The Shattered Table

The Shattered Table is the most difficult content in Kritika and will provide a new style that we hope is challenging and fun in a party of two, or if you dare – solo!

New Dungeon Experience – This is a new approach in Kritika. Including dungeon’s use change (twice a week, 2 player party limit, and berserk mode), it will provide a whole new experience with item evolution, and evolution material at al 100% drop rate.
A Challenge for a variety of Combat Ratings (CR), 100% Offering Evolution opportunity – Each of the 5 named bosses have a different balance, which will provide a range of experiences for users between 50k~200k CR. Each boss will drop evolution material at 100%.
New gear systems – Your gear’s value will be raised, even if you have the same gear already. You can obtain gear, craft new charms, and acquire valuable materials.

The Shattered Table Bosses
* Sector 1 – Habur
* Sector 2 – Lava
* Sector 3 – Ghostly Tombstone
* Sector 4 – Hokam
* Sector 5 – Hotat

* The Shattered Table can be entered from the Danger Zone Highway in Starhenge.
* You can clear it twice per week, for each character. This resets weekly, Wednesday at 6am.
* You need to craft a key from in-game materials in order to enter.
* The Shattered Table is composed with 5 sectors.
* Sectors 1~5 include 1 boss each with the final sector having the most challenging Boss, Hotat.
* Each sector, and boss, gets more difficult than the last.
* Progress is saved on bosses you have killed if you leave the zone, or if you use up all 10 resurrection chances.
* If you already cleared to a certain sector, then join a party with user who has not progressed as far, they can start from sector 1, but only user who haven’t cleared that stage will earn the reward.
* You can give up your chance to clear The Shattered Table if you cannot defeat a boss (number 4 on screenshot). For instance, if you have cleared sector 1~3, and cannot clear sector 4, and you want to give up on sector 4 and start over from the sector 1, and clear sector 1~3 again, you can click ‘Initialize’ button on ‘Area Boss zone info’.
* The final boss, Hotat, has a ‘berserk’ feature – if you don’t clear him in a certain time period, he will become more powerful making it difficult to finish the fight.
* Hotat also recovers his health if all party members are killed and need to resurrect.

Ultimate Zone Information Panel

1. Name of the Ultimate Zone (notice Area Boss Zone is a localization bug)
2. Progress through each of the 5 sectors
3. Number of entries remaining for the week
4. Reset your Progress (resets all bosses killed)


  • The Shattered Table bosses have a chance to drop gear.
  • All sectors will drop evolution material at 100%.
  • When you clear Hotat, you can acquire a Ghostly Shard.
  • If you obtain gear which is evolved to a certain stage, it can then be used as a material to craft new charms.

Evolution System

The evolution system is a way for you to strengthen you gear.

  • Items that can be evolved are – Starhenge crafted items (173), Dimensional items (14), Shattered Table items(10) – making a total of 197 items that can be evolved.
  • Evolution can be accessed through the NPC ‘Gorval’, at the Starhenge village (below) along with the Evolution UI.
  • Evolution material item is dropped by The Shattered Table bosses.
  • You will be able to upgrade gear to maximum tier 10.
  • Starhenge gear will have different skin as it evolves.
  • Maximum enhancing rate is now upgraded to +17
  • Dimension gear’s tier will be adjusted to tier 8. (Previously, tier 7.)
  • New The Shattered Table gear will be tier 9.
  • To evolve gear you will need new materials, gold and Kritium. New materials will be available from The Shattered Table. The most important material is Evo Rune, which you can acquire at 100% when you clear The Shattered Table Boss monsters. You might need multiple Evo Run depends on evolution tier.
  • You can evolve Starhenge gear a maximum of 3 times, Dimension gear twice, The Shattered Table gear once. (Maximum tier 10.)
  • Every time you evolve your gear, tier will also rise once at a time. A Gear of Tier 2 or more is possible to turn into the materials for new powerful charms when salvaging.
  • A Gear of Tier 9 or more is possible to turn into materials for new powerful charms when salvaging.

Example Evolutions

UPDATED 12/12/2017

Starhenge – Rogue Weapons

Starhenge – Warrior Feet/Chest/Hands

Starhenge – Rogue Accessories

Dimensional Rogue Siphon Chart

Shattered Table Rogue Chart

PvP Warrior Chart

New Ultimate Danger Zone Warrior Weapon/Hands/Legs/Chest

Vindon Artifact


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