Rather than an actual tier list, this list will be more of a recommended class list based on categories that the classes will best perform in. This is intended for those that are still unsure of what class they would like to play for OBT. This guide is purely PvE oriented. I’ve spent quite a bit of time to try and find the perfect fit for each class. These classifications do not entail the full strength of each class and is only for the purpose of generalizing common play styles. Future updates are also not taken into account, as they greatly change the play styles of every class. I’m going to keep it as simple as I can because different players will have different knowledge/play styles.
Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, actual results may vary. Some classes can also fit into more than one category, but will only be shown in the one they excel at the most or generally outperform others in the specified category. Lastly, no classes are inherently bad at certain aspects, there are just better performers.


These classes will have an easy time locking bosses down (hard CC, Ultra Breaks, fluid juggles) and dishing out damage. Strives in 1 vs 1 environments.

Assassin, Fire Lord, Shadow Mage

Best Buddies:

These classes make it easier to run through maps with their mob grouping abilities. While similar to Party Monsters, they have less CC in exchange for other aspects such as self buffs (varies by class).

Berserker, Doom Blade, Wolf Guardian

Party Monsters:

These classes provide the party lots of AoE as well as utility in the form of CCs. Great to have if you don’t like mobs/bosses moving around.

Frost Mage, Valkyrie, Warp Mage


These classes are able to run through Danger Zones quickly and generally have high mobility without sacrificing offensive abilities. Think Sonic the Hedgehog. Can also be considered soloists as their general flow of combat differs.

Catspaw, Vamp

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Edit2 – Updated descriptions


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