the effect and base stats are superior to its SH and Dim counterparts.

Now, I mentioned I would refer you to what is most effective to use for materials invested. If you’re looking for a strong, competitive set, go all Dim items. The reason being, they are stronger than their SH counterparts while also being effectively cheaper to evolve. If you are not worrying about cost but want the BiS item, go for Deathgaurd on your necklace and ring. They require more farming and Xanadu mats but they will give you the highest end result at Evo 3.

Head – Precise Sapphire
Chest – Irresistable Ruby
Legs – Irresistable Ruby
Hands – Precise Sapphire
Feet – Irresistable Ruby
Weapon – Precise Sapphire
Accessories – Appropriate topaz for your element

Gems are account bound. Make sure to do these on all your characters so that you can transfer them over and combine them at the gem combiner. They do not make a significant difference to start with but over time you will notice a big improvement as your gems level up.

The gem you should prioritize from your gem box IIIs (The one where you can pick a gem) is your Irresistable Ruby IIIs. These will increase your raw attack power and should be used and combined to higher tiers as often as possible. Crit damage is the only other ruby you should consider, as the crit damage is valuable but not until later.

Accuracy is very important early on and the damage sapphires should only be considered if you meet the appropriate threshold of accuracy. 600 for extreme Starhenge and even higher on Fractured Memories level 100 and above. You can check the type of damage your skill does by opening your skill menu (K by default) and mousing over the skill. Once you meet the threshold for your current content, you should use damage increasing gems to get more out of your abilities. A good rule of thumb is once you stop grazing, you can switch.

Costume Pieces

These are the BiS choices for costume statistics

Head: Critical
Face: Early game Accuracy / Late game Boss CDMG
Collar: Accuracy
Hands: Attack Speed
Chest: Increased Damage to Elites
Back: Crit DMG
Feet: Movement Speed / Bonus DMG
Legs: Increase Damage to Bosses
Waist: Crit DMG

Power Cores

Power cores are obtained once you hit level 60, these are charged with blue kritium and give you additional attack power. Whenever you use a skill, they take some of the charge available from the bank of energy and expend it. You should always use one of these. The first one you find will be blue but the one you will find yourself using the most frequently is purple. Even if a power core is dead, don’t worry it won’t disappear, you can still salvage it at 0 energy! You will receive cracked power cores which can be used as a currency for the material collection agent in Xanadu to acquire new power cores of random rarity with an added bonus such as elemental damage!


Artifacts are obtained when you hit level 65, the first one you are given is of green rarity and adds 100 attack power. You want to use these! You can get a legendary from the last dungeon of extreme Xanadu or you can gamble on them from Cerulean for 5 violet boss souls a box. You can combine these blue artifacts you get from the boxes together by using the item combiner at the bottom right of your inventory and selecting the artifact tab. Doing so you can get purple artifacts and if you fuse those together you can even get yellow artifacts.

In general, the artifacts you are looking for should contain boss damage or damage boosting statistics.

In order to upgrade said artifacts, you must disenchant artifacts themselves to acquire artifact whetstones. Be warned, unlike other gear, artifacts can break when going from +3 to +4 and above.


Likely your first legendary weapon will be a Starhenge weapon, rated as #3 (You want 1% chance to increase damage by 5% or the appropriate elemental weapon 20 element bonus is better than 5% damage) You will be keeping this until you can get a dimensional siphon weapon which is your #2 go to, or your ST kholdor weapon which is objectively #1 to replace it.

Kholdor items can be found in the Shattered Table, while Starhenge gear can be bought or crafted, except Dimensional Siphon gear which drops in Starhenge danger zones. The Deathguard ring and Deathguard necklace comes from the EX Xanadu danger zones, specifically the second (Necklace), third (Ring) and fourth missions (Ring/Necklace), which require passkeys to enter.


Cerulean offers charms for 8 boss souls per box. While this might seem like a lot considering you find some in your travels, you want to acquire these sooner rather than later. You should prioritize placing charms in gear that you intend to keep for a long period of time.

Most charms are not very good, take into consideration what you have learned and use your knowledge to pick the appropriately stat oriented charms. You should be focusing on cr enhancing abilities like attack speed, critical, crit damage, etc.

Know that even blue and purple charms will make a good bit of difference in your effectiveness, keep combining and placing as needed.

Arena rewards a random legendary charm at level 94 and a legendary charm selector at 142

When you are crafting your end game charms, you should focus on them in this order: Head, Feet, Hands, Chest and legs/weapon should be found not necessarily crafted.

Reappraisal / Recalculation

So you made some gear and you’re worried about your Combat Rating, here’s where we’ll tackle how to increase your ability to do some damage to the enemies. Remember all those scrolls and hammers you’ve been saving? We’re going to be using those. Wait until you’ve found an appropriate piece of gear that you’re going to be hanging on to for a while, like in the list I provided earlier.

Items have stats that are randomly rolled when you first identify the item. You can lock a statistic by clicking on it. This will cost successively more each stat you lock! I would recommend that you go after 4 out of 5 stats on a piece of gear, as it is more cost efficient. When your other gear is in a good spot, you can come back to it Another good idea is to roll an item without locking anything until you get a stat that you’re looking for with a high value. This will save you recalculation scrolls later on. Keep doing these things with the scrolls you collect to see your CR and SR go up!

The five most important stats for offense and CR are: Critical, Critical Damage, Bonus Damage, Attack Power, and Attack Speed. Some of these stats have caps on them but that’s farther down the road. If you do hit Crit or Crit Damage caps, you’ll want to invest in Boss Damage instead. You can view what stats an item has possible for its rolls by attempting to reappraise it and viewing the magnifying glass icon in the top left.

Recalculation scrolls are hard to come by; you will often use reappraisal scrolls as a form of recalculation. For example, when you reappraise something, you can roll the same stat with a higher or lower result.

Try to maximize your efficiency of resources by only locking 3 or less stats and only lock high stats that have 90% or more of the bar filled. Also, remember to focus on the correct items first as previously mentioned.

Minusdkp made a post on optimal appraised stats which you can find here:


So, you’ve rerolled your stats and got the nice numbers you wanted. Now it’s time to enhance and hammer the pieces. Go to an anvil and keep smacking the item you want to level up with whetstones. If it runs out of durability use a hammer on it to restore that durability. They don’t break on failed attempts but they gain an enhancers blessing to have a better success each time you do fail. The only exception to this is when you are attempting to go from 15-16 or 16-17, as inferior whetstones no longer will give a bonus.

Keep in mind that items have innate enhance bonuses starting at +9. We’ll take a +13 ring enhance bonus as an example. In addition to getting all the normal stats that accumulate through enhancing an item, if you get your ring to +13 you will get an additional 700 attack power just for achieving that level! The best enhance bonuses you want to seek out are your +13 ring and +15 earrings. There are others to discover, make sure to hit CTRL and view them!

There is also a feature called enhancement transfer. This will take an item of a lower tier, in this case we’ll use Starhenge a T7 as an example and Dimensional Siphon a T8. You can take your T7 and consume the item to give it all the levels it has minus one to your T8. So, if you have a level 13 T7, you will get a level 12 T8. This is a great way to save some hammers, gold, and whestones. It does cost you some materials to do but overall it is worth it.


You’ve crafted your gear, picked your element, got the most out of your equipment. You can talk the talk and now we’ll focus on walking the walk so you can accomplish more daring and difficult feats. The road to success is a long one though and you have to take several small steps or leaps to reach your goal. The first of these small steps are dailies. Each day you login after server reset time, you will have a list of things that need accomplishing before you can rest your weary adventurers feet. Below is a list of said dailies:

Things to buy:
Reappraisal scrolls – Buy these. Every day. They cost 8 Violet Boss souls from Cerulean in Starhenge for x300 and they cost 15 Red Megaboss souls from Mouri in Xanadu for x150.
Daily Surprise x2 – Buy these if you have extra boss souls. They can contain keystones, gear from SH, or costume pieces. Not mandatory to purchase.
Fix it hammer 10(bound) x3/x2 – Buy three of these from Cerulean if you have already bought your reappraisal scrolls. Buy two of these from the Material Collection Agent for 30 Green Megaboss souls
Progressive Whetstone x30 – Not mandatory when you first start out but they help later on.
Costume dye (100) x1 – Buy if you want to dye your costumes.
Whetstones x50 – Buy if you want whetstones
Pet food x20 – Buy if your pet needs food

Things to do:

PvP dailies – Speak to scar and win 1 match and participate in 3 for some Bronze Champion Medals. You can use these to exchange for badges, scrolls, hammers, and the like!

Gem Dailies 5/5 – Travel back to Deeprock Mine and do these dailies on Insane for gems that you can socket into your gear. Some other places to do gem dailies include low level Wolfshadow and Highquarter for your alts with lower cr that can’t tackle Deeprock.

Daily dungeon 2/2 – Complete your daily dungeon for Fix it hammer 10 x2, and some rewards based upon the day. Pick badges if it’s on a weekend! Those stats add up.
Monday – Chaos Kritium / Dark Charms
Tuesday – 200,000 gold / Fire Charms
Wednesday – Whetstones / Ice Charms
Thursday – Scrolls / Poison Charms
Friday – Badges / Lightning Charms

Starhenge Dailies – There are 8 of these in total and occasionally you will have an event to do them as well. Make sure to pick them all up and complete these once a day even if you’re only able to do easy for your keystones so you can craft Starhenge gear appropriate for your character. To top it off, you get etherforce to help you advance!

Xanadu Dailies These are by no means mandatory and can be done at the players discretion, but are recommended if you are at end game for BiS accessories. You can also obtain unit insignias which are useful for recalculation scrolls. You do not get boss souls from these dungeons, do them for etherforce and for the accessory pieces. Xanadu is free for the Thanksgiving event. Do these if you are able.

Arena – There are several great rewards available in arena but it is not for every player. If you enter this once a day, you will be given bronze champion medals in accordance with your floor level. It is something to consider attempting if you haven’t before as you can get great rewards and free kred!

PvP Dailies – You can do these two missions, obtainable from Scar, to get tokens to buy badge boxes and other gear to help you progress. Just ask around, people are usually looking for someone to do these with.

The Rest

So you’ve done all your dailies and you’ve still got some RP left to burn, what do you do? Farming Belladonna is the most common use for your extra RP. Also, letter runs are a great way to get resurrection stones, as well as gold kritium, badges, hammers, and potions.

Combine charms with the kritium you have collected thus far to further enhance your power and keep collecting those boss souls to use as a resource to fuel your development.

Make sure to level your etherforce. You should focus on stacking accuracy until you hit 600 for Starhenge Extreme, and the return of investment for etherforce is great for this! I reccomend maxing out accuracy from etherforce then moving on to attack power and your chosen element.

No matter what your RP is, you can also venture into Fractured Memories to enhance your abilities with full rewards. Make sure to equip them in your menu, and remember that you can always level any ability you want but only equip three at a time, one from each category. If you are struggling on which three to pick, I would suggest going with either drop rate or cooldown reduction for your utility, reduced boss damage or out of combat movement speed for defense, and human/fey damage or back attack damage for offensive.

Do enough of these things and you will eventually be able to evolve your gear and give it enhanced stats as well as changing its tier and upgrade potential. Speak to the Legendary Smith Gorval to shell out some serious keystones and gold kritium to do this.

This is it. You’ve reached the end. You spent 300,000 gold, you consumed 15 violet souls and etched it into this key. You are entering the Shattered Table. The recommendation for this zone is 200k CR so take that into consideration when attempting this zone. You are limited to 10 resurrections between you and your ally (not 20 total). Beat these five rooms for the ultimate rewards, your kholdor gear. Defeat this and embark on your journey to becoming an arena master. For more info on the Shattered Table, view it here:

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope I helped you out in one aspect or another, even if it was only minor. I apologize for anything I only touched on briefly or might have missed! Keep on looking, the information is out there. Good luck to you folks and happy hunting!


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