Kritika Online Vamp Build

Hi, I’m Ice (Frost in CBT) and I’ve been playing Vamp since the start of CBT. You may have seen me running around 1 shotting bosses. This guide will tell you how. I will focus solely on an end game skill build for PvE. I’ll try to keep it short for now as OBT will likely have many changes.

Vamps are melee casters with high burst. We excel in nuking bosses as well as having a decent kit for grouping mobs. Since our version is the most difficult, this guide will take into account the need for more filler skills.

Skills (sorted by category, self explanatory):

Blood drains – Sinister Pulse, Meat Hook, Blood Drive, Exsanguinate, Impale, Death of 1000 Bites (D1KB), Predation

Spammables/Bread and Butter – Heart Stopper, Meat Hook, Red Tide

Room clear AoEs – Thorn Spray, EX Thorn Spray, Red Tide, Nest of Thorns

Nukes – Red Tide, Thorn Spray, Arterial Burst, Scythe Rift, Bloody Hell

Utility – EX Sinister Pulse, Blood Rush, Blood Drive, Impale, D1KB, Blood Ties, Predation

Iframes – Nest of Thorns, D1KB, EX D1KB, Predation

Skill Point Distribution:

These are going to be your must haves:

Exsanguinate is not levelled because it does poor damage and the blood drain is not needed.
Sinister Pulse is left at level 1 for its blood drain, the damage scaling is awful. Impale and D1KB are one point wonders that help with bossing, not damage. Blood Ties is maxed for its decent damage scaling as well as being able to juggle elites and arena bosses.

You now have 54 skill points left to choose the skills you like more. There is very little difference in damage whether you choose to level Blood Rush, Impale, or D1KB. They will each give approximately 3000% multiplier with the remaining 54 points.

This is my personal build.

Awakening Passives:

Core skills.

Porphyria is for easy blood regen. Damnation and Bloodlust for its insane damage boost. Crimson Flood for a low cooldown, high burst skill.

This is my recommended build.

Thorn Spray is a very good AoE burst skill and benefits a lot from Thorny Doom due to its already high base attack power. Heart Breaker and Meat Hook are for buffing up spammable filler skills to take down bosses that you can’t nuke in just a few skills, such as arena/invasion bosses.

Other awakenings to consider:
Arterial Spray if you really like the skill. This is the only other awakening to have a 10% increase per level.
Blood Feast is good if you find that you need the extra blood drain for bossing. Note that this awakening costs 2 points per level.

Awakenings to avoid:
Sinister Pulse and Exsanguinate – Can’t get it either way.
Adrenaline Rush – Blood Rush is purely a mobility/mobbing skill.
Storm of Thorns – There are better awakenings to spend points on that provide more damage.
Transfix – Noob bait, 1s extra stunlock when you already get 6s won’t make a difference.
Razor Rift – Similar to Storm of Thorns, this is low priority.

Tips and Tricks

  • Untick autotarget from every skill. You don’t want to suddenly shift directions because of it.
  • Play in FPS mode. Some skills will juggle the boss and sometimes they go too high. You can wait for the boss to fall or miss your skill. The better option would be to hold down S in between and during casts so you’re less likely to miss and accidentally go through the boss. The microsteps matter.
  • Use dash+LMB to run out of AoEs. Preferably use RMB first then dash+LMB to fully clear it. RMB is cancelled by dash, whereas the LMB portion has a small animation lock that can’t be cancelled by RMB.
  • Use RMB to offensively reposition around the boss. RMB has no unit collision so you can phase right through the boss to get behind it for the extra damage. Don’t do this to bosses with fast animations, just go around them.
  • RMB will still move you during cutscenes. Useful for getting closer to invasion bosses that have unskippable cutscenes.
  • Blood drain skills can be used on dead mobs and even objects. Do this to top up your blood pool.
  • Blood Rush can change directions if you dash during the animation. This is useful for weirdly positioned mobs or dodging AoEs.
  • Since Blood Drive is castable at any point, use it right before a damage tick to maximize its duration.
  • Arterial Burst is best used as a quick cast. Press the skill key and immediately right click for a nice burst of damage. Only full charge if you are far away.
  • D1KB has no max range so it will always target something as long as the map isn’t empty. Useful for lazy people as you can cast Blood Ties after to pull mobs in.
  • Only use Predation for the iframe or to lock down a boss for your party. The damage is not worth it considering the long animation time.

And finally what everyone is waiting to see, the bossing formula: Impale the boss, RMB behind it, Tab, Blood Drive, Bloody Hell (ggez), Red Tide, EX Thorn Spray, Thorn Spray, Meat Hook, actually ggez.


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