Kritika Online Vampire Skill Build

My video explaining the Vamp

Tl;dw Max every skill except Exsanguinate, Nest of Thorns, Arterial Burst, and Blood Ties. Options below

Skill explanations:

  • Cloud of Bats – amazing for movement since you move faster. Damage isn’t very high, but it takes care of trash mobs easily, and the extra little bit of damage helps against bosses when you’re repositioning yourself.
  • Heart Stopper – very spammable damage, but dangerous to use against tougher bosses because it locks you in place. I’d advise only using it to move forward if Blood Rush isn’t available to use (cooldown, lacking blood). However, it’s great on trash mobs.
  • Sinister Pulse – your ONLY healing skill. Low cooldown makes it spammable. Health gain increases with skill level, albeit it’s not shown in the level-up info. Does good damage to trash mobs and is good for generating blood early on. At max level, it’s not crucial to your rotation – you would only use it for healing in emergencies during boss fights.
  • Meat Hook – fast, good damage, and gets you a lot of blood after awakening. Important to your rotation because it’s fast blood and does nice damage too.
  • Red Tide – primary DPS with low cooldown. Get used to using this to destroy mobs and bosses.
  • Blood Rush – this is a MOVEMENT skill for gathering trash mobs. As such, you should turn off Autotarget for this skill. The damage is quite low, but does a great job at pushing foes. Consider this a CC skill rather than damage.
  • Blood Drive – very important to use this at the beginning of your rotation to increase your crit damage. The blood gain is negligible compared to the crit damage boost.
  • Thorn Spray – part of your DPS rotation. Works best when followed with Meat Hook to make use of the thorn explosion damage. 20-second cooldown means you should save this for bulky foes or elites/bosses.
  • Exsanguinate – bad damage and roots you in place. It gives you the same amount of blood regardless of level. As such, I do not suggest getting this skill at all.
  • Nest of Thorns – CC and i-frame in one skill. However, it locks you in place for the duration of the skill. Damage is okay, but don’t prioritize it in your damage rotation – keep it handy when you need that i-frame. Do not exceed 1 in this skill.
  • Impale – your most important CC skill. Has long range and stuns foes for 7 seconds after awakening. Although it’s a projectile, use it at close range to ensure you don’t miss it.
  • Arterial Burst – it’s one of your few ranged skills, but it roots you in place while you cast it. If used in a damage rotation, do not charge it – right-click right away for quick damage.
  • Death of 1000 Bites – remember that upon casting, it makes you float, so you can use this to avoid a boss’s ground attack. This has great range and gets you a LOT of blood when used against trash mobs. You should use this as soon as you start a stage, and when you enter a boss room.
  • Scythe Rift – DPS skill, but with long cooldown. It doesn’t do as much damage as Red Tide though, so use this at the end of your rotation if your other DPS skills don’t kill the boss.
  • Bloody Hell – your STRONGEST skill, stronger than your EX and Ult skills. Make sure you only use this when Blood Drive is active as to not waste the damage potential.
  • Blood Ties – very strange to use since it targets 3 foes at random. Don’t bother using this in PvE. In PvP, it could help with CC.
  • Predation – your ult, and second strongest skill. Since it takes so long to cast, I don’t suggest using this with Blood Drive – use it at the end of your rotation since it gives you 100% blood back. You don’t have to time your clicks for the extra damage – just spam left-click during the skill animation.


  • Leave Blood Rush at 1 since it’s a movement/CC skill
  • You can max Nest of Thorns instead. You’re basically moving damage from Blood Rush to Nest of Thorns
  • You can max Arterial Burst for another damage skill. In a damage rotation, do not charge it. If poking a boss from range, charge it fully.
  • If you think 6 seconds of stun on Impale is adequate, leave it at 1. However, that extra second makes a huge difference in a party. For the awakening points, put it into Heart Stopper or Arterial Burst, whichever you use more.

Awakening: max Meat Hook, Red Tide, Blood Drive, Thorn Spray, Impale, and Bloody Hell. Put 2 points in Porphyria.

  • Sinister Pulse EX – restores up to 50% of your health. Use in emergencies if you’re at low health.
  • Thorn Spray EX – your strongest EX skill. Spam this on bosses. Note that this does NOT lodge thorns in foes like it’s regular version – it’s just an AoE damage skill.
  • Death of 1000 Bites EX – more defensive than offensive. I don’t suggest using this as a shield – you should just avoid attacks altogether.
  • Meat Hook – more damage and more blood is nice
  • Red Tide – primary DPS skill made stronger
  • Blood Drive – +20% crit damage is great for your rotation
  • Thorn Spray – primary DPS skill made stronger
  • Impale – 1 extra second of stun
  • Bloody Hell – primary DPS skill made stronger

Skill rotation:

  • Whenever moving or repositioning yourself, always move with Cloud of Bats.
  • Upon entering the boss room, use Death of 1000 Bites for residual damage.
  • Get close to the boss and do 3x Thorn Spray EX. This should deplete the ultra bar.
  • If the ultra bar is depleted, use Impale. If not, kite around the boss and poke it with other skills until the bar is gone.
  • Press Red Tide immediately followed with Blood Drive. This should restore some of the blood used for Red Tide.
  • Bloody Hell and Thorn Spray, doesn’t matter which you use first, just use them both
  • Meat Hook
  • Scythe Rift
  • Approach boss with Heart Stopper, Blood Rush, or Cloud of Bats
  • Predation
  • You should’ve gotten some EX meter during that. Use Thorn Spray EX again.

If the boss is still alive, kite the boss until Bloody Hell comes off cooldown, then repeat the rotation.

Example of skill rotation

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