This is my solo build (More like a loner build because since the start i haven’t played with anyone LOL criescough i imagine most psion users use this since it mostly consist of constant iframes. i’m somewhat new been playing for only 3 weeks so due correct me if i explain something wrong.

Dash (Iframe): I use at lvl 3 Just as an extra iframe not really needed but i panic a lot so it works for me
Bane Sword: Using this build will very rarely have you left click unless your waiting on most skills to cool down which is 2 seconds most until you use a skill
Fire: Pretty important when it comes to constantly stun locking enemies especially in arena
Phantom Blade (Iframe): Can also be used as an iframe though your better off using wild shot. using this in a panic situation may reward or hurt you
Saber Slash: A skill youll be using often when rotating. Can quickly apply dps while moving/kiting an enemy
Impel: I havent tested this to see if this will increase my damage output.
The Sword Abides: At lvl 2 Helps forge two physic vortex when using physic storm
Uber Edge: Only reason to use this is to decrease cooldown for your iframe skills
Blade Dance (Iframe): A 2 second iframe that can be a life saver. You’ll be using this when rotating during physic storm.
Wild Shot (Iframe): A must for all psion users her lvl 4 makes her invulnerable on the first charging giving her an iframe (depending on the rotation) every 2-3 seconds.
Physic Vortex: Last thing you want to do is stand still in this game especially when fighting aggressive bosses.
Death Blossom: I feel leveling this to lvl 4 is optional. Can help slow the target as you get a good position to dps
XL-Caliber: Know doubt you’ll be needing this for the most dps you can squeeze out but this can also reward or hurt you if your placement is bad or timing you may get the hit but you’ll be using a resurrection stone depending if your like me that gives no F’s about survival rating
Physic Storm (Iframe): This skill is just so damn good as if you already iframe enough this skill at lvl 2 decreases blade dances cooldown by 15 seconds. I believe every 4 seconds youll be able to use blade dance as this skill is active which last 18 seconds
Gunslinger Imprint:Helps greatly when using fire and wild shot. When using fire it decreases wild shot by 1 second each time.





Depending on what your fighting its pretty straight forward on what your rotations are going to be

A quick burst in damage at start of fight:
Death Blossom(before engaging)>Wild Shot x3 or XL – Caliber

Iframe dps:
Physic Storm>Wildshot>Blade dance>Saberslash>The sword abides OR phantom blade>(Repeat from wildshot until Physic storm runs out)
(**You’ll be in an constant iframe rotation if you keep an eye on blade dance and activate as soon as its up. If you have Uber edge it can help with getting an extra wild shot. if your safe then use the two physic vortex when activating physic storm and start rotating **)


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