Titan’s Rage and Skyship Arcadia: Central Deck are two ultimate zones are end-game content with harder difficulty than Shattered Table.

Titan’s Rage and Skyship Arcadia: Central Deck are the new stages being introduced in the December 13 update. They have a twice weekly clear limitation and can be challenged by parties with up to four players.

Zone Entrance

  • The two ultimate zones can be accessed from the Xanadu Danger Zone Highway.
  • Players can clear these dungeons twice a week. Weekly attempts reset every morning at 6:00 a.m. PST.
  • No entry fees!

Titan’s Rage

Skyship Arcadia: Central Deck

Both Zones

  • Each Zone has four sectors.
  • In the first through third sectors, player encounters a boss, and in the fourth sector, encounters the final boss: Titan or Abelard.
  • Difficulty increases in each zone.
  • If player gives up in the middle of a zone, the clear chance is not spent.
  • Only 5 resurrections are allowed. If you use over five resurrections, one weekly clear chance will be spent.
  • All sector bosses become enraged once a certain amount of time has passed. Engraged bosses have drastically increased attack.
  • Boss HP does not reset, even if you resurrect.


  • Each sector boss drops random evolvable gear.
  • All bosses drop some amount of evolution materials.
  • Final boss drops are the Vindon Gauntlets, Legs, and Thermalar Weapons. All gear can be evolved by Gorval.
  • Dropped materials include Chest Evo Rune, Leg Evo Rune, Hand Evo Rune, and Artifact Evo Rune.
  • See how the new gear evolves!


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